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Pokemon United Online

In the grim darkness of, like, next week, the world is pretty much the same, except that the Virtual Boy was a colossal commercial success. Inspired by a gimmick that actually went right, Nintendo continued to develop immersive 3D through the 90s, and the virtual reality industry emerged much earlier than anticipated. Now, in 201X, the Nintendo Swap is a high-powered, virtual reality console capable of near-lifelike graphics and haptic feedback. Pokemon United Online was a launch title for the Swap, the Pokemon MMORPG fans had wanted for years, and maintains several million active players.

After a recent dearth of content, and competition from other VR MMOs, Nintendo pushed out the first expansion to Pokemon United Online - Distorted Dream. The trailers promised new high level content, new player options, improved AI scripts, and generated enormous hype thanks to "leaked" concept art of other Nintendo characters holding Pokeballs and badges. A few months after DD's now notoriously congested launch day, you decide to take the plunge into Pokemon United Online…


Player Character Classes
GeneralHotbod Rodger / xArchangelx Ace T / Attack Ace
Kain Cassandra Remes / Cassiopeia24 ???
SandsofAzorin Rodrick Yin / AddMeImGood Water Ace / Cheerleader

Setting Conceits

a) Semi-persistent world immersive VR MMO with a strong core of PvE content (gyms, explorations, Dream Events) and PvP content dominated by casuals and Smogon refugees, which this campaign will largely ignore. The campaign takes place on the [Burned Tower] Server, which is an newer NA Traditional Server with strong PvE, moderate RP, and low PvP scenes, and an already inflated economy thanks to veteran players who transferred when the server was low pop.

b) There is a 'story', but since the National Dex Patch, it no longer gates exploration, and most players complete it at their leisure. Various gym circuits exist, and completing Leagues provides exclusive achievements and cosmetic gear, or provide Z-Crystals to roll better hats for Pikachu.

c) Despite being an established MMO, a lot of PUO's hidden mechanics are still poorly understood. Some sites tell you that badges increase an internal Luck stat that affects drops, other sites tell you that they instead count towards a server-wide Legendary spawn chance. Recipes require ingredient items that haven't been located. NPCs occasionally chatter about secret places and strange occurrences, and the game has managed to revitalize the sense of mystery early generation MMOs thrived on.

d) The PCs are new characters (but not necessarily new players) and are members of a Team, the game's guild equivalent. You are starting from the bottom, which has been made easier by the National Dex Patch introducing Global Level Scaling so that general content always mirrors the level of the party. You have real lives outside the game, or maybe you are a stinky NEET. Conveniently, your online times often overlap, and the vets in your Team encourage you all to play with each other while they focus on trying to clear Indigo Plateau [Savage].

e) Here is a patch timeline for an idea of game history and flavor.

Trainer Rule Changes

This is a Traditional Server that does not have the Active Battle Patch updates applied, so:

a) Trainers have a max level of 25. This will alter the rate at which they gain Features, Edges, and Skills. Features and Edges may be rebalanced as necessary.

a) Trainers do not have Stats (HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed). By default, they act on their Pokemon's Initiative.

b) During Battle, Trainers are Phased Out and may not use Moves, Abilities, or Struggle Attacks. Trainers are essentially phantoms until Battle is resolved.

c) Edge preview

d) Skills rank up independent of Edges. Whenever you reach a level that provides a Skill, you may choose to rank up any Skill.

e) Level Up preview

Pokemon Rule Changes

a) Pokemon have a max level of 50. This will alter the rate at which Pokemon learn Moves - divide the Move's original level by two and round down for the new level.

b) Base Stat Relations no longer exist, and level up points may be spent freely. Pokemon may be freely restat upon Evolution per core.

c) Natures do not exists.

d) Tutor Points do not exist. Trainer Features that grant an Ability or single Move (ie Swords Dance from Attack Ace) cost 0 TP. More flexible Move Tutors are now one use per Pokemon. Pokedges will have a curated list with one gained at 10 and one gained at 30, tentatively.

e) Experience does not exist. Your Pokemon are always (Trainer Level x 2).

f) Pokemon have AI scripts but are not, technically, sapient - they are advanced Nintendogs. They retain Capabilities and Skill, but may not be capable of using them creatively. Keep them on your hotbar.

g) Dream Friends are treated as though they were Pokemon by all effects, barring specific exceptions per Friend.

Other System Changes

a) Currency Types
1) Yennies (slang Gold) are used to buy items like Pokeballs, Held Items, Key Items, Secret Bases and other permanent improvements.
2) Apricoins (slang Scraps) are used to fuel Crafting, which can produce permanent and temporary or consumable items.
3) Z-Crystals (slang Stones) are used as a premium currency for in-game events and promotions, and the cosmetics cash shop.

b) All Crafting-primary classes and some other classes (ie Chronicler, Cap Spec) are now Profession Edges. Profession Edges have scaling effects that grow and change based on character level, allowing access to new recipes or effects.

c) Capture checks do not exist. When a catchable Pokemon is defeated, it lingers after Battle for some time before de-spawning, and can be caught by the winning party. However, not every Pokemon is always catchable, depending on level, area, event, etc.

d) Injuries do not exist. Taskmaster (read: Cruelty) will be modified to compensate.

Character Creation

  • Trainer Level 1 / Pokemon Level 2
  • Type/Stat Ace do NOT require a specific number of Pokemon, just Skills/Edges
  • First Starter List: Gen 1 - 7 canon starters, Pikachu, Meowth

— This is the Pokemon you actually 'start' with via character creation

  • Bonus Starter List: Route 1 Tier rodent, bird, bug, etc

— This is a single Pokemon you 'catch' during the forced tutorial

  • Pokeball x 6, Revive x 2, Potion x 5, 5000 Yenny, 0 Scrap
  • Key Items: Pokedex (your choice of model/color), Trainer License


  • Edge Item x 1 - basic planter, Pokeball kit, first aid kit, fashion case, etc OR 2500 Yenny
  • Dream Token x 1 - Mushroom Kingdom (MK) Token, Hyrule Kingdom (HK) Token, or Dream Land (DL) Token
  • 10,000 Z-Crystals
  • Key Items: Rail Pass, Dream Bottle

Team Creation

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