Oliver Cartwright


Name: Oliver Cartwright
Age: 25
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 224 lbs
Hair: Brown, medium length to shoulders, untamed
Facial hair: Goatee
Eyes: Blue

Stat Progression

Level 11
Classes: Martial Artist/Weapon Master/Hunter (Cross Class)
HP: 140
STR: 21 (+6)
DEX: 14 (+2)
CON: 14 (+2)
INT: 8 (-2)
WIS: 10 (+0)
CHA: 6 (-4)

Feature List:
Improved Combat
Improved Endurance
Blade Weapon User
I Can Take a Hit
Material Gathering
Weapon Smith
Master's Expertise
Weapon of Choice (Bow)
Strong Guy
Tough Skin
Armor Smith
Body Focus
Kai Focus

Episode Rewards

Episode 1: 1 level, 1000+ 500 Extra Cash, 3 level 18 materials of my choice element (Dragon)
Episode 2: 1 level, 1200+ 600 Extra Cash, 3 level 21 materials of my choice element (Dragon)
Episode 3: 1 level, 1500 Cash, Shadow….Pokemon….maybe?

Current Equipment

Cost-specific items

1 Custom-crafted Bow (level 21, no element) (Background weapon, free)
1 Custom-crafted Blade Weapon (level 11, no element) (2000)
1 Custom-crafted Armor (level 20, Dragon element) (3 level 18 + 3 level 21, all Dragon element)
2 Super Potions (700)
4 Full Restores (5,000)
2 Antidotes (500)
2 Paralyze Heals (400)
2 Awakenings (400)
2 Burn Heals (500)
1 Ice Heal (200)

Survival Gear

Cold Weather Gear
Berry Pouch
Minor Excavation Gear (portable spade, pickaxe, lantern)
Rope with Grappling Hook
World Map
Flint and Tinder
Quiver w/ arrows


- 3 Skarmory Feathers (Steel element)(Level 15)
- 1 Gothitelle Dress sliver (Steel element?)(Level ??)

Cash: 5600


Possible Shadow Pokemon?

Oliver's Story to you (Background retelling)

"Oh, so you want to know a little bit about old me, eh? Well, pull up a seat and park your keester, it won't take too long. Name's Cartwright. Oliver Cartwright, a pleasure to make 'ur acquaintance. Size me up? Oh, I'm but six feet, two inches tall and two hundred twenty four heavy. Don't get me wrong, this is all well toned muscle! This bushy brown thing on my head goin' down to my shoulders prob'ly has had some things livin' in it a time or two. Goes well with the face carpet though, nice and bristly to keep the mountain snow off m' face.
I'm no man to take peculiar int'rest in technalagy or things o' that sort. It's useful, but it just ain't me. I'm more of a practical man, don't see much use in some things 'less you do 'em yourself. I been raised to bust your butt to get things done and everyone does their part. Y'see, I come from the Tuscau Ridge, specif'ly from a town called Wellsbearing. Now you might start thinkin' we're all about some wells, but that's not the case at all! No no, that'd probably come from our cousins across the gorge…what was it again? Ah yeah,the Mordrock Gorge, that's right. Y'see on the map where there's a split b'tween the middle peaks and the ridgeway to the west? Tuscau Ridge is the area to the west, Mordack Gorge be the split between them, and beyond that…now that's where you wanna dig your wells! That there is the Anamai Mountains, probably one of the richest places for wildlife in the country, if you keep away from all the 'tourist' areas. Prime quarry in t' neck of the woods in every season, oh yes!

