Privateers: A Tale of Pokemon and Piracy

Story and Mechanics


You are all about to be employed by The Company as Privateers, a crew selected for a very specific mission. By agreeing to this contract, you all become enemies of the State and its representatives. You will be hunted. You will be persecuted. You may be killed! We certainly hope this is not the case, but it is a possibility. Upon signing this contract, you will be assigned to your vessel, a rather small single-masted caravel with no weapons or supplies as of yet.

Do not fret, however! You have been allocated a rather large sum of money by the Benefactor, who recognizes your talents enough that we feel safe investing in you.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to retrieve Captain Thompson from the depths of the State's prisons, where we believe him to be incarcerated, and use his knowledge and charts to find the treasure he uncovered recently and return with booty and Captain in tow. Your efforts will be rewarded with a hefty sum of money and freedom to utilize the ship as you please.

Be warned, the seas of the Lagerrosian Bay are harsh and unforgiving, crawling with bizarre creatures and strange locations that shift with the tides. Finding the item in question may be more difficult than simply following the map, but where great risk is taken, great reward is in store.

If, despite the warnings of dangers, you are still interested in joining, please sign on the dotted line:

X ……zoofbro……
X ……BB……………
X ……Eris………….
X ……Beardo…….
X ……Emptybox.

Setting Information

A Map of Lagerros
An Annotated Map of Lagerros


Eddy Strider as played by Zoofman
Alice Kari as played by Eris
Frank Drake as played by CounterBeard
The Shark Fighter as played by emptybox
Ruiha as played by BB

Seen List


Session #1
Session #2
Session #3

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