(Ex)-Name: DAiCHI NOrio
The joke: NODACHI
Age: ?? (probably like 40s)
Weight: Can't weigh yourself when you can't LIFT yourself!

Level 15 Hunter/Weapons Master

Inventory Shit

Notched Nodachi


Physical Stat - 10
Special Stat- 3
Accuracy - 4


Special Skill: Cleave
Trigger: An enemy is defeated by an attack of this sword.
Effect: Make another attack trainer action against one adjacent enemy.

Natural Moves

Name Frequency Type AC Range Stat Dmg Other
Arms Attack At-will Steel 2? Melee ATK 2d8+5 You may add the highest of your STR, or DEX modifiers to the damage inflicted by this attack.
Cut At-Will Normal 3 Melee ATK 2d8+6
Swords Dance EOT Normal N/A Self N/A N/A +2 ATK CS
Fury Cutter At-Will Bug 3 Melee ATK 1d4 If Fury Cutter is used successfully and consecutively on the same target, on the round immediately after the last, use 1d12+6 on the second hit instead, 2d12+12 on the third hit instead, 3d12+18 on the fourth hit instead and 4d12+24 on the fifth hit and any successful hits following the fifth hit instead for Fury Cutter’s Damage Dice Roll.
Wing Attack At-Will Flying 2 Melee ATK 2d10+8
Counter Battle Fighting N/A Melee N/A x2 You Know What Counter Does.


Irori the Furnace and Heater of Miscellaneous Things- Does He Enjoy His Job? Probably Definitely Not.


Species: Litwick
Level: 24
EXP: 16000/17500

HP: 48 / 48
Phys. Evasion: 3
Spec. Evasion: 2
Spd. Evasion: 0

Type: Ghost/Fire
Gender: Male
Ability: Flame Body
Hold Item: N/A
Nature: Bold (+DEF, -ATK)
Weight Class: 1
Capabilities: Overland 1, Sky 6, Jump 1, Power 1, Intelligence 4, Phasing, Glow, Invisibility, Firestarter, Heater, Shrinkable, Sinker

Stat Base Added Total
HP 5 3 8
ATK 1 0 1
DEF 8 8 16
S.ATK 7 8 15
S.DEF 6 4 10
SPD 2 0 2
Name Frequency Type AC Range Stat Dmg Other
Lv Minimize Center Normal N/A Self N/A N/A Foes need an additional +4 during Accuracy Check to hit Minimize’s user and the user’s size is Small for the remainder of the encounter. *Grants: Shrinkable
Lv Fire Spin EOT Fire 4 Ranged (10) SP.ATK 1d12+6 Fire Spin Traps the target for 1d4+1 turns. At the beginning of the target’s turn, if the target is Trapped, roll 1d12 and the target loses that much HP. Do not apply weakness or resistance to the HP lost. Do not apply stats to the HP lost. Fire Spin may not trap more then one target at a time. *Grants: Firestarter
Lv Confuse Ray Center Ghost N/A Ranged (10) N/A N/A Confuse Ray creates a Column 1 meter wide. Confuse Ray cannot miss. All targets are Confused.
Lv Will-O-Wisp Battle Fire 4 Ranged (10) N/A N/A Burns shit.
Lv Flame Burst EOT Fire 2 Ranged (6) SP.ATK 3d8+10 Flame Burst creates a 4-meter Blast. All Legal Targets, not including the central target, hit in the Blast lose 1/16th of their max HP instead of taking the Damage Dice Roll for damage. *Grants: Firestarter
Egg Acid Armor EOT Poison N/A Self N/A N/A Raise the user’s Defense 2 Combat Stages.
Egg Endure Center Normal N/A Self N/A N/A If the user is being hit by a damaging Move, you may use Endure. If the Move would bring Endure’s user down to 0 HP or less, Endure’s user instead is set to 1 HP.

Bio: What, you thought the smithy's heat source came from somewhere else? Well, maybe, but this pissed-off candle knows what's up. Pissed-off due to being overworked, so he wants to let off some steam… get it? Because fire- ohh never mind.

Weeaboo note: The irori was the predecessor to the kotatsu, the latter of which didn't exist in this era. Check this historical accuracy, motherfuckers.

fun fact: mans' images are left blank because I want to do them all myself

Campaign: Sengoku

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