Aristarchos, Ambition's Lodestar
Career Level Lv. 30 huahue
Pokemon Level Level 60, 5865 EXP
Species Jirachi
Typing Steel / Fairy
Size Small / 2.4 lbs. (1)
Object of Desire: There is no shame in wanting all that I can offer. The sin is in lacking the will to take it.
Adept Skill: Guile Novice Skill: Intimidate
Pathetic Skills: Charm, Command
HP: 168/168/241 Injuries: 3 Evasion: 6/6/3 (9 vs. Status)
Proud Brutal (Crit range +2, Effect range +4)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 17 20 37
Attack 10 20 30
Defense 10 15 25
Special Attack 8 0 8
Special Defense 10 15 25
Speed 10 0 10
Acrobatics Untrained (2) Intimidate Master (6)
Athletics Novice (3) Stealth Master (6)
Combat Untrained (2) Survival Master (6)
General Untrained (2) Pokemon Untrained (2)
Medicine Untrained (2) Technology Untrained (2)
Occult Untrained (2)
Perception Adept (4) Guile Master (6)
Charm Pathetic (1) Focus Master (6)
Command Pathetic (1) Intuition Untrained (2)
Overland 6 Swimming 6
High Jump 2 Long Jump 2
Power 6 Throwing 7
Sky 9 Stealth
Aura Reader Glow
Telekinetic Telepath

Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Bulk Up EOT Fighting Status Self Raise the user’s Attack 1 Combat Stage and raise the user’s Defense 1 Combat Stage.
Cosmic Power EOT Psychic Status Self Raise the user’s Defense 1 Combat Stage and raise the user’s Special Defense 1 Combat Stage.
Defeat At-Will 2 Fairy 5d10+20 Physical Melee, 1 Target, Dash Defeat can only be used after the user has performed 5 other different Moves in its Move List during a single fight, without being switched out.
Double Team Scene Normal Status Self, Illusion, Coat The user gains 3 activations of Double Team. The user may either activate Double Team when being targeted by an attack to increase their Evasion by +2 against that attack; or when making an attack to increase their Accuracy by +2 for that attack.
Endure Daily Normal Status Self, Reaction, Trigger If the user is hit by a damaging Move, you may use Endure as a Free Action. If the Move would bring Endure’s user down to 0 Hit Points or less, Endure’s user instead is set to 1 Hit Point.
Ice Punch At-Will 2 Ice 2d8+10 Physical Melee, 1 Target Ice Punch Freezes the target on 15+ during Accuracy Check.
Iron Head EOT 2 Steel 3d8+10 Physical Melee, 1 Target, Dash Iron Head Flinches the target on 11+.
Spark Ambition Scene Normal Status Self The user generates 3 Contest Boons. These may be used as a Swift Action on their turn when declaring an attack (before Accuracy Roll) to gain a +3 bonus to Critical Hit Range for that attack.
Substitute Scene Normal Status Self, Illusion, Coat The user loses 1/4 of their maximum Hit Points. This Hit Point loss cannot be prevented in any way. The user creates an Illusory Substitute Coat, which has Hit Points equal to 1/4th of the user’s full Hit Points +1. If the user would be hit by a Move or attack, instead the Substitute gets hit. Apply weakness, resistance and stats to the Substitute. The Substitute is immune to Status Afflictions and Status Moves. Moves with the Social or Sonic keywords completely ignore and bypass the Substitute. Once the Substitute has been destroyed, the user may be hit as normal. Substitute cannot be used if the user has less than 1/4 of their full Hit Points.
Thunder Wave Scene x2 Electric Status Range 6, 1 Target Thunder Wave cannot miss. Thunder Wave Paralyzes the target. Targets immune to Electric Attacks are immune to Thunder Wave’s effects.
Unstoppable Wish Daily x4 Normal Status Range 15, 1 Target At the end of the user’s next turn, the target regains Hit Points equal to half of its full Hit Point value. If the user targets themselves and are replaced in battle, the replacement is healed. This Move may be used even if the user is Paralyzed, Flinched, Enraged, or has failed their Confusion Save Check.
Zen Headbutt EOT 4 Psychic 2d8+10 Physical Melee, 1 Target, Dash Zen Headbutt Flinches the target on 11+.

