Saving the world 6 times before breakfast


You're a bunch of Legendary Pokemon, paragons, champions of a concept, inspiration to millions. You're not the types to manifest in your true form and start leading nations or anything, but people know about you and know you're awesome. Maybe you've got a small faith, or people tell bedtime stories about your great battles and triumphs. Or maybe they're terrified of you and take precautions (however ineffective) against your doings. Life's pretty good. Problem is, some jerk stole your Auras somehow! They're probably going to destroy the world with them, or something! At least, that's usually how these things go.

You've met up at the favorite Starmiebucks of the Gods to catch up with the other PCs (old friends, rivals, or perhaps you've simply heard of them) and figure out what to do about this dire situation.

This game uses the PMD sourcebook! You can find it here! Hop into the IRC channel at #Pokexalted on rizon, if that's your thing.

Character Generation for Gods

Pokemon Level 60, Trainer Level 30. If you're unfortunate enough to learn moves after Plevel 60, you can have those tutored as if they were (N) moves for 1 TP. Legendary Pokemon also receive the following perks:

- You OR your Cohort gain the Touched (of yourself) Edge and a Major Gift Feature for free. You and your cohort can't gain the Godslayer feature this way, or that way, or any other way. Never ever. No one said your enemies had auras fwiw
- You only rank down 2 skills to Pathetic.
- You have an addition slot on your natural move list and up to 4 of your moves may come from your TM or Tutor List.
- You may apply the Signature Technique (any training), Innovation (innovation moves go on your Career list), and Move Sync (to one of your types) features to yourself once, though these still cost TP. If you use this perk, be sure to give these moves nifty names.
- You may apply Re-Balancing to yourself, though it still costs TP.
- You don't need to expend an Edge to get a Pokedge, only pay the TP cost.

There's one teeny tiny restriction:
- You may only purchase Type-Shift once between yourself and your Cohort.

You have use of as many TMs, Vitamins, Move Tutors etc etc as needed, along with two Held/Accessory items of any price. You also have 10k in other assorted stuff you happen to have on hand (assume minimum price for weapons), along with 3k of materials if you have a crafting class.

The Exemplars

Player Character LORE
OlympusMons Aristarchos, Ambition's Lodestar The Liturgy of Wanting
Bowyer Berozar, Sea's Watcher Of Ancients
TheKana Minty Fresh, Night Dragon How To Become The Best(?)
StarmanTheta 3RVT, AKA Brut, AKA Turbokiller "Wait, Legendaries need lore?"

Feel free to add yourself to this list even if you don't have a character yet, it'll help me keep track of interested parties.

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