Name: Overgrow

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 6'01"
Weight: 145 lbs

Profession: Hunter-Gatherer / ???
Birthday: Summer 72
Favorite Food: Well, he knows he likes sweet berries… But there's a WHOLE lotta cookin' he's gotta get his taste buds caught up on.
Preferred Gifts: They Say the Way to a Man's Heart is through His Stomach, Right? :B
Favorite Spot: We'll Figure This Shit Out When We Get There

Living Quarters: Again… We'll Figure This Shit Out When We Get There
Family Members: Tangled Feet (Pansage)




Basic Information

Gender Male Nature Jolly Ability Inner Focus Held Item None
Level 18 Experience 8000 Met At Lv 1 HP 33 / 33

Special Notes

Has an Unbreakable Bond (Feature) with Overgrow.
Has Intelligence 5 capabilities, and can make use of the Tracker capability as per Detective's Training.


Stat Base Added Total Notes
HP 5 0 5 Max HP 31
Attack 5 0 5
Defense 5 0 5 1 Physical Evasion
Special Attack 3 0 3
Special Defense 5 0 5 1 Special Evasion
Speed 8 7 15 1 Status Evasion

( I'll Figure Out What I'm Gonna Do With This Later :B )


Move Name Scratch Leer Lick Vine Whip Covet Leech Seed Fury Swipes
Type Normal Normal Ghost Grass Normal Grass Normal
Frequency At-Will At-Will At-Will At-Will Battle Center EOT
Damage Dice 1d12+6 - 1d6+3 1d12+6 2d10+8 - 1d6+3/Hit
Acc Check 2 2 2 2 2 4 4/Hit
Move Range Melee 5m Melee ST, 10m Melee ST, 10m Melee, Scatter x5
Effect Range - On Hit 15-20 AC - On Hit On Hit -
Effect - -1 Def CS Paralysis - Steal Item* Drain 1/8 Max HP/turn -
  • If Tangled Feet isn't in possession of an item when he uses Covet, he may take possession of the enemy's Held Item.
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