Nami Izayori, Al-Bhed Heroine

Nami Izayori
Gender: Female
Race: Al Bhed
Class: Red Mage/Chemist
Age: 21
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 142 lbs
Build: Petite, and yet her limbs are very muscular and tight. Flat chested
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Green
Birthday: July 22nd, Leo
Blood Type: B

Level 52

HP Die: d8
HP: 807/807

MP Die: d8
MP: 950/950

Current EXP: 663,000/689,000

Stat: Current/Max - Rating/Default
Rating = ((Current x 3) + 10)
Default = (Rating/2)

STR: 09/19 - 37/19
VIT: 10/17 - 40/20
AGI: 19/20 - 67/33
SPD: 16/20 - 58/29
MAG: 21/23 - 73/36
SPR: 16/21 - 58/29


Gold: 12296
Bows, Flails, Knives, Light Swords, Rods, Staves, Swords, Armwear, Gauntlets, Hats, Helmets, Mail, Robes, Shields

Right Hand: Guespire ((13 x AGI) + 4d8)
Left Hand: Opal Shield (EVA +14, M.EVA +5, Earth Ward)
Head: Windshear Hat (ARM 19, M.ARM 25, M.EVA +5, Wind Proof)
Body: Reflect Mail (ARM 26, M.ARM 19, Auto-Reflect)
Hands: Hot Armlet (ARM 22, M.ARM 22, EVA +10, M.EVA +10, Frozen Proof, Ice Proof) [Artifact]
Accessory: Bead Brooch (Blind Proof, Silence Proof)

Evasion: 57
Magic Evasion: 57
Armour: 84
Magic Armour: 92
Dexterity: 140
Mind: 144
Accuracy: 210
Magic Accuracy: 194
Expertise: 144

Fire: +10% to Nami's Fire Damage
Ice: Resist
Earth: Resist
Wind: Immune
Frozen: Immune
Blind: Immune
Silence: Immune

Hardened (2): Nami's a tough girl. She gains +2 HP on each Level Up.

Good Fortune (1): Nami's a lucky girl. Once per session, she can re-roll any one die roll. Unused rolls do not carry over to the next session.

Personal Element (2): Nami's deeply in tune with the element of Fire. Whenever she will deal Fire Damage, it gets a +10% bonus.

Pure Soul (2): Nami's a spell casting prodigy. She gains an additional +2 MP on each Level Up.

Code of Honor (2): Nami will not attack opponents suffering from the Status Conditions Unaware, Sleep, or Stop, and never acts in the Preemptive Round if her opponents cannot act in turn.

Code of Mercy (1): Whenever Nami takes an Action that would reduce a target to 0 HP, she will ‘pull the blow’ to leave the target with 1 Hit Point. Under no circumstances can she kill anything while they remain under their own control; the only exception to this rule are attacks made under the influence of Mystify-type Status Conditions.

Gold Sink (2): Nami's big heart and charitable nature undermines whatever reward in coin she lays claim to, either by immediately donating it away or refusing it as "it's not heroic for me to ask this of you." Her share of Gil is adjusted by -10%. Starting gil is set to 36,000g

Elemental Deficiency - ICE (3): Having primarily studied in fire magic, and coming from a hot place in general, Nami is very susceptible to cold. She naturally takes 50% more damage from ice. Any resistance to Ice goes down in severity of protection: 50% Resistance becomes 0, Immunity becomes 50% Resistance, and Absorb becomes Immunity.

Weapons Skill - Swords: 100
Artistic - Dancing: 50
General - Acrobatics: 60
General - Awareness: 100
General - Cooking: 50
Social - Leadership: 60
Social - Leadership: 60
Technical - Alchemy: 100
Technical - Healing: 80
Thievery - Escape: 50
Wilderness - Climbing: 50
Wilderness - Riding: 50
Wilderness - Swimming: 60

Language - Al Bhed: 100
Language - Common Tongue: 100
Language - Moogle: 60
Language - Tarutaru: 50
Language - Vierra: 50
Lore - Area (Eastern Continent): 100
Lore - Area (Western Continent): 60
Lore - Area (Southern Continent): 60
Lore - Area (Northern Continent): 20
Lore - Folklore (Al Bhed): 60
Lore - History (Al Bhed): 100
Lore - Magic (Black): 80
Lore - Magic (White): 80
Lore - Monster (Humanoid): 50


Intuitive Magic Level 1
Target: Varies Type: Magic Ability
Red Mages command a vast array of powers; with a little creativity, those selfsame forces can be dragooned into a variety of uses. More details on Intuitive Magic can be found in Chapter 8.
Keywords: Barrier, Destruction, Earth, Elemental Manipulation, Fire, Healing, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Shadow, Water, Wind

Pharmacology Level 1
Target: Self Type: Support Ability
Chemists can coax maximum potency out of almost any item, boosting its beneficial powers far beyond the manufacturer's original intentions. Pharmacology is automatically applied to any Recovery Item used by the Chemist, replacing the effect given in Chapter 6 with the one shown in the table in the section for Chemist. Effects prefaced with a ‘+’ add to rather than replace the original effect.

