Okowa Freedom Fighters

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Is that clever? I thought it was clever when I wrote it.
Not sure if there is enough interest to warrant starting it.
This game is specifically geared towards new players, and will be starting late Febuary will maybe starting in the future. Will not be happening. I'll leave the page here for nostalgia, last edit was 580 days ago. That's neat. The scheduled games will take place every other week on Tuesday. There will also be minis set throughout the week for individuals and groups in the organization.


The party will be a ragtag group of freedom fighters under the tyrannical regime of a former hero. The rights and liberties of the region twisted and stolen away for their 'protection'. Things have changed in the thirty years since the game that created this setting, and I'll reveal more details as we get closer to the game. I expect a dark setting with lighthearted gameplay. You might be facing horrible twisted monsters of people, but rarely will there be deaths, and more often than not you can change their mind with a Pokemon battle and several beatings.

The groups are part of a fairly small group fighting towards the goal of dethroning the leader, but to achieve this end, they must prove themselves. The group has sent countless adventurers to their capture or doom as they were under prepared. To fight this, the group has instituted a rule that you may only lead a charge against the government after proving your strength six times. Either against foreign powers, generals you encounter, or natural locations that test your determination.

The group will be starting in the old abandoned town of Old Gold. Long forgotten after a catastrophic power plant meltdown, it was repopulated by refugees and freedom fighters who sought refuge from the regions ruler.

Altaria Islands

Auburn City

Cobalt City

Coral's Rest

Emerald City

Heed's Grove

Lilac City

Mulberry City

Old Gold Town

Headquarters for the Okowa Freedom Fighters.

Olive City

Pine Haven

Prism Shard

Capital of the region, seat of power for Peter Cross, Our Glorious Protector.

Prospekt's March

Rosewood City

Russet Town

Salmon Springs

Scarlet City

Sleepy Hills

Snowy Peaks

Character Creation

Trainer Level 5, one level 10 pokemon, 5,000 pokeyen(py)(Prices for stuff will be put up, don't use the book)

While fighters will be important, remember that this is an organization, feel free to roll coordinators, chefs, breeders, and other not combat oriented classes.
Run any homebrew classes by me before considering it legal.

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