Playable Races

RACIAL BONUSES: At character generation, if you wish to take a race other than Human, you may "Buy" a racial template for the cost of 1 edge point.

Cradle: Earth
Capitol Planet: New Europa
Character Creation Rules
None. Humans are basic bitches.

I bet you know what they look like.

Humans are bipedal creatures between 150 and 180 centimeters tall from the ruined planet of Earth. They are mostly hairless, and features “Hands” with opposable thumbs, allowing them to grip and manipulate tools. They are primates, the same order of creature as Darmanitan, Infernape, and Ambipom, although the pokemon are far more closely related to one another than they are to humankind.

The Humans' current home planet is New Europa, named after a moon colony around the planet Jupiter which has long since been abandoned along with almost everything else in that doomed system. New Europa is located in the Tianzi solar system three lightyears away from the cradle of their civilization, and is estimated to stay in the habitable zone for the next few million years, making it a valuable planet, within a valuable system. As the sun's safe-zone expands, within only twenty years the next planet, Jocasta, will become a possible candidate for Terraforming.

While there is no one “centralized” human government, it's generally accepted that New Europa is the governing body most closely tied to the welfare of humans throughout the galaxy. They send diplomats everywhere, and always welcome alien guests. Humans are very likely to know multiple languages, both human and alien, and will be used to speaking with creatures who use psychic communication, even though psionics are rare among humans.

Historically, Humankind left their cradle for the first time a little over five thousand years ago. They have been notoriously schismatic, and while human generally stayed with human, it was not uncommon for Earth colonies to declare themselves as unique governing bodies. Rather than uniting against the universe, the Earthlings seeded themselves all across the known worlds anywhere they could find a foothold. Xenophobic Deoxyns were said to call the creatures something which translated roughly to “Rattatas with thumbs.” (Rattatas were also common pests wherever humans arrived, becoming the number one invasive species across the galaxy, thus the saying.) Despite being so loosely related, every one of them considered themselves firmly “Human,” and even to this day are quick to jump to the aid of Earth – and now New Europa's – aid.

Earth was a very large cradle for pokemon as well, and humans were adept at handling them. Earth's diverse biomes and volatile genetic profile led to many, many fascinating and powerful creatures being exported throughout the galaxy. While every cradle has their own pokemon, Earth's claim to fame is that nearly everyone uses at least one Earth pokemon to battle.

Recently, New Europa has been making a lot of noise. With the final loss of Old Earth, there's a sense of loss and confusion about Humanity's place in the universe, even though as a people they are in good shape. The New Europa government has become more militant, and have, in their rhetoric, focused on unity and solidarity within their peoples. Still, they have no official standing among the various human colonies seeded through the galaxy, and only the colonies themselves can decide whether to fall in lockstep behind New Europa.

Character Generation Rules
Create your character as normal. If you wish to take Elemental Connection or Mystic Senses at chargen, you must have had Surgical Implants in your backstory. If you wish to take them later for some reason, you may need to pay for the surgery later.

Cradle: “Peaceful Firm Land”*
Capitol Planet: “Star-Crusted Forests and Seas”*
*Translated literally from Deoxyn written language, which has no pronunciation. See below.


Deoxyns are bipedal creatures between 170 and 200 centimeters tall from the sparsely populated planet known as “Peaceful Firm Land”. They are invertebrates, composed of malleable, rubbery skin stretched over a combination of a firm lymphatic and circulatory system and their own internal psionic energies. From a human point of view, they could be described as a giant, walking nervous system, to which a Deoxyn would say “That's ridiculous. What else would a nervous system do?” They are considered Invertebrate Psychonomorpha, and share this classification with several pokemon from their cradle world, including Reuniclus, Wobbufett, Musharna, and Beeheeyem, although, like humans, the pokemon are more closely related to one another than the Deoxyns are related to them.