Treatment Level 11
Target: Party Type: Fast Action
The Chemist directs a weak stream of vital energy over his comrades, creating a cloud of blue motes to ease their ills and pains. Treatment suppresses the effects of all negative Status Conditions currently affecting the Party until the end of the next Status Phase. This does not protect the Party from Status Conditions inflicted after Treatment has been used, nor can Status Conditions affected by Treatment be canceled by other means while their effects are being suppressed. Status timers continue to count down as normal with the exception of those of Petrify and Condemned – these Conditions do not count down during the Status Phase if suppressed during the course of the Round.

Distribute Level 22
Target: Party Type: Reaction
The Chemist is a master of judging dosage, allowing him to wring the maximum effect out of almost any curative. When triggered, Distribute allows the Chemist to take any 'excess' HP or MP beyond the target’s maximum values and divide it evenly amongst the rest of the Party, Chemist included. For instance, if the Chemist uses a Hi-Potion on an ally with 340 HP and a maximum HP value of 400 HP, only 60 of the 125 Hit Points the Hi-Potion restores are needed to heal her up to maximum value. The remaining 65 are rounded down to 63, then divided equally between the other three members of the Party, restoring 21 HP to all. If this results in any further 'excess' HP or MP, that excess is lost.
With an item like an Elixir, which restores a character's Hit Points to their maximum value, the excess is equal to what the character's current HP was before the item was used. For example, an Elixir used on an ally with a current HP value of 240 and a maximum HP value of 604 gives the Chemist 240 HP to split evenly between all Party members.
If the item that triggered Distribute has Target: Group, select one of the allies affected when deciding how many HP and MP to distribute.
Trigger: Chemist uses a Recovery Item on a Party member whose healing effect restores the target's Hit or Magic Points above their maximum values

Dualcast Level 50
Target: Varies Type: Magic Ability (6)
From early on, Red Mages learn to compensate for their limited library of magic by increasing the speed with which they cast their Spells, pummeling foes with an unending barrage of sorcery. Dualcast allows a Red Mage to cast two Red Spells at the cost of a single Action. Both Spells must be chosen immediately; the Red Mage must also have enough MP to cover the cost of both Spells. Dualcast cannot circumvent any Status Condition that would normally prevent a Red Mage from casting a Spell.

Red Magic

Spell Level MP Target Type Damage Reflect Other
Fire 1 7 Single Elemental (Fire) 80+d8 Yes
Cure 1 5 Single Recovery 80+d8 Yes
Thunder 1 7 Single Elemental (Lightning) 80+d8 Yes
Poison 1 9 Single Elemental (Bio) Status (Toxin) 80+d8 Yes 140 vs M.EVA for Poison
Aero 1 7 Single Elemental (Wind) 80+d8 Yes
Scan 1 3 Single Support N/A Yes Reveals information on the target
Water 2 18 Single Elemental (Water) 160+2d8 Yes
Elemental Spikes 2 16 Single Status (Strengthen) N/A Yes Inflicts Elemental Spikes (6). Declare Element
Rasp 2 15 Single Arcane (Magical) 160+2d8 Yes Targets MP
Blink 2 10 Single Status (Strengthen) N/A Yes Induces Blink (6)
Aera 3 22 Single Elemental (Wind) 240+3d8 Yes
Protect 3 20 Single Status (Barrier) N/A Yes Induces Protect (6)
Cura 3 20 Single/Group Recovery 240+3d8 Yes
Fira 3 22 Single Elemental (Fire) 240+3d8 Yes
Confuse 4 32 Single Status (Mystify) N/A Yes 140-MEVA to induce Confusion (6)
Dispel 4 43 Single Support N/A Yes 140-M.EVA chance to negate Strengthen or Barrier effects except Shield
Raise 4 38 Single Recovery N/A No KO'd target revives with 10% Max HP. 140-M.EVA to kill zombies
Bio 4 44 Single/Group Elemental (Bio) Status (Toxin) 300+4d8 Yes 140 vs M.EVA for Poison
Firaga 5 60 Single/Group Elemental (Fire) 360+5d8 Yes
Protectga 5 50 Party Status (Barrier) N/A Yes Induces Protect (6)
Curaga 5 57 Single/Group Recovery 360+5d8 Yes
Aera 5 60 Single/Group Elemental (Wind) 360+5d8 Yes
Esuna 6 67 Single Recovery N/A Yes Cures any negative Status Conditions, with few exceptions


Hi-Ether x4
Hyper Potion x4
Phoenix Down x4

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