Pokemon Conquest


This is an online homebrewed splatbook for Pokemon Tabletop Adventures, compatible up to version 1.32.

The aim of this splatbook is to adapt the Ransei region featured in Pokemon Conquest into Pokemon Tabletop Adventure. To do this, each base class received one new Advanced class each based on mechanics in Pokemon Conquest or around Japanese culture in general, and Pokemon received a set of brand new Abilities. There are also some optional rules for running a game in the Ransei region or in any campaign based more around capturing kingdoms, land, territory than about collecting Gym badges or defeating evil teams.

Naturally, these classes and abilities are able to work outside of the focus of the Ransei region as well. The Samurai can always be reskinned as a more generic Paladin archetype. Matchmakers are close enough to the "Pokemon Connoisseurs" of the anime that they can be dropped into any game as a useful addition to a party. The Ability list has no specific japanese flavoring and is great for general use. Feel free to pick over this bundle of stuff and take and use what you enjoy out of it.



Warlord cSPhH.png
The Warlord is a person who has dedicated his life to the art of warfare. He has learned from the scholars and strategists, and has even written a few texts of his own about the most effective way to wage a battle. He understands that no war is won alone, and so has focused on helping his allies to achieve victory.Matchmaker HsyTU.png
The Matchmaker is a kindly soul. Her only aim is to find the perfect pokemon match, to make sure that both people and pokemon can be the happiest they can be together. These Perfectly Linked matched pairs, now that they have found eachother, can fight even more effectively than before, and it's all thanks to the Matchmaker. In later eras, such people might be called “Pokemon Connoisseurs.”TinkerI26y7.png
The Tinker is a crackpot inventor. He specializes in the creation of trick weapons, as that is what is most in demand in this time of war and strife. His weapons are designed to work in tandem with pokemon fighting, so one can continue a constant offensive while switching or capturing your pokemon.Exorcist kEijA.png
In a time of strife, it is important that the spiritual not be ignored. The Exorcist is a powerful priest who has mastered the creation of charms imbued with the energy of a pokemon's type, to create a whole host of effects. He may even have the ability to purge a type from a pokemon altogether.Demon t4F1W.png
The Demon is a man who has turned his back on humanity. For one reason or another, this mystic has grown tired of mortality, and seeks to join the spirit realm by communicating with the spirits all around. His aim is to become a spirit, and in doing so either find peace, or greater power with which to crush those who have wronged him.Samurai 846KJ.png
A practitioner of the Philosophy of Bushido, the Samurai is a warrior beholden to a rigid code of ethics. He has great pride in his practice of the Samurai code, and it is his greatest strength, but also his greatest weakness. If he breaks this code, his pride will turn to shame and he shall become powerless.KashiraNqLXn.png
While the Warlords stand on high directing the battle and the Samurai fight their honorable duels one on one, the Kashira is the one out in the trenches fighting the good fight. They are natural leaders whose charismatic influence draw people towards themselves. He is beloved by those who call him “Sir,” and he in turn protects and strengthens those in his little fighting troupe.Geisha ba0ie.png
The beautiful and alluring Geisha are women who have gone into seclusion in order to learn the art of entertainment. They come out of this seclusion as Geisha, women who lead men's hearts astray and make their dreams come true. Commoner women of high status trusted by those born into much higher positions than themselves. It is up to them how this influence is used.SoothsayerwfcTM.png
While some seek to research the natural world, the Soothsayer has decided to focus his studies on the supernatural. He has discovered many connections between events as they happen to the signs of what is to come, and is able to make educated readings of a day's events using what some would call sorcery. However, he has no special powers of his own, only the ability to understand the powers that be in the world.


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Territory, Kingdoms, and the Art of War
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