Physically, most Deoxyns have red and blue colored skin, in a pattern unique to each individual. They have no arms, and instead have four thin tentacles coming from their upper trunk. These tentacles are usually twisted around one another in a helix-shape at rest. While they look thin to a human, they are of about equal physical ability, although human hands are more dexterous. Deoxyns evolved to manipulate tools using low-level telekinesis, and their arms are designed to focus this energy towards their tasks. Their eyes range from Yellow, to violet, to green, and traditional Deoxyn dress is minimalist, although some have taken to adapting human fashions to Deoxyn bodies. There are two possible skin tones, Red and Yellow (Shiny), with a few minor variants in their secondary color ranging from dark blue to turquoise. The Shiny pallette are Deoxyns of a minority race from the cold, extreme southern climates. Racism isn't common, but it exists among the more extremist xenophobic contingents of Deoxyns. They have no mouths, and, as their entire bodies are like giant brains, they communicate with one another through psychic projections of language. These projections are universally understood, as they are communicating more with images and ideas than words. It only “sounds” like language to the receiver. However, this has the odd side-effect of making their written language completely unpronounceable, and proper names are forced to be translated literally. To a Deoxyn, places and people are named for a list of virtues and truths which that place or person exemplifies, or wishes to exemplify. Names are malleable to a Deoxyn, and they may add or remove words from their name freely, or suggest words to add to another Deoxyn's (Or a Human's, or a Xects'es') name.

Deoxyns are a tight-knit people. All colonies and settlements of Deoxyns answer directly to the High Mind on the capitol planet. Deoxyns are skittish around other species, after all, and are more likely to be xenophobic than the other two known sapient species. While Deoxyns have been known to go their own way and live among non-Deoxyns, it's less likely, and less culturally acceptable on the whole.

Historically, Deoxyns escaped from their cradle first. They laid down the first extra-planetary colonies around the same time humankind was still figuring out microchips. Insular as they are, they discovered but actively ignored Humans and Xects'es as they were evolving, and allowed them to grow without help, although there were certainly some Deoxyns who cheated. This is evidenced by the presence of Beeheeyem on Earth, even though they are not native pokemon to that planet. It is because of Deoxyns that there are strict interplanetary laws restricting contact with alien species incapable of space-flight.

Peaceful Firm Land, as a planet, bred fewer distinct creatures than Earth did. The creatures it did end up creating were largely invertebrate and many of them evolved inborn psionic powers. While Deoxyns have no typing in the Pokemon sense, they feel a strong connection to the highly intelligent psychic fauna of their homeworld, and take great pride in using them. There is some controversy surrounding the use of pokemon who grow sapience as they evolve, and every so often, one hears about abuse committed against these creatures in spite of the laws surrounding their use.

The High Mind of the Star-Crusted Forests and Seas, known to his people as “Wise High Mind of the Star-Crusted Forest and Seas Contemplating Righteous Action” (“Wiseguy” is a common nickname from humans) has been monitoring the New Europa government for a long time. Both Star-Crusted Forest and Seas and Peaceful Firm Land are planets in decline. Their suns are transitioning further along in their life-cycles than others, and within a 10,000 years, both will become uninhabitable. The High Mind has had his eye on control of the planet Jocasta (Translated by the Deoxyns as “Tragic Noble Mother”), the next planet out from New Europa, as it is the only planet they know of that is about to enter its planet's habitable zone.

In a word, no. They are similar, but Deoxyns are not nearly as powerful as the pokemon known as Deoxys. Deoxys does not exist in this setting. This takes place in an alternate possible timeline where instead of evolving into Deoxys, Deoxys' ancestors evolved language and culture, and survived using those rather than using ultimate psychic power. As such, Deoxyns are NOT pokemon, cannot be captured, and do not share any of the powerset of a Deoxys.
Funny story. When Deoxyns and Humans made first contact, both thought the other was an unknown form of pokemon. A Deoxyn threw the first pokeball, attempting to capture a human. Detecting a sapient species, the ball's fail-safes activated and the human was not captured. It did not stop the next month from being consumed in brief-yet-bloody intergalactic war, however. See History Lesson

Character Generation Rules

Deoxyns gain the following effects:

Highly Evolved: All Deoxyns have low-level baseline psychic powers. Their "Throwing" capability may use Focus OR Athletics, whichever is higher. Deoxys communicate by projecting their thoughts into the minds of other trainers and pokemon, but cannot read the minds of others unless they gain a proper Telepath capability. When using a Deoxyn's natural psychic abilities, they leave no psychic residue. However, you begin with -1 to your Power capability.

Supernatural Natural: Deoxyns may take Mystic Senses or an Elemental Connection without requiring surgical implants.

