Poketrian Odyssey


Hello, Adventurer!

You belong to Southern Frontier Expedition Force #47, the Explorer's Guild newest registered clan in the Explorer's Guild! You are one of a couple of clans that has volunteered to protect the frontier town of Ivyhollow, and explore the dangerous and labyrinthine wilderness surrounding it. It is your job to fight savage pokemon, secure resources, and most importantly explore and map the surrounding lands!

What are the mysterious crystals pulsing with power scattered throughout? Are the pokemon in the wilderness here really ladden with a 'curse' that makes them mindless and violent? Are the local wildling tribes friendly or hostile? These and many more questions will be answered in the course of your adventures!


  • Arms Features are being reworked! The "User" and "Master" feats are being removed: only proficiency matters. Your individual weapon will determine your AC check and how much damage you do.
  • Blackbelt "Sensei" feature adds +2 to your AC checks instead of making all improvised attacks unable to miss.
  • Just … don't take Weapon Master. It's not worth it.
  • The feats Workout, Study Session, Yoga Break, and What a Guy require you to give up a day once a week doing workouts/reading/yoga/drinking to maintain.
  • Pokeballs don't exist! This means neither does the Pokeball Designer class. (Apricorn balls, on the other hand, are quite common)
  • Engineer class uses clockworks and steam technology.
  • The Armory - Equipment and equipment rules!


Party Inventory

  • mushrooom - grass shift
  • Ditto Bottle - HUEHUEHUEHUE
  • Choice Scarf
  • Choice Band
  • Repel x 5
  • Full Heal x 3
  • Shell Bell

NOTE: write your name next to the ones you'd like

  • Blizzard TM
  • Thunder TM
  • Sludge Bomb TM
  • Ally Switch TM
  • Focus Blast TM
  • Acrobatics VM - plut
  • U-Turn VM - mebe plut? Tsvai
  • Poison Jab VM -mebe plut?
  • Waterfall VM - Alcy
  • Flamethrower VM
  • HP UP
  • Red Apricorn
  • Jaboca Berry
  • Kasib Berry
  • Cheri Berry
  • Spelon Berry
  • Lum Berry
  • Custap Berry
  • Leather Armor
  • Steel Axe
  • Trendy Scarf
  • Old Wand - Alcy
  • Old Book
  • Rare Candy (this better be used on something silly!)
  • Golden Egg (Doubles EXP for any mon below level 30)

PLACE REQUESTS FOR ARTIFICE HERE - 16000 in materials left; write down the item, feature needed, and cost.

oh my god, people, please follow directions, i am not going to edit your shit again

Tsvai can make:

  • Type Boosters (1100, +1d10 damage of a particular type when held)
  • Type Boosters+ (2100, +2d10 damage of a particular type when held)
  • Stat Boosters (800, boosts a single stat one stage when held)
  • Effect Orbs (1000, inflicts a major status effect on the holder)
  • Poke Doll (450, same effect as regular item, but can look like any species)
  • Flute Smith (550, when used, can cure sleep, infatuation, or confusion)
  • Flute Smith+ (1350, bluuuuuh don't take this, should probably swap it out)

Alcyone: Type Booster + x2 (2100 each, Flying and Normal)
Wyl: Type Booster + (2100, Psychic, Vision), Stat Booster (800, Phys Def, Coyote),
Bokor: Ice and Fire Type Booster +'s (2100 x 2, Type Boosters+)
Floyd: S. Defense Booster (800, stat booster). Steel Booster + (2100, type booster +)

Floyd's Medicine!
The doctor can make:

  • PP Ups (1750)
  • Antidote, Prz Heal, Burn Heal, Awakening, Ice Heal (500)
  • Full Heal (650)
  • Calcium, Protein, Carbos, HP UP, Iron and Zinc. (1350)
  • X items, Dire Hit, Guard Spec. (550)
  • Potion (150), Super Potion (400), Hyper Potion (750), Max Potion (1250)

