It has been long day of building glorious communism. Something is amiss when return home. Food ration is empty. Usually is one bread and cold soup. In place instead is letter. You are not despair because you are strong Soviet Sinnoh worker proletariat, and hunger is not stronger than communism. You pick up and read letter.


The Lowdown

This is going to be a pick up game ran primarily for play testing purposes. It shall be silly, crude, somewhat racist and most fabulous. The weak of heart need not apply.

Character generation will be standard level 1 Trainers, a level 5 starter. We will be fairly lenient on starters species wise; basically pick a 3-stage or 2-stage family, or try to run something special by us. Level one characters will also recieve 5 Pokeballs, a Light Weapon (fluffed as you see fit), and a Potion. No cash, however. You poor Sinnovian bastards gotta work for that.

As for your character concepts, try to keep it simple. We don't have the slightest bit of plot in mind for this, hence the silly setting. If you need anything fluff wise, what we can say is this will take place in Soviet Sinnoh, which is about as stereotypical USSR as you can get, and your characters have been drafted for service in the military in a border town in case of land invasion. Is there actually a threat of land invasion? Who knows, man, least you may get paid for it.


Liza Grechko's Roadside Vegetable Stand

Many apology to comrade, winter is cold and harvest is bad. Only have pickles left.

Breakfast Vodka (Potion) - 200
Classic Strongman Vodka (Super Potion) - 320
Soviet Pickle (antidote) ("Make great start of day of toil in glorious motherland with breakfast vodka") - 200
Soviet Pickle with chili pepper flakes (Awakening) - 200
Soviet Pickle with sugar (Paralyze Heal) - 200
Roasted Soviet Pickle (Ice Heal) - 200
Chilled Soviet Pickle (Burn Heal) - 200

Hermit Ilya's Herb Shop

Energy Powder - 150
Revival Herb - 350

Trader Mishin's Pokeball Kiosk

Basic Balls - 200
Apricorn Balls - 1000 (unlock by bringing her locations of apricorns)
Currently unlocked: None


Northern Surroundings of Pochinok


Honey farm and other areas to the south of town coming soon.

Character Generation

Trainers start at level 1, with a level 5 Pokemon with nature/low ability of your choice. We are fairly flexible on just WHAT it is, just run it by us.

After that, apply the rewards from sessions.


1. Level up to Trainer Level 3, your starter gets an additional 80 Experience. You also recieve 500 cashmonies.
2. Everyone gets 1 TL, 160 EXP to distribute among their pokemon, and 500 soviets
Choose a reward from either the Golovin brothers, Mishin the pokeball supplier, or Ilya the old hermit.
Golovins: Fish up one pokemon from the lake. This will get a rarer pokemon than the water types seen in the session, possibly your choice of water type within reason.
Mishin: Two apricorn balls of your choice.
Ilya: Three energy powders.

3. Everyone gets boosted to level 10. You receive 2500exp to distribute as you see fit, along with 2000 soviets.

  • During the time that passes you catch a Pokemon on your own accord! inquire with zoofman for specifics on what you are going after.
  • You also are given a TM of your choice (within a limit of power), also hit up zoofman for specifics.

Experimental Houserules

Milestone Moves:
Intent of rules (feel free to ignore this paragraph if you're a player and just want your fancy moves): PTA games have often had a problem with starter Pokemon becoming irrelevant as the game goes on, due to Pokemon caught later in the campaign coming with fancy tutor or egg moves. Obviously, this isn't ideal, as someone's starter should remain a cornerstone of their team and one of the shining stars of their roster. GMs have often remedied this by giving starters their own egg and tutor moves, but this often made them too strong in the beginning. This fixes both problems by handing out the moves over the course of the campaign.

Rules: Starter Pokemon pick 3 moves from egg move lists (or tutor lists if the GM intends for more variety/power or for Pokemon without egg moves) in progressing effectiveness/general usefulness. The first move is gained at level 15 and must be a move with a maximum Damage Base of 6. The second is gained at level 30, with max Damage Base 8. The third is gained at level 45 with no max Damage Base.
GM discretion determines where to place utility/non-damaging moves or whether certain moves are exempt from these Damage Base limitations.

Wild Pokemon may also come with such Milestone Move lists, though sometimes instead of three moves at 15/30/45, they may have two moves at 20/40 or only a single move at 25.

For the purposes of your starters in this game, if they have an egg move list, you may select up to one of your starter's milestone moves from its tutor list. If they don't have an egg move list, select only from the tutor list.

Kawaii Little Soviets

Dmitri - Masterly (Coolest Dude)
Anatoly Shchito - Ryuu (grunt)
Stali Svarshchika - Kuji (Weapon Guy)
Sketchy Slavas - zoofman (rogue)
Princes-I mean Anna Stazianokovovich - Kamen (Hime-sama)
Viktoriya Blazhenov - Batzorig
Svetlana Volkovadragonuv -
Akilina "Smiles"
Maksim Ivanovich Alexeyev - Domovoi

Playtest Logs

Session 1: The Beeginning of a Soviet Adventure
Changes Made: Scientist's Chemical Warfare recipe nerfed to AC 6.

Session 2: The Soviet Star's Walk is Soviet and A Bothersome Lonely Rolling Star and Cookie Blossom Color Season

To do: Reword skill check rules to reduce confusion.

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