Now I'm sure that tells ya what I normally do for a livin', for a hobby. I'm a Huntsman. Now now, don't ask me what kinda rifle I use because honestly I see that as a sense of cheatin'! Not that it is cheatin', I dunno how to explain it. Things just seem better after a swift, silent kill from an arrow catapulted from m' bow. Y'know I made this m'self right? Look at it! Polish 'er up good and tighten the strings on a
rare moon. That there is a solid construction between Graveler tendon, Tirtouga bill for the center rest, and a Roggenrola/iron composite for the limbs. I've had that for a few years now, since my first one broke from some pissed of Mankeys smashing it to shit. That's where this puppy comes in. Gen-u-ine Scyther blade, steel reinforced tricep grip. Like your standard machete, but a lifetime of sharpness. Now I certainly hope you're not one for gettin' all emotional about killin' Pokemon or animals. It's not something I abuse, hell no. Got all of these
people scared of people who kill Pokemon, but why? Y'all eat a burger, right? You killed a cow and you ate it! It's a livin' thing, and we go around killin' each other for the dumbest reasons! See my logic there? Anywho, I use all I can from my kills and what I don't use I do my best to recycle to the environment. Few lucky animals and Pokemon out there probably thankful for my kills, keepin' 'em alive for another day. But enough about that, you wanted to hear about me and my life.

Tch, been in Wellsbearing all my life up until just a year or two back. Had my mamma, my daddy, and the whole town. Quaint little place, making a livin' for themselves off the land and a bit from the technalagy around us, but mostly off the land. Fresh grown veggies, homemade meals every night. Hell, didn't even know the difference between 'fast food' and a possum or a Ponyta 'til I started seeing tourists visitin' Wellsbearing. We got a few of those places, and by that I mean one. Henry Gale handles all the outside people an' goods in his general store slash welcome wagon, his wife and three kids runnin' hayrides through the town on tours down the river and woods. There's so many others, so maybe y' come see me again and I'll go into all of 'em. Everyone in the town is pretty much family 'til the day
we die, so it's not like I'll go forgetting anyone. No…some of them….I can't ever forget.

Oliver seems to frown deeply at this point, but quickly swabs the look away with a smile.

Like I was sayin' had my mamma and daddy all to myself. Nice little two story cabin my daddy built with his daddy years ago. Pretty normal life: Work the field from dark mornin' to sunrise with daddy, come in for breakfast, do a few chores or runnin's for the folks in town when they be needin' em. 'bout noon time I be runnin' down the roads with the others my age. Timmy, Evan, Lemur (We call him that 'cause he be talkin' all sorts of fast. That and he had some sort of 'condition', his mamma told us), Allison, Velvet, Wesley…. shit, we did everything together! Good fun. One time…*haha*…one time, me and my daddy went huntin' for my first time, and we had this Sentret on the run right? He climbed up a tree, and I aimed and shot, and slicked Lemur's hat clear off his head 'fore I even noticed he was up there! He was squealin' like a baby pig he was so scared! *Haha!~* Good times…anywho. I told you my daddy taught me the first of what I know about huntin' and skinnin' and everything man-like. My mamma got me some books and helped me read 'em. She came from that big ol' city, Sandstep, so she's one of the smartest ladies in town. Now just because I was her boy don't mean she was any nicer to me when she taught the kids their lessons! It wasn't like…school-school, more like church on Sundays but with regular learnin' instead
of religious learnin'. She was lovely, somehow my daddy's streak o' hillbilly charm and wit caught her eye. Ever since they got married she was the go-to girl for all sorts of things for the town. She still goes off and visits Gramma Perry in Sandstep every now and then, been there a time 'r two with her and Daddy. Been a long time since then though.

So livin' in Wellsbearing like normal went on for like eighteen years of my life (not countin' my baby years, so that be like twenty-three or close). Now everyone knew me and Velvet were to likin' each other, but damn were we both shy as hell. Finally we fessied up
and man….we were like bread and butter, made for each other. We got married and went to lookin' where me and my daddy would be building a house for us, just like him and his daddy did. Only problem there was as we were workin' he took a fall from up on the roof and busted up his leg. It was so bad he had t' get rushed to a hospital in the mainland. It's good Mamma's got friends out there in Ivoryscape and Sandstep with Gramma Perry. I brought Velvet along so we could explore the city life together an' man we were starstruck. 'People out here sure live it easy compared to us!' I remember Velvet saying. Sadly it was also the first time I ended up in jail. People didn't take too kindly to me bringin' fresh dinner home on a regular basis, callin me 'Neandarthal' and 'brute' or somethin'. One city boy got right up in my whiskers and tried to press his mind. Apparently, it's the man who ISN'T bloodied up that gets locked up. *sigh* Anywho…between Mamma bailing me out and Daddy's leg losin' all feelin' things were pretty bad. They got worse though as time went along. A year later Velvet was supposed to be bringing me my first son. To be safe, Mamma took me back to Ivoryscape City and havin' their doctors help her with the baby……