Wyl:PP Ups (1750 x 7 - Nurse's Egg Bomb, Nurse's Heal Pulse, Aqualung's Flamethrower, Aqualung's Scald, Vision's Future Sight, Cress' Dragon Rush, Coyote's Stockpile), Carbos (1350, Vision), HP Up (1350 x 3, all for Aqualung)
Tsvai: PP Ups x3 (1750 x 3)

The Town of Ivyhollow

The Explorer's Guild: The Explorer's Guild is dedicated to taming the dangerous wilderness, places where no others dare to go. The Guild gives its registered clans support and resources so that they may accomplish this, and offers specific missions to guide the development of the towns they're tasked with supporting. The Explorer's Guild in Ivydale is run by Abelar Aegon, a former explorer himself. The Explorer's Guild offers members access to The Armory, run by Miss Flora Waters, and the Guild Library, kept by June the Librarian.

The Moonstone Inn: One of various Inns in town, the Southern Frontier Expedition Force #47 calls the Moonstone Inn their home. The Explorer's Guild has rented out the entirety of the second floor's east wing for its members. Mrs. Sara Humn and her daughter Eli run the establishment, providing top-notch service and food for their clients.

The Singing Feebas: Run by Barkeep Mac, The Singing Feebas is not only a fine sea-faring ship, but the best pub in town. Located right on the main pier, explorers often come here to relax, hear the latest gossip, and see if they can pick up some non-official jobs from the townfolk for some extra income.

The Trader's Market: Every Saturday, various ships from The Empire come into port and set up the Trader's Market. Here the locals can trade for outside goods, and vise-versa. Rare Items can be found on sale here in the morning!

The Alchemist's Hall: One would not think, on seeing the tiny and beat-up building, that it could possibly boast such a proud title as "The Ivyhall Alchemy Hall of the Southern Frontier Exploration Forces", but it is indeed an official chapter of the Imperial Alchemist's Leauge. Doc Jones and Professor Blast work closely with the Explorer's Guild to study the strange pokemon within the labyrinth.

Session Logs

Session 1 - The Clan is Formed!
Session 2 - The Scalding Swamps!
Session 3- Catacombs Part 1
Catacombs Part 2
Minisessions-Anise Shoppin' and Floyd Cripplin'
Session 4- Ducklett Village!
Session 5- Versus the Firefoot Wildlings!
Dreamworld- Two old men.
Session 6 - Chapter 1 Ending/Bar Brawl
Session 7-Mankey Island: Briefing
Session 8-Mankey Island: Caves
Session 9-Mankey Island: Tsvai Joins! Versus Monkey King!
Session 10 - Mushroom Mine! Versus Paravore!
Session 11 - Carnival Ivoryscape Zone

Session Finale Minus 2 - The Breakfast Machine also rescuing people
Session Finale Minus 1 - The Last Of Them
Session Final Minus .5 - That last cutscene before the final boss that you can't skip


Wyl's Island Notes:
Cracks and Doubt - ????
Hard and Low - Already visited. We were apparently taken for granite here
Heat and Blood - ????
Ice and Space - Peaks of Kingler Isle. There's a core here. There's a prison here.
Leaves and Lost - Forests. Has some sort of large monster. Other features unknown?
Pulse and Gloom - Underground caverns of Mankey Isle. The Pancake is here. The Darkflight villlage is here - secure, but not known whether it is hostile or friendly.
Salt and Scent - Beaches of Kingler Isle. Half of Ivyhollow is here. Teleporter is here.
Shadow and Song - Jungles of Mankey Isle. Firefoot Village is here - secure but hostile. There's a core here.
Steam and Light - The Steaming Swamps. Half of Ivyhollow is here, in a Secured Village. Teleporter is here.
Time and Flowers - ????
Urmaresheron - Target. Probable that all 'cores' must be destroyed to reach.

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