Misc. Physical and Cultural Features:

  • The more you use psychic abilities, the firmer and more toned your body becomes. A powerful mind is a sexy mind. This, however, does not necessarily correlate with actual intelligence, reasoning power, or anything like that.
  • The Deoxyn lifespan averages about 60 years old.
  • Deoxyns are generally light-weight and are rarely heavy enough to be Weight 5.
  • Deoxyn Speech works a lot like Wi-fi. They transmit their speech outward from their central point, and anyone "Listening" for it can hear it, and sometimes even anyone who isn't listening and just happens to pick it up. A lot of Deoxyns talking over one another scrambles the signal and makes it sound like scratchy white noise. You can filter through the white noise by getting closer to the speaker you want to listen to, with about the same difficulty as hearing someone talking aloud in a loud room.
  • Naturally, Deoxyns can regulate the "Strength" of their speech signals so they aren't screaming all the time, and can whisper if there is need of stealth.

Misc Cultural baggage:

  • Becoming a proper psychic or otherwise taking on a supernatural class holds the same general cultural weight as being something like a bodybuilder. A powerful brain is sexy, literally, as Deoxyns with stronger minds have firmer and more toned bodies, as the psionic energy holding them inflated gets stronger. Weaker psychic powers lead to larger, doughier bodies.
  • Deoxyns arrived in the galactic stage first, and have been exploring their home solar system for thousands of years before they discovered the other cradles. Because of this, they may tend to see themselves as more highly evolved creatures, even though this is a ridiculous misunderstanding of how evolution works. Deoxyns who are actually evolutionary scientists will understand this, but laymen still propagate the myth.

Cradle: Chythhrak
Homeworld: Chythhrak


On the grand scale of the galaxy and space travel, Xects'es are very young. Having just recently (Recently in this case meaning within the past 10,000 years) escaped from their cradle and beginning to make their way in the universe.

Bearing brightly-colored exoskeletal shells, Xects'es resemble nothing less than giant, craggy insects. However, behind their huge eyes and waving antennae lies an intelligence just as sharp as a man or Deoxyn's. They stand between 180 and 210 centimeters tall. Their shell colors range across the entire spectrum, with the most common colors being blue, green, and yellow. Other possible colors are red, black, brown, or rarer mottled or striped combinations of colors. They are built thickly, with two strong arms, two more dexterous arms, and two very strong legs, as well as an elongated abdomen with a stinger on the tip. They are on average much stronger than a human or Deoxyn, but, despite what some of the more xenophobic Deoxyns might say, there is no mental deficiency to these creatures. They invented space travel just like everyone else, fair and square. On the back of their shoulder blades, there are a pair of insect-like wings. However, their bodies are too dense to fly. Instead, the wings are designed to slow their falling speed in response to the harsh cliffs of their home world. They are most closely related to Arthropod pokemon of Chythhrak, such as Armaldo and Scizor.

Despite their harsh exterior, Xects'es are intensely social. They have found it very easy to adjust to integration with foreign colonies or welcoming other species into their settlements. This, however, comes with Xects'es tendency to, in their friendliness, go a little overboard in defending their friend's honor, or perceived honor. They generally have great respect for anyone of any species who would fight for them in this way, although they understand completely that other species aren't going to be as physical as they are. Because of their extreme diversity of chitin colors, culturally, racism and judgement based on race among Xects'es is completely unheard of, but Xects'es may have some trouble telling humans or deoxyns apart from other members of their species, unless they have a radically different skin tone or are wearing different enough clothes. Xects'es who have lived among other species for a long time have an easier time with this.

Politically, Chythhrak isn't very powerful on the galactic stage. The planetary government, which a human might identify as a Senate, chafes at being the young bucks of the galaxy and are eager to prove themselves to the humans and the Deoxyns. They are proud of their contribution to the pokemon of the universe. Because of the harsh radiation of their planet, many rock and steel types evolved on Chythhrak.

The senate, unsatisfied with its place in the universe, is looking to give themselves more influence. They have the least amount of colonies and settlements, and so they have devoted a proportionally huge amount of resources to galactic exploration, something Humans and Deoxyns have slowed down on in recent centuries. As well as that, they too have their eyes on Jocasta, along with the Deoxyns and Humans. However, they are close allies to the New Europa government, and are unlikely to act upon this desire unless the political climate changes.