Status Menu

Ability Usage Special Effect
Serene Grace Static The user’s Effect Range is increased by +2.
Teamwork Static While you are adjacent to an opponent, allies targeting that opponent receive a +2 bonus to Accuracy Checks.
Wishmaster Static Connection – Wish. Whenever the user uses Wish, the user may pick one of the following effects: the target is healed instantly instead of the following round; or the target gains +2 CS to the Stat of their choice upon being healed; or the target is cured of any Status Affliction.
Wonder Skin Static The user gains +6 Evasion against Status Moves. Defensive.


Equipment Effect
Head Mind Aegis Grants a +6 bonus to Focus checks to resist Telepathy. If the wearer has the Iron Mind Edge, Mind Aegis grants the Mindlock capability instead.
Main Hand - -
Off-Hand - -
Body Stealth Clothes Raises your modifier to Stealth Checks made to remain unseen by +4, to a maximum total modifier of +4.
Feet - -
Accessory Shell Bell Whenever the user damages a foe, they gain a Tick of Temporary Hit Points.
Money 0P

Key Items
Consumable Items
5 Bandages
3 Heal Powder
Energy Root

Overland 3
Swim 3
Sky 6
High Jump 3
Long Jump 3
Power 1

Lefteris: Murkrow F Type: Dark/Flying Evasion: 2/2/7 Tutor Points: 0/13
Level 50, 3645 EXP Held Item: Razor Claw HP: 98/98/141 Injuries: 3 Size: Small, WC 1
Training Regimen: Brutal (Crit range +5, Effect range +2)
Ability Usage Special Effect
Super Luck Static The Pokémon’s Moves are Critical Hits on 18-20. If a Move already has an extended Critical Hit range, Super Luck extends that range by 2.
Twisted Power Static The user adds half of their Attack Stat to the damage rolls of their Special Moves; and the user adds half of their Special Attack Stat to the damage of their Physical Moves. This does not change the Damage Class of any attack.
Prankster Static The user may use Status Moves as Priority (Advanced).
Curious Nature (+Special Attack, -HP)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 9 +18 27
Attack 12 +15 37
Defense 5 +0 5
Special Attack 14 +16 40
Special Defense 5 +0 5
Speed 10 +20 30
Acrobatics Untrained (2) Intimidate Untrained (2)
Athletics Untrained (2) Stealth Untrained (2)
Combat Master (6) Survival Untrained (2)
General Untrained (2) Pokemon Untrained (2)
Medicine Untrained (2) Technology Pathetic (1)
Occult Novice (3)
Perception Expert (5) Guile Untrained (2)
Charm Untrained (2) Focus Untrained (2)
Command Untrained (2) Intuition Untrained (2)
Re-Balancing 2 +2 Attack, +2 Special Attack
Move Tutor 2 Heat Wave
Realized Potential 2 +4 HP
Advanced Mobility 1 +2 Sky
Underdog's Strength 1 +1 all base stats
Mixed Sweeper 1 1 +3 Speed
Mixed Sweeper 2 1 +3 Speed
Mixed Sweeper 3 1 +3 Speed
Accuracy Training 1 Heat Wave to AC 3
Underdog's Lessons 1 Learn Nasty Plot

Iron Mind
Dive - scene 2, shift, interrupt, targeted by ranged - shift 1m and tripped
First Aid Expertise - daily 3, extended - remove 1 injury, heal all HP, cure all status
Defender - shift action intercepts
Fighter's Versatility - scene, free - exchange uses of scene/daily moves
Doom Desire
Bad Mood

Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Assurance At-Will 2 Dark 2d8+10 Physical Melee, 1 Target When you hit with Assurance, if Assurance’s target has already been damaged by a Move on the same round Assurance is being used, Assurance has a Damage Base of 14 (4d10+15) instead. This effect may trigger only once per Scene per Target.
Confuse Ray Scene x2 2 Ghost Status Range 6, 1 Target The target is Confused.
Doom Desire Scene x2 Steel 4d10+15 Special Range 10, 1 Target Doom Desire does nothing on the turn it is used. At the end of the user’s next turn, Doom Desire hits, even if the user is no longer on the field. Doom Desire cannot miss.
Heat Wave Scene x2 3 Fire 3d8+10 Special Close Blast 3, Smite Heat Wave Burns all Legal Targets on 16+.
Mirror Move Scene x3 Flying Status Range 6, 1 Target, Illusion Use the Move the target has used on their last turn. You may choose new targets for the Move. Mirror Move cannot miss.
Nasty Plot EOT Dark Status Self Raise the user’s Special Attack 2 Combat Stages.
Toxic Scene x2 4 Poison Status Range 4, 1 Target The target is Badly Poisoned. If the user is Poison Type, Toxic cannot miss.
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