Peoples of the Lost Region

The Roamers
Leader: Stone Tamed

The wandering tribe, those who are lost, they have many names. They follow the giant herds of grazing pokemon that populate the grasslands of the western side of the crater. They use hunting and pack tactics while on the move to take down their quarry. They take what they need and leave what they cannot use or cure in small shrines. When they stay at one of their major campsites they till the land and plant, collecting any ripe fruits or vegetables at the same time. Their most used pokemon are Rapidash.

You have met with them and their Chief, Stonetamed. They regard you with awe and reverence. As you had slain their almost deitylike figures. The Three Ursarings. They took you in and shared with you some food and rest and claimed alliance. They also may or may not have shared some secrets of the Lost Region with you. Also Soup.


Leader: ???
One of the two clans that caused the Karp to crash. They primarily use archen and archeops, as well as other flying types. Known for their use of both complex and simple ranged weaponry, as well as their obsidian melee weapons. You think this is the same clan that the girl Graves ran into was. Have the ability to mega evolve Archeops.


Kin Cleaved
Leader: ???

One of the two clans that caused to Karp to crash. They use aerodactyls as their mounts primarily. They seem rather aggressive and war like, they use a strange amalgamation of weaponry. They just recently raided your temporary home. May or may not have kidnapped Graves. Can Mega Evolve Aerodactyls.

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