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Persona: Glassdell is a pick-up campaign set in the fictional city of Glassdell on the south-east coast of the United Kingdom. The campaign begins as 2006 comes to a close. It's December 31st, and as the city's denizens prepare to ring in a new year full of potential, uncertainty and a feeling of being lost settle into the minds of others.

Business students at Glassdell Metropolitan fret over the burst of the housing bubble across the Atlantic, the shockwaves of which reach slowly yet surely toward the shores of England. The Ipswich serial murders in nearby Suffolk are still fresh on the public's mind. And a series of subway accidents have left vast parts of the Glassdell Underground unusable, leaving commuters to weather the cold in a winter like none other the city has ever experienced before. From the seeds of worry, rumors of the strange and unnatural have blossomed and superstition has launched into a powerful resurgence.

For a select few, this malaise that has settled over them will awaken a great power within them in these trying times. The power of their inner self. The power of their Persona.

Tone and Expectations

The Persona games have traditionally been fairly dark in tone, with the exception perhaps of Persona 4. Persona: Glassdell is intended to take after Persona 3 more in tone, as well as drawing less on the more traditional JRPG-ish aspects of the series and more on its psychological themes. Characters will have to make difficult choices, and a good deal of the game's focus will be dealing with the characters' personal problems and how they push through them. By the nature of the system, combat tends toward the lethal side, though Persona users have a plethora of tricks to counteract that. Ultimately, however, the Persona series is about the ability to open up to others and what can be accomplished with a group that can trust in each other. The campaign will reflect that rather than walking down a more grimdark path.

Unlike the videogames, Personas aren't universally fighting machines for dungeon crawls in iteratively generated maps. A Persona such as Agrippa may offer you illusionary powers rather than something more combat oriented. It's perfectly okay to play a character who isn't intended to participate in combat, and there will be plenty of investigation and mystery, social intrigue, and other non-combat problem solving to have fun.


Character Player Arcana Persona
Basil Cartwright Beard Temperance Manannán mac Lir
Cassandra Husher Paradox Strength Coyote
Jeffrey Miller DamienLunas Hanged Man Enkidu
Kimi Miyama Kain Fortune Heimdall
Nicholas Blackfield AoriRadidjiu Justice Tyr
Poe Anise Hierophant Huginn and Muninn
Ramita Patel zoofman Devil Tlazolteotl
Ryoko Shimizu Break Empress Lachesis

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Default session time is 7 PM CST unless explicitly stated otherwise
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