No name

No name or Blank or various nicknames.
Age: ??? | Gender: Male | Height: 6'2 | Weight: ???
Level: 11
HP: 144

Classes: Martial Artist / Weapons Master
Str: 24 [+7]
Dex: 20 [+5]
Con: 10 [+0]
Int: 9 [-1]
Wis: 9 [-1]
Cha: 6 [-4]

Trainer: Workout
Martial Artist: Improved Combat, Improved Endurance, Body Focus
Weapons Master: Master’s Expertise, Weapon of Choice, Kiai Focus, Gash, Sword of Sun and Moon, Quake Hammer, Auto-Parry
Ninja: Wall Runner, Sleep Powder

Instrument/Weapon: A black Harp made of metal.
Items: 10x Pokeball, 9x Super Potion, 7x Full Heal, 1x Memory Berry
Band Funds: 10,333 Skulls
Badges: Nidoqueen Badge. Slowpeth Badge.


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