Oran Npcs


  • Grandmama Baker - The richest resident of Oran Valley, and the matron of the Baker family. She spends her day walking around town, and often overpays for services. Mother of Tom Baker and Lynn Sharp.
  • Tom Baker - Husband to Joanna Baker, and son of Grandmama Baker. Formerly the town baker, but became a shut in who refuses to leave his room for unknown reasons.
  • Mayor Howland Day - Mayor of Oran Village. A veteran from the Imperial Legions, lives in comfort with his wife. Organizes and funds many town events.
  • Mrs. Day - Mayor Day's wife, Mrs. Day is in charge of putting the majority of events around town together. Sister to Saar Fyron.
  • Saar Fyron - Husband to Felicia Fyron, Father to Horace Fyron and Nike Fyron. Runs the Blacksmith. Arawn Riagan is apprenticed to him. Jovial and nice, generally willing to help others out. Very skilled at forging weapons, seems to have a natural bond with pokemon.
  • Felicia Fyron - Wife to Saar Fyron, Mother to Horace and Nike Fyron. Works with Joanna Baker at the Daycare. Good natured and kind.
  • Horace Fyron - Son of Felicia and Saar Fyron, brother to Nike Fyron. Works at the blacksmith, mostly as the sales clerk.
  • Stephen & Jane Jansen - Local Mareep Ranchers. The Jansens are quite wealthy but childless. However, they've taken Ricki on as a farm hand …. most would call this more than generous.
  • Maurice Melikos - Father of Rylan Melikos, and Merchant. Travels by Airship to other cities in the Empire. Will buy and sell goods to the villagers.
  • Rylan Melikos - Son of Maurice Melikos. Lives on a boat in the dock, owned by his father. A musician, he can often be found around town playing music.
  • Ruben Sharp - Husband of Lynn Sharp and father of Cedric Sharp. Retired Legion veteran, and former explorer's guild member. Works as the Post Master of Oran Valley.
  • Lynn Sharp - Wife of Ruben Sharp and mother of Cedric Sharp. Daughter of Grandmama Baker, sister to Tom Baker. Has taken over the bakery ever since Tom's break down.
  • Mac - Grandfather of Nephene and Barkeep. Used to be a barkeep down in Ivyhollow, but is content to brew alcohol for his grand kid's business.
  • Lancelot - Father of Nephene and Barkeep, and son of Mac. A former ranger and supply gatherer working in defense of Oran Valley, his leg injuries have forced him to hand over ownership of the inn to his children. Often has interesting stories to tell regarding his time in service.
  • Millie - Mother of Nephene and Barkeep, and wife of Lancelot. Ran the family's inn during Lancelot's time in service, but passed on this duty to Nephene. Quick-witted and sharp-tongued, but ultimately good-natured and friendly to those with a thick enough skin.
  • Amonson - Sensei of Nephene, and master of the Flying Swellow combat style. Though he is an old man well into his eighties, his body and mind are still as strong as ever. Contrary to his serious and justice-seeking nature, he enjoys a drink quite often, and never really shows signs of drunkenness - his favorite mixed drink at the Lazing Slaking is their special Blood Cherrim Tonic.
  • Cross Chop - Father of Maka and Submission. Travels the world with his wife Mimic.
  • Mimic - Mother of Maka and Submission. Travels the world with her husband Cross Chop
  • Anthony, Carl, & Jobim - Three old fishermen. Usually out fishing, or in the bar drinking themselves stupid.
  • Helen, Helga, & Ethel - Anthony, Carl, and Jobim's wives. Usually in the town square gossiping.

Wild Pokemon

Old Pincher - A giant crawdaunt that lives in Lake Tyrian. He and his brood bully and terrorize anyone that disturb the muddy caves deep in the lake. He's content to remain deep in the lake if he's not disturbed, however.

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