Game: Signs of Life

Level 12 Rogue/Taskmaster

Name: Abe Noriko
Age: 22
Height: 5' 7"

HP: 102/109
AP: 6/6

Speedy Trainer

Hit Points: 105
Attack: 22
Defense: 13
Special Attack: 4
Special Defense: 13
Speed: 8

Initiative: 8
Movement: 5
Evasion: +8
Accuracy: +2

Qualities and Traits

Strong: +7
Quick: +3
Subtle: +5
Intense: +3

Skill Traits Medic, Larcenous, Seedy, Ultimate Sashimi Chef
Movement Traits -
Special Traits -

Helpless Ronin: "*Nods in confusion*"

Status Menu

Orders / Moves / Feats
Struggle (AW, AC4, Normal, Physical, Melee, 1T, Normal DB1)
Hone Claws (AW, Dark, Self, Buff) The user gains the Honed Buff Condition. While Honed, the user gains a +5 bonus to Damage Rolls. If the user misses an adjacent foe while Honed, they may expend the Honed buff to instead treat the attack as a hit.
Harrier (EOT, AC4, Flying, DB3, Physical, Melee, 1T) The target is Flinched on 16+, and also becomes Stuck until the end of their next turn on 18+.
Pursuit (AW, AC3, Dark, DB3, Physical, Melee, 1T) When a Pokemon is switched out or moves more than 5 meters away from the user, Pursuit may be used as an Interrupt to shift and attack that foe. When used this way, Pursuit gains a +2 DB Bonus.
Aerial Ace (EOT, AC3, Flying, DB4, Physical, Melee, 1T, Accurate)
Sucker Punch (AW, AC3, Dark, DB5, Physical, Melee, 1T) If an adjacent foe targets the user with a Damaging Attack, Sucker Punch may be used as an Interrupt against that foe. Sucker Punch causes the target to become Blind on their next attack on 18+.
Acrobatics (EOT, AC3, Flying, DB4, Physical, Pass or Melee, 1T, Smite) If the user has a Accessory Item, all bonuses and penalties from the item are doubled when attacking with Acrobatics. If the user has no Accessory Item, Acrobatics gains a +2 DB Bonus.
Wear Down (EOT, AC3, Normal, DB3, Physical, Melee, 1T) The target suffers +5 damage taken for one full round.

Medical Training When you resupply, you gain x1 Medical Kit. When you spend a Potion or use the Treatment Camp Action, you can target an additional ally.
Quick Potion (Scene, Standard Action, Target: An adjacent Pokemon or Trainer) You may expend a Potion; if you do, the target gains a Tick of Hit Points now, and another at the beginning of their next turn.
Larcenous When you resupply, you gain x3 Lockpicks.
Reckless Strikes When your Pokemon uses a damaging attack, they may add the Recoil keyword to that attack. Your Pokemon’s attacks with the Recoil keyword may Mark one hit foe for 1 full round and deal additional damage equal to your Pokemon’s Tick Value.
Tough Training Your Pokemon gain the following bonuses: While your Pokemon are Shaken, if they would lose a Tick of Hit Points for any reason, then they lose only half that much HP instead. While your Pokemon are Exhausted, they gain a +2 bonus to Save Checks and +5 Damage Reduction against damage dealt by Marked targets. The first time each Scene your Pokemon would become Fainted, they immediately become Exhausted and gain three ticks of Hit Points.
Grand Punishment (1 AP, Free Action, Trigger: Your Pokemon would make a Punish Attack) Instead of making a Struggle Attack, your Pokemon may use any At-Will Frequency Move they know that targets foes as if it had a range of “Melee, 1 Target”. If the target is Marked, the Move may be of any Frequency.
Gang Up You and your Pokemon gain +2 Evasion if you are adjacent to each other or flanking the same foe. Foes flanked by both you and your Pokemon cannot Disengage. Whenever a foe provokes a Punish attack from both you and your Pokemon for the same action, you each gain a +2 bonus to Accuracy to those attacks.
Unceasing Hunter You gain the Combat Training Feature, and the Ambush Ability. You also gain Moves based on your Tier. Unlike Pokemon, Trainers may know any number of Moves. Tier 1: Hone Claws, Harrier, & Pursuit; Tier 2: Aerial Ace & Sucker Punch; Tier 3: Acrobatics; Tier 4: Pounce
Battling Style Whenever a Rogue hits a foe with a damaging attack, they grant their Pokemon a +2 DB Bonus on damage rolls against that same foe for 1 full round. Additionally Rogues gain a bonus based on whether they use a melee or ranged weapon: Melee Weapons: Rogues using Melee Weapons gain a +5 Bonus to Damage Rolls against Flanked or Shaken foes.
Samurai's Rejection of Tradition (Scene x2, Free Action, Trigger: You hit with a Rogue attack) The triggering Move gains a bonus based on which Move was used, as listed below. Each bonus can be gained only once per scene, even if using the other move. Aerial Ace or Pounce: After the Move resolves, you may Disengage 2 and use Aerial Ace against a different target. Acrobatics or Pursuit: The Move’s first target becomes Tripped. Harrier or Sucker Punch: The Move resolves as if you had rolled a natural 20 on your attack roll.
Adamant Charge (1 AP, Special) Your Pokemon may activate Adamant Charge as a Full Action to move up to their movement in a straight line towards a foe, and then make an melee attack against that foe. Your Pokemon does not trigger Punish Attacks from this Movement. If your Pokemon moved at least 3 meters, this attack gains a +2 bonus to Accuracy and +1 DB to damage.
Testing Strike (Scene x2, Minor Action) You may use an Attack Move (including Weapon Moves) with a natural DB of 2 or lower. It deals damage as if resisted one step, but automatically triggers all Effect Ranges. Cannot be used with Moves that are already Minor Actions.