Character Generation Rules

Xects'es gain the Following Effect:

Hard Bodies: Xects'es evolved on a planet which required a more rugged lifestyle. They have strong arms and legs. Power + 1. They also have wings, that, though they cannot grant flight, allow Xects'es extra height on their jumps. High Jump +1, Long jump is equal to your full Acrobatics rank. However, Their heavy, dense bodies are bad for swimming, and therefore their swim cabability is only 1/4th of their overland, rounded down. Xects'es have a stinger on the tip of their abdomen, which they may use as a Crude, small melee weapon at the cost of an injury. If a Disarm maneuver is used against your natural weapon while you are wielding it AS A WEAPON, and succeeds, you take an injury and you cannot use your stinger for the rest of the day. Disarm attempts may not be made against a Xects'es' stinger if he has not attempted to use it as a weapon during the scene.

Elemental Potential: Xects'es may take Elemental Connection (Bug) without needing surgical implants.

Misc. Physical and Cultural Details:

  • Xects'es life spans average about 80, HOWEVER, they top out at 120 easily. Young, impetuous Xects'es who die young while thrill-seeking are common, and drive down the average life span.
  • Xects'es are on the heavy side, due to the density of their bodies. Xects'es are usually weight class 4 or 5 and aren't generally light enough to be weight class 3.

Misc. Cultural baggage:

  • Xects'es fashion is all about bright, almost ostentatious color. At the most extreme, they mix patterns and clashing colors freely. After first contact, due to how close Humans and Xects'es became in the beginning, Xects'es borrowed a lot of human fashions. One that took off HUGE, to humankind's collective puzzlement, is big novelty belt buckles. They draw the eye down towards their abdomens, and are a pop of color in the center of the deoxyn's already colorful bodies.



Stretchy Bodies
Prerequisites: Deoxyn Template, Adept Combat
Effect: As a shift action you may apply the "Reach" capability to yourself until your next turn.

Tactile Telekinesis
Prerequisites: Deoxyn Template, Expert Focus
Effect: You may use your Focus skill rank instead of your Athletics skill rank when determining your Power capability. Additionally, you no longer take any racial penalties to your power capability.

Sexy Brain
Prerequisites: Deoxyn Template, Adept Focus
Effect: When using Intimidate, Charm, or Command, you may consider those skills to be Mind skills in addition to what category they actually are. Once per scene, you may also pay 1 AP to add half of your Focus rank to Intimidate, Charm, or Command checks.

Double Jump
Prerequisite: Deoxyn Template, Expert Acrobatics
Effect: You may apply Sprint actions to your High Jump and Long Jump capabilities to add 50% more height to a high jump or 50% more length to a long jump. If your capability is 1 or less, add +1 to your jumping cababilities when using a Sprint Action with your jump.


Float Like a Butterfly
Prerequisite: Xects'es Template, Adept Acrobatics
Effect: If you are falling and you are awake and aware of your surroundings, and your wings aren't damaged or disabled, you will take fall damage as if you were weight class 1 and may ignore the first four meters that you fall. If your wings are disabled, or if you are asleep, knocked out, or otherwise unaware of your surroundings, you take fall damage as if you were your actual weight class and do not ignore the first four meters.

Sting Like A Bee
Prerequisite: Xects'es Template, Expert Combat
Effect: You become adept at wielding the stinger on the tip of your abdomen. Your stinger counts as a Simple stabbing weapon, and you may choose a simple weapon attack to apply to it, as if it was a dagger, sword, or spear-type weapon. Using Struggle or your weapon attack with your stinger no longer costs an injury, but if a "Disarm" maneuver is successful on your stinger, you will still gain an injury as normal.

Just Roughousing
Prerequisite: Xects'es Template, Adept Charm
Effect: Xects'es are the kings of social violence. As a shift action you may apply the Social keyword to any move you know, but the base damage of the move is considered 2 ranks lower.

Four Beefy Arms
Prerequisite: Xects'es Template, Adept Athletics
Effect: +1 Power. Additionally, as long as your lower pair of arms are unbound and uninjured, you may bind 1 AP to add an additional +1 to your power capability for the rest of the scene.


Additionally, the following edges from the book have "Human Template Only" added to their Prerequisite line.

Instinctive Aptitude
Nimble Movement

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