Oliver's voice is getting distant as he holds back his true emotions

….Well apparently there were some 'complications' in the process an…I lost my wife and my son that day by the grace of Arceus or God or whoever you wanna believe in. It was like somebody reached right in me and ripped my heart out. I was furious, sad, lonely, all a mess. I didn't know what to do. Mamma did her best to comfort me as did Daddy, but it was no use. Walkin' around Wellsbearing just didn't quite suit me anymore…it was too painful, not to mention most of the gang minus Lemur had already left t' explore the world at some point or another. Some of 'em went to become Pokemon Trainers, others just wantin' to get out there. I didn't want to leave, but at t' same time, it hurt so much to stay. I mean look at me…I'm rugged, built, and do my best, but everyone around me keeps gettin' hurt and I'm not doin' nothin'! Now mammas and daddys are pretty bright and they saw this and talked to me. Daddy smacked me upside the head an' said,

"C'mon, this ain't the boy I raised! You're stronger than that! Pick y' ass up and find my son again. I'm thinkin' he left with Velvet's ghost, but I know you can find 'im again. Now go out there and clear your head. Don't forget t' write, and don't you go actin' like your mamma and worrying about us. I may be short a leg but that don't mean I can't provide for this family! Don't come back 'til Oliver's back, y'hear?"

So I packed up my best clothes, my hunting gear, and went on my way. Thing was, I never left Wellsbearing without a purpose, so I was lost. I mean, I learned a lot, thought a little and kept going. Thoughts kept going through my head, certain ones:

"What am I gonna do? How do I find myself again? She was most'a my everything, and my family's wantin' me to wake up. Shit…but how?"

Now I went t' a bunch of cities along the way, trying to figure it out. I ended up in Iveryscape one week mainly 'cause it was familiary to me. Apparently as I was walkin' through that same knuckle head I clocked some year and a half ago bumped into me again. I know it was him on account he was missin' the same tooth I remember knockin' out of his mouth but he replaced it with some silver lookin' tooth. He actually looked at me and instead of bein' all rambunctious he looked at me.

"You….look different. And I don't mean just physically. I can see it in your eyes, you're not that guy I regret messing with."

I didn't pay much mind to him and went about my business, tryin' my best not to rehash the thoughts of Velvet and my son. Then, just before leaving town at night, an older man approached me with his hand out. It was weird, but I stopped to be polite, and he asked me somethin'.

"You seem lost, friend. For a man of your stature and background, that seems odd. The grandson of Henry Cartwright, am I right?"

He nearly made me stumble when he said that.

"H-how'dy know my grandaddy?"

"Oh your 'grandaddy' played a big role in our group long ago when it first started getting recognized. He helped make Altho what it is today, you know. He never had that lost look on his face, a born leader he was. Everyone had to do their part, and sometimes people were less than fortunate. That's where he stepped in and stood his ground, it was his purpose and he knew it. To protect what he had, and never forget what he lost, that was his motto."

"Yeah…that sounds like a Cartwright, alright. Grandaddy and Daddy both."

"Something about you is hurt though. That's why you're so lost, so distant from what I've seen in your family. Perhaps we can help…"


"The Wanderers, the very foundation your grandaddy stood to protect for us all. We could always use a Cartwright. And maybe you'll find what you lost, Oliver."

And from that day, I joined up with these Wanderers. It's been about a year, now I'm at a prime twenty five years old. Run into a bunch'a interestin' people 'long the way. Most of 'em think I'm a little off for my background an' way of doin' things, since most people be relying on Pokemon for a bunch of things instead of doin' it with elbow grease. I don't know, I never really got into the whole Trainer thing. Still haven't, don't see why. Don't see how it'll help me find myself, what I lost. But that's just how life it, ain't it? You keep starin' out there long enough your eyes go all blurry. Maybe I'm not lookin' good enough, or maybe I'm lookin' too much. All I know is somethin' about these Wanderers feels right.

I think that old man who knew my grandaddy was right and they'll help me find it. Just wish I knew when."

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