Pierre Lefevre

Cascade of Colors

Name: Pierre Constantin Lefevre
Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 129 lbs.

Level: 9
Trainer EXP: 7/10
Badges: 0

Physical Evasion: 2
Special Evasion: 2
Speed Evasion: 1

HP: 73 / 73
Injuries: 0
AP: 6 / 6
Health 15
Attack 5
Defense 10
Special Attack 10
Special Defense 13
Speed 5
Acrobatics Untrained Intimidate Pathetic
Athletics Untrained Stealth Untrained
Combat Untrained Survival Untrained
General Adept Pokemon Untrained
Medicine Untrained Technology Untrained
Occult Adept
Guile Adept Perception Expert
Charm Adept Focus Untrained
Command Pathetic Intuition Expert
Overland 5 Swim 2
High Jump 0 Long Jump 1
Power 4 Throw 6
Background: Aura Artist
The world is full of life and beauty, why keep it to yourself?
Adept Skll: Intuition Novice Skill: Perception
Pathetic Skills: Athletics, Command, Intimidate

Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
[Move Name] [Freq] [AC] [Type] [Damage] [Category] [Keywords] [Effects]
Vacuum Wave
Aura Sphere
Focus Blast
Name Frequency Effect
Scrappy Static Ghost Types are not immune to the user’s Normal and Fighting-Type Moves.


To Add: Level 17 Budew (285 EXP), Has Grass Whistle/Stun Spore/Poison Powder, Poison Point, Proud/Bold/Neutral Nature, +1 Accuracy bonus with Fearghas
Overland 1
Swim 5
Levitate 4
High Jump 0
Long Jump 1
Power 1

Goethe, Male Inkay Type: Dark / Psychic Evasion: 1/1/2 Tutor Points: 5/5
Level 20, 400 EXP Held Item: HP: 60/60 Injuries: 0
Training Regimen: Inspired
Ability Usage Special Effect
Contrary Static If something would raise the user’s Combat Stages, it instead lowers the user’s Combat Stages by the same amount. If something would lower the user’s Combat Stages, it instead raises the user’s Combat Stages by the same amount.
Memory Wipe Scene - Special The user selects a Pokémon or Trainer within 10 meters. If used as a Swift Action, the last Move used by the target becomes Disabled. If used as a Standard Action, the target is Flinched. If used as an Extended Action that takes about 1 minute, it can erase up to 5 minutes that have occurred within the last 30 minutes from the target’s memory.
Jolly Nature (+Speed, -SpAtk)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 5 +5 10
Attack 5 +7 12
Defense 5 +5 10
Special Attack 2 +0 2
Special Defense 5 +5 10
Speed 7 +8 15
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
2d6 2d6+1 2d6 3d6+1 3d6 4d6
Improvements / Edges
Source TP Cost Effect
[Edge] [X] [Effect]
Inheritance: Camouflage (10), Simple Beam (20)
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
[Move Name] [Freq] [AC] [Type] [Damage] [Category] [Keywords] [Effects]
Foul Play
Simple Beam
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