Oran Valley

Oran Valley Campaign

The Oran Valley Campaign will be run both spontaneously (often at odd hours), and with some sessions set in advance. The campaign will focus mostly on character interaction as the PCs work together to defend the town, run businesses, and try to attract more residents and tourists to the town!

Technology level is STEAM PUNK-ish. Metal and steam contraptions abound!

Your GMs are: BigTentacruel, Break, Cecil, Giantree, and Zoofman. Feel free to ask them for help, and run any new character concepts by them first!

Please check the table below for upcoming sessions. If you want to host a proper session, let one of the GMs know first before adding to the table. Minisessions require no GM permission or supervision - RP away!

GM Session Name Description Date and Time/ Frequency Confirmed Players
BigTentacruel To Be Announced To Be Announced Sometime after March 2nd
Break Just Another Day At The Bar A new shipment arrives at the Lazing Slaking, courtesy of Mac.
Giantree Invasions Akin to Altho's hunt, involves defense minigame. Once or twice per episode


The Oran Valley


Mt. Iris The shorter of the two mountains around the Oran Valley, Mt. Iris is really more of a very tall hill. Because it's not very far from town, the hill's summit is often used during festivals and special occasions. The surrounding gentle hills are good farmland, and most the ranches and farms from Oran Village are in this area. The beautiful Tyrian Lake is also close to Mt. Iris.

Alizarin Forest The Alizarin forest is quite beautiful, and full of pokemon. There's several trails and paths through the forest, and many folk like to take time to walk through it. Useful plants and berries can be found here, if you know where to look.

Amaranth Mountain - The taller of the two tall mountains around the Oran Valley, Amaranth Mountain's lower reaches are fairly peaceful. Amaranth mountain has lots of natural caves, many of which are flooded. t's also the site of natural hot springs.

Old Forest - The Old Forest lies in the shadow of Amaranth Mountain. It's usually avoided because it's dark, overgrown, ripe with dangerous pokemon, and outlaws and brigands hiding from the Empirer's justice make their living in its depths. It's best avoided, although there is an old overgrown shrine in the forest, and a few villagers who know the way there like to visit.

Sunglow River - The Sunglow River springs from Amaranth Mountain's underground caverns, as the water shelf empties out towards the sea. It's a very cold and clear river, and provides the drinking water for the town.

Oran Beach - Oran Village is right on the coast, and has a small sandy beach. It's a popular hang-out during the summer, and most summer celebrations are held here.

Forgotten Mines - Back when Oran Village was more prosperous, there was a large mining operation being run in the hills north of Mt. Iris. The operation lost funding, and mines went into disrepair, but they're still there.


Active Orans

Balthazar (Plutonis)-Mechanic- Cap. Spec/Engineer/Tinkerer
Clarity Farrence (Giantree) - Fisherperson/Napaholic - N/A
Elder Morris (Cyprus) - Town Elder/Herbalist - Mystic/Herbalist/Botanist
Emily Hoshizawa (Ryuu) - Rancher/Pokemon Rental - Capture Specialist/Trapper/Collector
Joanna Baker (KujiUn) - Day Care Lady/Notary Public/Adoption Service - Breeder/Hatcher/Evolver
Maka (castfromhp) - Librarian - Mystic/Rune Master/Watcher
Nephene (Break) - Innkeeper - Martial Artist/Massage Therapist/Aura User
Nike Fyron (Cecil) - Adventurer - Ranger/Rider/Weapons Master
Ricki Wallace (Botherer) - Farm Hand - MA/Ace/SpeedAce
Submission (BigTentacruel) - Carpenter/Woodsman - Martial Artist/Black Belt/Massage Therapist

Maybe-Inactive Orans

Barkeep (DamienLunas) - Bartender - Psychic/Influential/Clairsentient
Canute Alphaeus (Mons) - Apothecary - Hex Maniac/Magus
Cress Widdershin (Gents) - Medic - Researcher/Medic/Upgrader
Raven Bokor (zoofman) - Guard Captain - Ranger/Spec.Ops/Survivalist
Terri Woodman (OmegaX) - Lumberjack - Martial Artist/Weapon Master/Survivalist

Those Who Oran Away

Alex Conan (emptybox) -Farmer - Ace trainer/Type ace grass
Arawn Riagan (Garlyle) - Smith - CS/Apricorn Smith/Hunter
Cedric Sharp (Paradox) - Mail Man - Ranger/Coach/Flying Ace
Flynn Argent (CCM) - Restaurateur - Breeder/Chef/Pusher
Henry (Kain) - Tailor/Photographer - Coordinator/Fashion Designer/Photographer
Iona (Anise) - Fish(er)woman/Treasure Hunter - Ace Trainer/Water Ace/Genetic
Jack (BB) - Oddjobber/Future Gym Leader - Ace/NormalAce/Underdog
Lisa Hornsby (CounterBeard) -Fortune Teller- Researcher/Artificer/Clairsentient
Lorelei Baker (Eris) - Baker - Researcher / Scientist / Chef

Upcoming Orans



- coming soon! -


Festival Explanations

1 - New Year's Day
23 - Flower Festival
45 - Spring Contest
75 - Fishing Contest

1 - Fireworks Festival
10 - Swimming Contest
25 - Tomato Fight
38 - Summer Pokeathlon
45 - Summer Contest
58 - Cooking Festival
79 - Staryu Festival

10 - Harvest Festival
31 - Egg Festival
45 - Fall Contest
60 - Races
90 - Thanksgiving

14 - Starry Night Festival
45 - Winter Pokeathlon
65 - Spirit Festival
90 - New Year's Eve

Episode Rewards


Oran Bonus Features
Oran Items



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