Over There!

The Year is 1917. The World has been at war for the past 3 years and it seems that the more fighting happens, the more the world seems to crumble. You are a soldier or someone involved in the war effort. You're no one special. Perhaps you've distinguished yourself through combat before this, or perhaps you're simply a fresh-faced youth fresh out of basic. whichever it is, you find yourself in a train, being carried across Europe to the Front, where you intend to earn the glory promised to you by the newsreels, or at least stay alive long enough to come home.

As a player you are either on the ALLIES side or the CENTRALS side. Allies are a far more diverse group of people, since they are drawn from colonies and countries from across the map. In general they see themselves as heroic, hotblooded heroes fighting injustice where he may roam. Centrals are far less diverse, being as they are the German empire, Austria-Hungary, and The Ottoman Empire. However, what those countries have in common is the dedication to the preservation of their proper, strong, Prussian (Or Turkish, for the Ottomans) way of life. They are full of pride and national fervor, and every Central PC will have the best facial hair.

In the week before you were shipped out to wherever you are going, ALLIES spent the week in Paris on leave and CENTRALS spent the week in Berlin. You may imagine what your character would have been doing, but whatever you, a medical examiner says you have a clean bill of health, and you still have 10 bucks miraculously left in your pocket.

Character Creation

Trainer level 5
LANGUAGES: Everyone speaks fluently the main language of the country where you are from. You are also gifted English. If you are already an English speaker, choose another language from a country you are allied with.
STARTERS: Choose two Geographically appropriate1 pokemon. Starters begin at level 15 and may choose one Egg or Tutor move for free to start with.
EQUIPMENT: Every Player starts with the following:

  1. A weapon (Probably a rifle)
  2. Your country's uniform
  3. A Helmet (See PTU 1.02 Pg. 165)
  4. A Gasmask (See PTU 1.02 pg. 165)
  5. Basic tools and utensils
    1. A small knife
    2. A Fork, tin plate, and a cooking pot
    3. Strong Rope or Cord (I won't make you keep track of how much you have, don't worry)
    4. Can Opener
    5. Trench Shovel
  6. Large haversack to carry this all in
  7. 2 weeks of rations and food from home. (A mix of standard issue canned and dried goods with some stuff you got from your families at home)
  8. 10.00 in francs (Allies) from the fact that you spent your latest leave in Paris; or Deutsche Marks (Central) Because you spent your latest leave in Berlin.
  9. Personal Items. Perhaps you have a locket from a girl back home? Perhaps you can't sleep without a favorite Teddy Ursaring? Perhaps you have a pocket watch that belonged to your grandfather? This also covers items that you might need to fulfill class flavor requirements. If you are a photographer, you would naturally have a camera. If you're a fashion designer you would naturally have a sewing kit. If you're a medic, you need your medical supplies. etc.

Extra note about Supernatural features: Because of the nature of psychic et all powers in the West/Space timeline, taking supernatural powers takes GM permission. Don't worry TOO much about it, I'll certainly say yes, but I want to know beforehand that you plan to go into a supernatural class.
(Type Ace may or may not count as a supernatural class just because of the nature of Type shifting, but if you would prefer it not, you can fluff it as you just being THAT GOOD at training pokemon)

Players (Insert your own names and when you make character pages, link to them from here)



World War I features
Link to PTU edition we are going to be using.
Character Sheet Template
Italian Village - Your base of operations, and an explanation of your schedule.
Exp Bank
World Map (So far)

