Princess Anastasiaaaaaaii-I mean Anna Stazia...nokovovich

RIGHT Anna Stazianokovovich. That's my name don't wear it out, simple worker proletariat just like you.


Anastasia was only 17 when the Bolsheviks came, sacked the palace, murdered her sisters and her mother and father, threw them into open graves and spat all over her birthright. However, one survived. Battered, humiliated, and left for dead, Princess Anastasia escaped from death… and now she's out for blood.

She will stop at nothing less than the COMPLETE SUBJUGATION OF THE SINNOVIET UNION under her rightful rule, where she will rule from on high with an iron fist, and parade the body of Lenin through the streets before laying it in the road to be pecked at by murkrows. By hook or by crook, she will have her revenge.

That is, if she can survive without getting caught. She, or at least her fake identity, has been drafted into the Sinnoh military machine. At once this is a disaster, but in another way it is a triumph! What better way to get close to the Bolshevik dogs than to infiltrate their most beloved military machine? She has endeavored to work her way up and up, as she will undoubtedly be able to do thanks to the natural talent of her royal lineage, and work her way up until she is at the right hand of Stalin himself.

And then she will strike!


Age: 18

Level 3


Level 11
Exp: 12
Ability: Rivalry
When battling a same-gendered foe, raise your ATK combat stages by 2. Once per encounter.
HP: 32/32

Nature: Adamant (+ATK, -SATK)

Stats : Added Stats : Total
HP: 5 : 2 : 7
ATK: 7 : 5 : 12
DEF: 6 : 2 : 8
SATK: 3 : 0 : 3
SDEF: 6 : 2 : 8
SPD: 6 : 4 : 10


*Vine Whip*

Overland 6, Surface 4, Burrow 2, Jump 1,
Power 2, Intelligence 4, Sprouter, Stealth

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