Pokugan - Legend of the 18 Types

Welcome to Pokugan.

You, a young samurai, have been selected by your clan to compete in the yearly Topaz Championship, a highly prestigious tournament that serves as a coming of age for its contestants. However, your clan's sponsorship is not enough, as you will need to collect badges from champions of the other various clans in order to prove your worth before ever setting foot inside the Topaz Dojo. Gather your compatriots and prepare for an adventure that will take you all across the region in a tale of swords and souls, eternally retold.

Quick Setting Details

Pokemon are the animals of the setting, also sometimes referred to as monsters. Capturing, raising, and battling monsters is an honorable thing to do, and many samurai strive to excel in the world of monster battles. As monsters are creatures composed of the elements, they can be sealed inside special talismans, allowing easy transportation and control. Even poor farmers are likely to have a monster or two as livestock, and wild monsters roam the wilderness. Certain powerful monsters are said to be incarnations of the kami, minor gods in their own right.

Pokugan is a land of political intrigue and military strife, where peace is just an interlude between long standing squabbles among the clans. While theoretically united behind the current Emperor and the Imperial Family, the clans are constantly scheming against one another to curry a little more favor with the Emperor or expand their borders into their neighbors. Despite ongoing rivalries between the clans, friendships and personal relationships do develop between individuals, and trials like the Topaz Championship are used as a way to foster goodwill between the many disparate interests of the country. The tournament also provides a martial spectacle to help defuse the bubbling tendency towards war in the region.

To the south of Pokugan is a mysterious place known as the Shadowlands exists beyond a massive, constantly guarded wall that separates the two regions. The Shadowlands is a place where the taint of Jigoku, the Realm of Evil, manifests in the mortal world, and it twists both humans and monsters into horrific abominations. Taint can infect living things, corrupting them, and invariably reducing them to mindless servants of Jigoku. That said, anyone not stationed at the wall is unlikely to ever come in contact with the taint or infected individuals, and the threat of corruption is mostly used to scare children into behaving. Blessed jade wards off taint, and can detect it by virtue of slowly decaying in its presence.

Great Clans

The Great Clans are as follows:

Crab Clan - Defenders of the Empire. Primarily responsible for guarding the border between Pokugan and the Shadowlands, they are resourceful frontiersmen. Crabs are stereotyped as gruff, coarse, rustic, and courageous, and their emblem is the Kingler.

Crane Clan - Left Hand of the Emperor. The Crane are known for their skill in duels, their love of finery, and their mastery of court politics. Cranes are stereotyped as haughty, conniving, elegant, and driven, and their emblem is the Swanna.

Dragon Clan - Historians of the Empire. Often taking a spectator role, this reclusive clan records Pokugan's history and acts as a mediator. Dragons are stereotyped as aloof, difficult, ascetic, and wise, and their emblem is the Drampa.

Lion Clan - Right Hand of the Emperor. Holding only the highest standards of bushido, this clan acts as an Imperial enforcer and guard. Lions are stereotyped as rigid, strict, just, and valorous, and their emblem is the Pyroar.

Mantis Clan - Watchmen of the Empire. The Mantis police the lands that don't belong to any other family, including the seaways. Mantises are stereotyped as thuggish, opportunistic, mercantile, and shrewd, and their emblem is the Scyther.

Phoenix Clan - Magicians of the Empire. Skilled with magics and deeply fascinated with the kami, the Phoenix advocate pacifism wherever possible. Phoenixes are stereotyped as bookish, sheltered, weak-willed, and intelligent, and their emblem is the Ho-oh.

Scorpion Clan - Underhand of the Emperor. "The end justifies the means" says the Scorpion Clan, master spies, assassins, and manipulators who always wear masks. Scorpions are stereotyped as untrustworthy, duplicitous, silver-tongued, and clever, and their emblem is the Drapion.

Spider Clan - The Lost. Formed from Shadowland refugees, the Spider Clan struggles to overcome the stigma of the taint, and few venture outside the clan's territory. Spiders are stereotyped as deceitful, dishonorable, unpredictable, and patient, and their emblem is the Ariados.

Unicorn Clan - Cavalry of the Empire. Once the Kirin Clan, they roamed beyond Pokugan's borders and returned as the Unicorn, having adopted aspects of foreign cultures. Unicorns are stereotyped as uncivilized, flighty, exotic, and creative, and their emblem is the Rapidash.

Campaign Content and Theme Summary

Pokugan is meant to combine aspects of Legend of the Five Rings, a fantasy game set in a mystical faux-feudal-Japan, and Pokemon, a monster battling franchise with which you are likely familiar. I intend to keep broad swaths of L5R's flavor and aesthetic while discarding metaplot - if you are a deep L5R fan, do not expect it to adhere to that game's timeline.

At the same time, we will be playtesting PTU 2.0. Obviously, the game is in very early stages of development, so I expect there to be some on the fly changes as we learn what does and does not work. I'm aware that not everything we know and love about PTU is currently available in 2.0, but I'm willing to sit down and put things together.

Character Creation

Trainer: Level 1, with standard 2.0 generation rules.
Pokemon: Any two non-legendary Pokemon with at least two evolutionary stages - excluding Porygon, which does not exist. Other stipulations may be enforced if necessary for high BST or for Pokemon that do not fit the setting. Yes, certain Pokemon may have a "Pokugan Forme" at my discretion.
Bonus Fluff: You are a samurai, the highest caste under the Imperial Family, and approaching adulthood (14 to 16 years old). You must be a member of a Great or Minor Clan, or have sponsorship from one, in order to participate in the Topaz Championship.
Other Rules: Use the current Backgrounds/Skills draft, NOT Approaches. You should also choose a Character Bent.

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