PokeAtlier: An Alchemy based P:TA
Number of players: 6, from 8.
Play times: Fridays Saturdays Every day.


You are a man/woman/child/etc. that is either from Florez, or from the Imperial City that has become a full fledged alchemist. Now legally able practice your craft you are flung into a world that is not as sheltered as you remember, and with spies abound… You never know who you can trust….

Starting Info

  • Level 5 Trainer, Take Alchemy: Basic as a free feature
  • Either a single level 15 Pokemon; a level 12 and a level 10 Pokemon; or a level 10 and two level 7 pokemon
  • Choose a weapon and ability. The GM will choose the Weapon statistics based on class build, ability, etc.
  • 5000P to spend as you wish
  • Please put down when you can be on so we can get days for this Full
  • Pokemon will be allowed 6 Natural Moves, and 4 TM moves. Egg moves count as Natural moves.
  • The Feature I Can Take a Hit now needs no prerequisites, and can be taken by any class.
  • You May take your 4th class at level 20 instead of level 25

Other knowledge

Alchemy Mehcanics for Alchemy Based Features, etc.


Current Party Level From Achievements: 15

Important NPCs and Locations:

PokeAtlier Important Stuff

Session logs

Main Sessions!

Mini-Sessions (Already?)


So far we have: 7 out of originally 8.

Aleksey Alyosha Entin - AtS
Crystal Venzke - Ford TheBMW
Eara Jeneva - GunShuckle
Isaac Blanchmont - KujiUnu~ He was never heard from again…..
Jeremy Blighton - Xombie
Marian Jensorin - Prince Charming
Tillo Friedwald - Gabe He was never heard from again….
Ulphia Venzke - GiantOakTree

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