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Holding cells, People who take photos with their shitty pokedex cameras and then apply filters calling it art. I mean really? Do you…

Nyan Fr Your Supper's Profile

Name: J.J. Cavanaugh
Sex: Male
Location: On a Boat
Hometown: Goldenrod, Johto
Age: 23 (Born December 25)

NyanForYourSupper is a member of 2 groups.


Goldenrod Radio Rockers

The Infiltrator: Unovan Truths Reveled Fan Club


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Friday, August 15

3gaMQVY.jpg NyanForYourSupper Posted 13:03:00 via GoneOut Mobile
  • Heading out to what I hope is the last job for The Infiltrator. Just a quick in and out. Maybe like four or five good shots. They didn't even want anything saucy. Shouldn't have anything too fancy to keep me out And hey, we might have something lined up after this. The kids are gonna get the good canned stuff after this job~
3gaMQVY.jpg NyanForYourSupper Updated 23:45:55 via GoneOut Mobile
  • FUCK. I don't get paid nearly enough for this shit. The Editor didn't tell me who else was going to be there. Nearly got caught by a couple of goons and I think a garchomp? Maybe it was a metagross? Something big and scary. Well they didn't want anything saucy, but I got them the mother load. Time to skip town. Holon here I come.

Wednesday, July 30

3gaMQVY.jpg NyanForYourSupper Posted 08:06:30 via GoneOut Mobile
  • Shoeless has been lonely lately, I finally broke down and got him a new friend. Her name is Anne Boylen. Or just Annie B. I picked her up at the shelter earlier today. Shinx get a bad rap man. It's all about how you train them. She wouldn't hurt a flyingtype. Pretty adorable, am I right? Now he won't get so bad when I'm out working. Well, I hope.
3gaMQVY.jpg NyanForYourSupper Updated 08:10:37 via GoneOut Mobile
  • whoops forgot the photo Shinx_from_Pokemon_by_SakikoAmana.jpg

Tuesday, July 1

3gaMQVY.jpg NyanForYourSupper Posted 14:15:47 via GoneOut Mobile
  • Well. I got an eyeful more than I ever wanted to of Mr. Echos. He ran in to save some poor schmuck from drowning and it turned out to be one of his crazy fans. A few wardrobe malfunctions and you can guess the rest. At least I got something.

Monday, June 30

3gaMQVY.jpg NyanForYourSupper Posted 21:33:15 via GoneOut Mobile
  • Just got paid for the last set. What the hell am I doing? I feel like a goddamn stalker. Franklin got punched out today, I think he broke his nose. I'm just lucky I got out of there before it got to rough. Jason Echos from Occult is the next mark. I got here a few hours before them but, apparently some Kalos superstar is here too. Least I got a good spot.
  • Apparently Mr. Echos enjoys the company of his wife while dining out. Amazing. What the hell? This is 'news' worthy. Not like The Infiltrator is real news though. But even this is a little bit of a stretch for them. Maybe I'll get something at the beach tomorrow.
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