Germans on the Train (First Session Central Side): http://pastebin.com/mAQFzZSv
Allies on the Train (First Session Allies Side): http://pastebin.com/QjUxDR3F
Ambush at the Hospital (2nd session): http://pastebin.com/MuFmR78Z
Giratina and Groudon (3rd session): http://pastebin.com/LiRvMfh2
Vs. Terrakion (4th session): http://pastebin.com/DHixkQNb
Day three and the Leavanny Attack: (5th session): http://pastebin.com/8SBdyNm2
Day four, Shaymin, and Virizion: (6th session): http://pastebin.com/P1L6tCUe
MINI: Cait's discussion with Viri while held captive: (MINI) http://pastebin.com/3V2PUnaV
Vs. Virizion, and the beginning of day 5: (7th session): http://pastebin.com/RXB5RQ09
End of day 5, and Day 6. Charlie Introduced!: (8th Session): http://pastebin.com/msvt3hbG
Mini With Rudiger. Rudiger dies. RIP IN PEACE: (Mini) http://pastebin.com/W4n3gRve
Berrry Jam. Cait and Karsten talk it out (Mini) http://pastebin.com/WeWB43Dz
Day 7 Minis:
Ivan Speaks with Charlie: (Mini) http://pastebin.com/8h3hdpjr
Elsa Speaks with Charlie: (Mini) http://pastebin.com/Qq2HSii2
Cait Speaks with Charlie, and also works on the Bridge. Morning session: (Mini) http://pastebin.com/rGF2NjBy
Karsten Speaks with Charlie, and cooks food, Morning slot: (mini) http://pastebin.com/GprTVFd9
Rudiger Speaks with a MYSTERIOUS VOICE while kidnapped: (mini) http://pastebin.com/6tGDLHxk
Elsa investigates Rudiger's Disappearance. Morning slot (Mini) http://pastebin.com/HgeKhLZ8
Ivan goes upriver, and makes a strange discovery. Morning slot: (mini) http://pastebin.com/fLr2JBpe
Elsa is a little chatterbox and goes to talk with Karsten. Pre-afternoon slot. http://pastebin.com/30YmBqJm
Elsa and Cait speak. Cait goes to speak with Groudon. Afternoon Slot (Mini) http://pastebin.com/ywUn5bPy
Vs. Beedrills. A wild Mew appears! Day 8. (9th session) http://pastebin.com/8x5B64Jv
Karsten feeds Mew a bunch of Mushrooms. Pre-afternoon (mini) http://pastebin.com/gHKv1SBS
Elsa and Viri talk SOCIOPOLITICS. Terrakion is annoyed by everything (mini) http://pastebin.com/EjmZZDD2
Cait's Afternoon and Evening. Also She breaks time, and then talks physics with Elsa (Mini) http://pastebin.com/T6PUDwnA
Boring stuff. Also Arceus wants you dead. Day 8 and 9. (10th session) http://pastebin.com/1XnKp6QN
Elsa continues to be a little chatterbox. Terrakion and Giratina. (Mini) http://pastebin.com/T5WG9ifS
What was Rudiger doing during time shenanigans? Befriending Shaymin! (Mini) http://pastebin.com/PxjEYHdm
Clefable TIME shenanigans. The beginning of Day 10 and BEEEES part 2 (11th session) http://pastebin.com/9ZznES97
BEEEES finale. Rudiger discovers the boundaries. The appearance of Zero (12th session) http://pastebin.com/xn2JiF6d
Augustus and Cait (mini) http://pastebin.com/6gR5PJmj
Rudiger and Elsa, Pre-morning day 11 (Mini) http://pastebin.com/zPXVMeg5
Day 11 and prelude to Keldeo (13th session) http://pastebin.com/zD0aGJ1f
Elsa's prelude to Keldeo (Mini) http://pastebin.com/TEt8MhcN
Rudiger's prelude to Keldeo (Mini) http://pastebin.com/qvGdCk61
Vs. Keldeo (14th session) http://pastebin.com/QkE2NLYc
Prelude to Cobalion (15th session) http://pastebin.com/uW1EqdVY
Cait and Virizion talk about their feelings (Mini) http://pastebin.com/ayeGjhpH
Elsa and Karsten talk about THEIR feelings (Mini) http://pastebin.com/6dg1H7dP
Vs. Cobalion (16th session) http://pastebin.com/P9GgZr1c
Terrakion Joins the Team! (mini) http://pastebin.com/NDmT2dj4
Elsa and Ivan talk about their feelings (mini) http://pastebin.com/75KhHa0M
Necronomicon GET (Mini) http://pastebin.com/CqjSLi2Y
Onward, to Destiny! (Final Session) http://pastebin.com/2TNQhfws

Super Journal Prompts: http://pastebin.com/PngkrfW9

Ivan's Super Journal: Prompt D: War! HUH! What is it good for?

Elsa's Super Journal: Prompt A: Gods Among Men.

Karsten's Super Journal: Prompt B: When the Man's Away…

Wildwest/Overthere/Space Original Pokemon Donut Steel
Jewel Beedrill
Bravasant Line
Absir'd An evolution of Farfetch'd
…And others?

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