Pocket Monster Hunter

A world before history, a land of legends and those who write them. The battle between man and the titans that walk his earth. Most live in small villages safely nestled within the developed lands of the Guild. Yet there are those still outside the net of civilization. Deep in the wilds people eke out lives, mining, logging and of course hunting monsters. The omni-present Guild holds humanity together in small bastions in the wilds. The guild supplies these towns with Hunters which can protect them from the beasts which ravage the lands as well as bring down the beasts for their valuable skins and horns.

You are a Hunter, your new home is Kartou Village, a located on Kartou Island. The islanders have lived here for years battling the elements and fighting the beasts as best they could. Their petition for Guild support finally went through with the discovery of several rare species as well as strange mutations on known species. This could not have happened at a better time, the Kartou had just been ravaged by a huge storm and tsunami. It is going through a period of rebuilding…And you have just started your career here as a Hunter.

It will be up to you and your peers to help Kartou gain renown and respect. But first you will need to get it back on its feet. The town is mostly destroyed and will rely on everyone villager and hunter alike to rise from its shallow grave.

Guild Renown: 0


Completed Quests

Game Information

Starting Trainer Level: 5
One Pokemon Level 15
Single Egg move to be Approved
3 Plain Apricorn Balls
2 Potion
1 Single Status Healer
2000 Gold to be spent at the Shop Or saved

You may take your fourth class at TL: 15 and a fifth class at TL: 25

One Starting Weapon and Armor


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