Deadly Gambit Prerequisites: Tier 3
Scene x1 – Free Action
Trigger: Your Pokémon is attacked by a foe within reach
Effect: The triggering attack automatically hits as if it was a Critical Hit. Before damage resolves, your Pokémon may use a 1-Target damaging attack on the foe making the triggering attack as an Interrupt, Frequency allowing, and also automatically hits as a Critical Hit. Damage for both attacks then resolve at the same time.
Note: This effect bypasses immunity to Critical Hits on your own Pokémon, but not on the target. Though both attacks hit automatically and are Critical Hits, you may still roll to activate effects.

Ambush (Scene x1, Free Action) The user may use a Melee Move with a Damage Base of 3 (before applying STAB or other modifiers) or lower as if it had the Priority keyword. If it hits, it deals +10 damage and the target is Flinched.


Equipment Effect
Hand Her Mother's Sword "Mom was awesome at kendo, but apparently it's unladylike???"
Accessory Plume Hair Tie "Kyou said it was cute. It is…right?" (Technically not an accessory for the purposes of Acrobatics)
Wealth 7 Wealth Wafers

Loadout (0/2 SP)

Permanent Gear
Her Mother's Sword: Small Melee Weapon (+1 Crit, +1 Effect); Wear Down: EOT, Normal, AC3, DB2 (pre stab), Melee, 1T, Makes target take +5 damage for a round
Dragon Plate: The user may activate this item once per Day as a Minor Action when hitting with a Dragon-Type Move to deal +2d10 damage to the target.
Pidgeotite: Mega stone for birb friend.

Consumable Items
Potion (3): Extended Action: Heal 25% of target’s Max HP.
Full Heal (3): Extended Action: Heals all Status.
Lockpicks (3): For…doing the thing.
Medical Kit (0): Allows Treatment Camp Action once per Camp Phase with use of Camp Supplies. Only 1 per Trainer.


Overland 7
Naturewalk Mountains and shit?
Skill Trait Bossy?
Intense +9
Strong +5
Quick +4

Praecipita, the Laramidian Queen: Tyrantrum Type: Dar.pngDra.png Held Item: Dragon Plate
Level 12, Tier 3 HP: 84/90 Evasion: +5 Accuracy: +2 Condition: Uninjured
Ability Usage Special Effect
Melee Striker Static The user gains +1 Movement Speed. Whenever the user misses with a melee attack that does not have smite, they may make a Struggle attack against an adjacent foe.
Rock Head Static The user ignores the Recoil keyword when attacking. If the user moves at least 4 meters in a straight line towards a foe before attacking that foe with a physical attack, they may add a +2d6 Bonus to the Damage Roll against that foe.
Reckless Static The user gains +2 DB on Moves with the Exhaust, Recoil, or Reckless keywords.
Reckless Aura AW - Free Action Trigger: An ally misses with an attack. Effect: The ally loses 1 tick of HP and gains one of the following effects: -If the attack was a Status move, make the move hit anyway. If it has an on-miss effect, both the hit and miss effects trigger. -If the attack was a damaging move, give the move Smite. If it already has Smite, treat it as if it had hit anyway. Limit to once per round.
Stat Base Added Value
Attack 14 +13 27
Defense 12 +11 23
Special Attack 7 +0 7
Special Defense 8 +11 19
Speed 3 +2 5
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Pounce Scene x2 3 Dar.png DB9 Physical M, 1T, Smite, Recoil Pounce is a Critical Hit on 18+.
Dragon Dance (T) AW Dra.png Status Self, Buff The user gains the Dragon Dance buff. While under the effects of Dragon Dance, the user gains a +2 Bonus to Speed and a +4 bonus to Damage Rolls. You may expend the Dragon Dance buff when using a 1-target attack against an adjacent foe to target an additional adjacent foe.
Ancient Power EOT 4 Roc.png DB5 Versatile Line 4, Recoil On 19+ the user gains a Power Surge of their choice for the remainder of the encounter;+5 to Damage Rolls, +5 Damage Reduction, or +1 Speed. Each Surge does not stack with itself.
Dragon Claw EOT 3 Dra.png DB7 Physical Pass or M, 1T, Recoil Dragon Claw is a Critical Hit on 18+.
Stomping Tantrum EOT 3 Gro.png DB6 Physical M, 1T, Recoil If the user’s last attack failed or missed, Stomping Tantrum is DB9 and has range “Melee, 2 Targets, Smite, Recoil”
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