Pokemon Another Extra


Capture EXP
Pokemon Another does not use standard capture EXP. Instead, all capture EXP will be dumped into a collective pool. Once the total capture EXP reaches 30, all trainers gain a level and the pool empties back to zero. Multiple instances of the same species do not stack for capture EXP, as per normal rules. First stage starters are worth 0 EXP.

Pokedex Scan
Standard Action - At-Will
Class: Status
AC: 2
Range: 6, 1 Target
Effect: Priority. On a hit, the target's species data is added to the Pokedex. If this is the first time that species has been recorded, the group gains a Pokedex Point. Additionally, the player may ask for one additional piece of information about the specific target: gender, Abilities, level, held item, Type, or special qualities.
Bonus: For the purposes of Focused Command, Pokedex Scan can be treated as an Order.

Pokedex Points
Whenever a species is added to the Pokedex for the first time, the group gains a Pokedex Point. As a means of motivating the trainers to catalog many Pokemon, Professor Oak has promised prizes and rewards for amassing large numbers of Points, but only time will tell what that actually means.

Badge Powers
Once you possess a badge, you may draw power on it to perform amazing feats. Each trainer in possession of a League badges has a single Badge Point (BP), which may be refreshed once a day, but only by getting a good night's rest, such as at a Pokecenter. Badge Points may be spent on any power the trainer has access to as follows:

Boulder Badge
Standard Action - Interrupt - 1 BP
[Orders] [Badge]
Target: Your Pokemon
Trigger: Your Pokemon is hit by a damaging attack
Effect: Your Pokemon resists the attack a step further.

Shop Lists


Red_Green_Prof_Oak.png Professor Samuel Oak
Age: 55
"Your very own Pokémon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits! Let's go!"
Info: Professor Oak is a star among Pokemon researchers, a veritable scientific idol. With the help of interns and aides, he runs the Kanto Pokemon Research Laboratory, where he primarily specializes in the relationship between humans and Pokemon - a Pokemon behaviorist. That said, he's well-rounded, at least when it comes to Pokemon, and had a lengthy career as a Pokemon trainer before settling down to focus on his research. Despite his intelligence, Oak is a forgetful goofball and relies on his assistants to take care of fine details, but he can always be counted on for timely advice. Recently, he created the Pokedex, an electronic encyclopedia capable of gathering Pokemon data, which he hopes to refine as a tool for trainers all over the world.
v329sw2z.jpeg Daisy Oak
Age: A lady never tells
"Grandpa asked you to run an errand? Gee, that's lazy of him."
Info: Daisy is the granddaughter of the esteemed Professor Oak. Like the professor, Daisy has also gone into the field of Pokemon research, where she's focused primarily on Pokepsychology. She has a natural talent for understanding the feelings of Pokemon and much of her own personal research focuses on rehabilitating abused or abandoned Pokemon. However, as she works out of her grandfather's laboratory, Daisy often ends up as his assistant, making sure his own air-headed nature doesn't cause too much trouble. Rumor has it that, once upon a time, Daisy was a junior coordinator, a hobby she's apparently given up. Though she maintains a sweet, nurturing disposition, she has a mischievous streak - particularly when it comes to her family. An avid tea drinker.
Red-pokemon-players-34224187-489-512.jpg Red
Age: 17
Classes: Ace Trainer/Duelist
Info: Wait, what's this asshole doing here?
Roster: 001.png 060.png
Green.(Pok%C3%A9mon).full.1042869.jpg Green
Age: 17
Classes: Mentor/Commander
Info: No, for real, what's going on?
Roster: 004.png 018.png
tumblr_ls99e7d9HD1qhaelho1_500.png Blue
Age: 18
Classes: Juggler/Trickster
Info: Another of Oak's interns, Blue is a somewhat vacuous girl whose primary interest in the League journey is money. She seems to prefer bulky Fairy Pokemon, providing some necessary support to the boys' teams.
Roster: 035.png 039.png
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