P Gundam S

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This episode of P Gundam S!

The team of Elites who pilot Pokemon-like mobile suits known as 'Gundams' have arrived in space, chasing after the remnants of the earth attack force division of the Zurta Fleet before they can catch up with their main forces. Unbeknownst to the group, the Zurta General, Malion, has met back up with the earth attack force after his perceived demise at the top of Mount Rushmore by the hands of the Gundam Pilots.

If they can cut off this small force in time, they can hit a huge blow to the Zurta forces, whose plans are the total demise of all earth-based humans.

Hopefully a small group of players to avoid clusterfuckery; The group (at trainer level 25) will just have one pokemon each. level 50 should not dissuade you from picking pokemon that have not yet fully evolved. Please have a neat little blurb written up, explaining a bit of recent history; maybe your Gundam just got destroyed and it was rebuilt (evolved?). Please keep it vague so I can sorta blend all the stories together. Remember your 'pokemon' is actually a mecha that you pilot from inside, pokemon trainer supporting roles may be best.

This game will only take one or two sessions max (hopefully). Enough for one 'episode' of a TV show. This is really just an experiment for this sort of style, so don't be afraid to try something that may not work well.

Remember that Gundams should be human shaped, but again, don't be TOO afraid to break free from the 'humanoid' shape.

Gametime will be decided once everyone sends in their sheets and gets together.

Please put your names below if you are interested, the first 3 (4 max if i really like your idea) people with character sheets and character blurbs will get in.

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