Nicholas Blackfield

Basic Info

Name : Nicholas Blackfield
Age : 20
Height : 1.775 meters (5'11")
Weight : 72 kg (160 lbs)
Birthday: September 29th

Virtue: Justice (of course)
Vice: Being a dick Pessimism

Arcana: Justice
Persona: Tyr
Potential: 1

Size: 5
Speed: 11
Defense: 6
Initiative: 7 (9 when wielding a knife)

Health: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
-1 -2 -3
Willpower: 5/6
Resonance: 5/14

Violence Stress
Hardened: • • o o o o o o o o
Failed: o o o o o

Unnatural Stress
Hardened: • • o o o o o o o o
Failed: o o o o o

Self Stress
Hardened: o o o o o o o o o o
Failed: • o o o o

Helplessness Stress
Hardened: • o o o o o o o o o
Failed: • o o o o


An investigative journalism student, with a desire to expose the secrets of the underground and root out criminal activity.

Character Theme: Pending


Intelligence • o o o o
Wits • • • o o
Resolve • • • o o
Skills (-3 untrained)
Academics • • o o o
Computer • o o o o
Crafts o o o o o
Investigation • • • • o !
Medicine • o o o o
Occult o o o o o
Politics o o o o o
Science o o o o o

Skill Specialties: Investigation: Criminal Investigation


Strength • • o o o
Dexterity • • • • o
Stamina • • o o o
Skills (-1 untrained)
Athletics • • o o o
Brawl • o o o o
Drive o o o o o
Firearms o o o o o
Larceny • • • o o
Stealth • • o o o
Survival o o o o o
Weaponry • • • o o

Skill Specialties: Weaponry: Combat Knives


Presence • • o o o
Manipulation • o o o o
Composure • • • o o
Skills (-1 untrained)
Animal Ken o o o o o
Empathy o o o o o
Expression • o o o o !
Intimidation o o o o o
Persuasion o o o o o
Socialize o o o o o
Streetwise • • o o o
Subterfuge • o o o o

Skill Specialties: Expression: Journalism


Name: Tyr
Arcana: Justice

Power • • • • o
Finesse • • • o o
Resistance • • o o o


  • Agi (Pyre Flame)
  • Stillness
Boneyard o o o o o
Caul • • o o o
Curse o o o o o
Marionette o o o o o
Oracle o o o o o
Rage • o o o o
Shroud o o o o o

Right-hand glove (A glove concealing Nick's missing ring and pinky fingers on his right hand. Like Tyr, he sacrificed his right hand to accomplish something, although Nick was lucky enough to still get most of his hand. For sacrificing part of his hand in combat, Tyr gifted Nick with the ability to boost his Weaponry skill.)

Merits and Flaws


Trained Observer •
Parkour •
Professional Training (Journalism) • (grants •• in contacts, although who those are is ???)
Sleight of Hand ••
Armed Defense •
Defensive Combat: Weaponry •
Fighting Finesse (Knives) ••
Light Weapons •


Deformity (although I GUESS this isn't as bad as the flaw usually is)
Honest to a Fault
Embarrassing Secret (of course!)




  • KA-BAR (Just a normal Knife from the rulebook)
  • Lockpicks? I can have those, right?
  • Right and Left gloves
  • Bitchin' scarf
  • Contacts and glasses
  • Shitty (but nice by 2006 standards) flip phone
  • Winter Coat
  • Fingerprinting kit
  • Student ID
  • Emergency pack of cigarettes for when he's not hard-boiled enough

Character Backstory

First Draft, likely to be rewritten later
Every little boy, growing up, wants to be like his father.

So did I. My dad was part of the police force, and I wanted to be a policeman just like my dad, from when I was tiny to when I was a teenager lifting weights at the gym all the time to make sure I was in tip-top shape to be a policeman.

Everyone has doubts about their dreams of course, or something happens that makes them unable to do it, or they try to go for it and fail, or they do actually reach it, after mucking about for a while. And of course, everyone remembers those turning points the clearest, even clearer than attaining the dream if they actually do reach it.

My turning point was when I was 17. Me, my father, and my mother were walking to catch the trolley after a party, when…wow, that sounds terrible, I think my writing mark just got bumped down. Whatever. We got jumped, of course, by a skinhead with a knife, asked us to give him all our money. My father, being a police officer, wasn't going to stand for that shit, so he went to sock 'im in the gut, put the dumb kid out of commission, but that shit (you don't care if I say that, right? I can't call him anything more polite, after all) had a dumb kid's luck, managed to dodge, and instead of a dumb kid getting socked in the gut we had an experienced officer getting stabbed in the gut by a random shithead.

My father was on the ground. My mother was shaking, you ask her about that night and she can't remember anything, too much for her poor heart. Me and the fucker with the knife were the only sane ones here, obviously. He asks for the money, says he'll do the same thing to me and me mum. I told him he could try, he could try all he wanted, but he wasn't laying a finger on me mum and he was dead for touching dad. Here I am, the stupid shit kid making a threat to another stupid shit kid, what the fuck was I even thinking. Regardless, we went for a go at each other, him with the knife and me with my bare hands, didn't have shit to fight back with. I don't know what I was thinking there, but I went and did the stupidest thing I've ever done, I mean, I won for it, but I must've thought I was some stupid anime hero, spiky hair and shit, trying to block a knife barehanded.

It worked, after all, but I caught the hilt of the handle with my thumb, index finger, and middle finger on me right hand, right? Well, the other two fingers, they met the blade. I guess I had an adrenaline rush goin' or somethin', 'cause i didn't feel it then and there, just went straight to punchin' him in the gut like me dad was tryin', got 'im to drop the knife and pointed it back at him with me bleedin' hand. Pretty sure I actually saw his pants wet up before he turned and ran, must've thought I was some sort of demon.

My eyesight had always been a little bad, but not bad enough that it'd be a problem to joining the force. But then I lost two fingers on me main hand, and now I'm not worth a bloody pound to them. So now I'm out of the job I always wanted, isn't it perfect? Just because I acted in me dad's stead, did his job for 'im, I can't go actually get his job. He's fine, by the way, spent a while in the hospital, but 'e got lucky and didn't get anything vital hit. Still, now I'm out of the job I've always wanted, how am I gonna' make sure no one else gets hit by those punks?

Oh well, you need to become a demon to fight a demon after all, right? Fight fire with fire.

Goals and Aspirations

  • Root out what lurks in the underground.
  • Make criminals feel and understand the fear they cause in others.
  • Find a way to relax, I'm a bit too high-strung.

Nick's Notebook

Social Links

Name Arcana Rank Notes
Kimi Fortune's Wheel Quiet. Only talks through text. Seems knowledgeable enough. Can scan information from Shadows, apparently, so I guess I can trust her judgment on those things.
Ryoko The Empress A pampered student council president. At least she doesn't try to order me around.
Jeff The Hanged Man Jock. Overtly friendly. Too friendly. Probably doesn't realize how intimidating he is.
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