Campaign: Oran Valley



Name: Nephene
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5'8"
Weight: How rude of you to ask!
Hair color: Dark brown
Eyes: Green

Profession: Innkeeper, Masseuse
Birthday: Summer 24

Favorite Food: Curry
Preferred Gifts: Dolls and stuffed/plush animals, flowers, music boxes
Favorite Spot: The Amaranth mountain hot springs

Living quarters: The master bedroom on the second floor of the Lazing Slaking
Family: Claudius (younger brother), Millie (mother), Lancelot (father), Mac (grandfather)


Funds: 20390 P

Weapon Black Poochyena Gloves 2d12+21+STR+STR+DEX+5+2 (2d12+44 total) Dark; AC 5
Armor Simple Dress
Accessory Silver Necklace


EXP to distribute: 16500, and 1000 to Amon

Species: Lucario
Level: 20
EXP: 8160/9260

HP: 53/53
Phys. Evasion: 2
Spec. Evasion: 2
Spd. Evasion: 1

Type: Fighting/Steel
200% Damage: Fighting, Ground, Fire
50% Damage: Normal, Ghost, Steel, Grass, Ice, Dragon
25% Damage: Rock, Bug, Dark
0% Damage: Poison

Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus (Immune to flinching.)
Hold Item: Soul Orb (Daily - Holder raises ATK or SP.ATK combat stages by 3 each for a single attack. All Combat Stages are then reset to 0 afterwards.)
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -Sp. Atk)
Weight Class: 4
Capabilities: Overland 8, Surface 6, Jump 4, Power 4, Intelligence 4, Aura
Base Relation: (Atk > Sp. Atk > Spd > SpDef = HP = Def)

Stat Base Added Total
HP Stat 7 4 11
Atk 13 5 18
Def 7 3 10
Sp. Atk 10 0 10
Sp. Def 7 3 10
Spd 9 4 13
Name Frequency Type AC Range/Keywords Stat Dmg Other
Lv Endure Center Normal - Self, No Damage, Intercept - - If the intercepted move would bring the user's HP down to 0 or less, the user will have 1 HP remaining.
Lv Foresight At-Will Normal - Self, No Damage - - User's Normal and Fighting moves can now hit Ghost-type targets. Foresight's user is unaffected by moves that increases their own AC, may see through illusions (including Double Team), and targets may not use their Speed to modify their evasion.
Lv Quick Attack At-Will Normal 2 Melee, Interrupt (optional) Attack 2d6 If a foe declares a move, you may instead use Quick Attack on the turn before their move.
Lv Counter Battle Fighting - Ranged, No Damage, Intercept - Special If damaged by a move that consults Attack for damage and the user survives, Counter may be used as an interrupt to deal twice the damage dealt to the user. Stats, weakness, immunity, or resistance do not apply to Counter's damage.
Lv Force Palm Battle Fighting 2 Melee Attack 1d10+15 Paralyzes target on 18-20 AC.
Lv Reversal EOT Fighting 2 Melee Attack Varies Damage dice depends on percentage of max HP remaining. 71 - 100%: 1d10+5; 36 - 70%: 2d10+10; 21 - 35%: 3d10+10; 6 - 20%: 4d10+10; 1 - 5%: 5d10+20
Egg Sky Uppercut EOT Fighting 3 Melee, Push Attack 3d10+10 The target is pushed 2 meters, and takes 2d10 additional damage if it's airborne.

Notes: Originally found at the outskirts of town, Amon was named after Nephene's sensei. Though there are some similarities between the Riolu and Amonson - mainly their serious natures and strong sense of justice - Amon is a much prouder soul, often wanting to spur his owner into action against perceived transgressions. He occasionally confuses Nephene's gentle ways for deliberate inaction and weakness, but still owes her much respect for saving him from the cold. Even if the two share disagreements, Amon is quite loyal to Nephene partially because of their strong bond through Aura.

Next Move: Metal Sound (24)

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