Pokemon Restriction Ranking

Four levels of Pokemon in Space

Rank 1- Universally Accepted: Tend to be relatively weak and tame Pokemon; Pokemon like Sentret, Meowth, and Pidgey fall in this category.

Rank 2- Restricted to Military Use: Pokemon in this group are only allowed access in space by and to military personnel.

Rank 3- Non-Authorized: A bit of a misnomer that stuck; Pokemon in this group are Unauthorized for any sort of use barring a license by the government; usually Pokemon of only the fabulously wealthy or extremely high ranking Military fall into this group.

Rank 4- Illegal: For one reason or another, these Pokemon have been barred from entering space, due to inherent dangers in the Pokemon or in the colonies themselves.

There is also a fifth, categorized level for Pokemon that are for the most part too rare to be classified; ranging from mythical Pokemon to possibly extinct Pokemon. This isn't an official rank; but is usually referred to as Rank 5

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