Pokemon Another


Dear [name],

Congratulations! On behalf of Professor Oak and everyone at the Kanto Pokemon Research Laboratory, I'm pleased to inform you that you've been accepted into the field research internship program. As part of this brand new pilot program, you will be tasked with cataloging wild Pokemon across the Kanto region and offered support in completing the Indigo Plateau's Pokemon League challenge. This is an exciting offer extended only to our most promising intern applicants.

As part of the pilot program, you will be assigned one (1) Pokedex, an electronic encyclopedia, to assist you in gathering data. Additionally, you will be assigned two (2) other interns as research and battle partners. If you do not currently own a Pokemon, you may be eligible to receive one (1) starter Pokemon suitable for a novice trainer, courtesy of Professor Oak himself. We are confident that your experience with the laboratory will set you on the path to professional success, whether you choose to pursue research, training, or another career path entirely. To join the program, please return the enclosed confirmation form. Questions may be directed to the lab by phone.

Campaign Content and Theme Summary

Pokemon: Another is meant to be a revisiting of Kanto, in light of Pokemon's 20th anniversary. The campaign will draw heavily in tone and theme from the original RBY trilogy, as well as from Pokemon Adventures/Special and the early anime, but will not be a simple rehash of those plotlines. Non-interference will be the standard for League and trainer battles and the game will emphasize League competition and regional exploration. Chronologically, Another takes place in an alternate Gen 1; the technology is still slightly ahead of the 90s and Team Rocket is active, but Pokemon from all generations exist, as does Fairy type and all the other mechanic advances since RBY. Players should keep the flavor of older Pokemon material in mind and should, of course, have characters interested in actually competing in the League.

Scheduling and Logistics

The game will be run primarily via IRC with large fights like gym battles done through Roll20. Because of Domo's work schedule, Another will be run either Sunday afternoon/evening or Monday anytime (CST) for roughly 4~5 hour blocks of game, so applicants should have time available on one of those two days.

IRC is on Rizon at #pokemonanother

Character Creation

Trainer: Level 5, core book + jailbreaker and engineer, playtests are in effect, no supernatural classes.
Pokémon: Level 5, two Egg Moves for an Inheritance List, subject to GM approval. BST 36 or under, Gen 1-6 starters and Pikachu are auto-approved.
Inventory: 5000 PYU, Pokedex, Town Map

Links and Other Info

a) Cyan Rose
b) Cedric Kay
c) Nina Summers

Another NPCs

Current Capture EXP: 7/30

Current Pokedex Points:
Cyan - 32 / 32
Cedric - 32 / 32
Nina - 32 / 32


Session 1: The Journey Begins
Session 2: A Girl and a Gym
Session 3: Big De-Feets!
Session 4: Mt. Moon and the Rockets

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