Original Space Edges And Feats



Stretchy Bodies
Prerequisites: Deoxyn Template, Adept Combat
Effect: As a shift action you may apply the "Reach" capability to yourself until your next turn.

Tactile Telekinesis
Prerequisites: Deoxyn Template, Expert Focus
Effect: You may use your Focus skill rank instead of your Athletics skill rank when determining your Power capability. Additionally, you no longer take any racial penalties to your power capability.

Sexy Brain
Prerequisites: Deoxyn Template, Adept Focus
Effect: When using Intimidate, Charm, or Command, you may consider those skills to be Mind skills in addition to what category they actually are. Once per scene, you may also pay 1 AP to add half of your Focus rank to Intimidate, Charm, or Command checks.

Double Jump
Prerequisite: Deoxyn Template, Expert Acrobatics
Effect: You may apply Sprint actions to your High Jump and Long Jump capabilities to add 50% more height to a high jump or 50% more length to a long jump. If your capability is 1 or less, add +1 to your jumping cababilities when using a Sprint Action with your jump.


Float Like a Butterfly
Prerequisite: Xects'es Template, Adept Acrobatics
Effect: If you are falling and you are awake and aware of your surroundings, and your wings aren't damaged or disabled, you will take fall damage as if you were weight class 1 and may ignore the first four meters that you fall. If your wings are disabled, or if you are asleep, knocked out, or otherwise unaware of your surroundings, you take fall damage as if you were your actual weight class and do not ignore the first four meters.

Sting Like A Bee
Prerequisite: Xects'es Template, Expert Combat
Effect: You become adept at wielding the stinger on the tip of your abdomen. Your stinger counts as a Simple stabbing weapon, and you may choose a simple weapon attack to apply to it, as if it was a dagger, sword, or spear-type weapon. Using Struggle or your weapon attack with your stinger no longer costs an injury, but if a "Disarm" maneuver is successful on your stinger, you will still gain an injury as normal.

Just Roughousing
Prerequisite: Xects'es Template, Adept Charm
Effect: Xects'es are the kings of social violence. As a shift action you may apply the Social keyword to any move you know, but the base damage of the move is considered 2 ranks lower.

Four Beefy Arms
Prerequisite: Xects'es Template, Adept Athletics
Effect: +1 Power. Additionally, as long as your lower pair of arms are unbound and uninjured, you may bind 1 AP to add an additional +1 to your power capability for the rest of the scene.


Additionally, the following edges from the book have "Human Template Only" added to their Prerequisite line.

Instinctive Aptitude
Nimble Movement


Pilot Training
Prerequisite: Two of Novice Acrobatics, Novice Perception, Novice Combat, or Novice Stealth
Effect: You are a competent and flexible pilot of starships. While using Acrobatics, Perception, Combat, or Stealth while piloting a starship, you may choose one other starship-piloting skill and add your skill rank from that skill to that skill check.

Prerequisite: Two of Novice Acrobatics, Novice Perception, Novice Combat, or Novice Stealth
Effect: You are a showman of the air. You may consider features with the [Orders] and/or [Training] tags to also have the [Pilot Orders] and/or [Tune-Up] tags. If you have classes or features which take advantage of [Orders] and [Training] tags and features, you may also use them on [Pilot Orders] and [Tune-up].

Mechanic Training
Prerequisite: Novice Technology Education
Effect: When using restorative items on any ship you are riding on, that ship does not forfeit its turn.

Prerequisite: Adept Technology Education
Effect: Any features you have which are used to tutor a Move or Ability on to a Pokemon may be applied to Starships for the equivalent System Update cost. Ability tutor features used on the Starship are programmed directly on to the operating system, but Move Tutor features which are used on the Starship become weapons, which may either be placed in storage or swapped on to one of the Starship's weapon slots immediately, even if you are not at a dock.



[Pilot Orders]
Features with the [Pilot Orders] tag may be applied to whatever ship you are currently piloting, in the same way that [Orders] may be used on pokemon you are commanding. They are sudden plans made by the pilot in order to fly their ship more effectively.

Features with the [Tune-Up] tag are moves that represent your character tuning your starship to their unique specifications. They are [Training] features applies to Starships, and may be applied whenever visiting a dock, and last until the next visit to the dock.


Mechanical Expertise
Prerequisite: Mechanic Training, Expert Technology Education
Daily x3 – Extended Action
Target: A Starship, Pokebot, or other Vehicle.
Effect: The target may remove one Injury, has all Hit
Points restored, and is cured of all Status Afflictions.
You may use Mechanical Expertise only once per day per
target. Mechanical Expertise requires access to a Tool Kit.

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