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Campaign: Altho

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Name: "Jar"
Real Name: Jared
Gender: Male
Age: 38

Ex: Furike the Violent


Species: Lickilicky
Level: 35
EXP: 43000 / 47000

Type: Normal
200% Damage: Fighting
0% Damage: Normal
Gender: Male
Ability: Own Tempo
Hold Item: Grip Claw
Nature: Impish (+DEF -SPATK)
Weight Class: 5
Capabilities: Overland 7, Surface 7, Jump 3, Power 4, Intelligence 4, Reach

HP 11 17 28
ATK 9 0 9
DEF 12 17 29
SATK 6 0 6
SDEF 10 0 10
SPD 5 0 5

HP: 119
Def. Evasion: 5
Spc. Evasion: 2

Name Type Freq AC Range Stat Damage Special
Lv Lick Ghost At-Will 2 5m ATK 1d12 Lick Paralyzes the target on 15-20 during Accuracy Check.
Lv Supersonic Normal EOT 11 6m Supersonic creates a Column 1 meter wide. Supersonic Confuses all Legal Targets.
Lv Knock Off Dark EOT 6 5m ATK 1d12 If the target has a held item, the target drops it and the item cannot be picked up or held for the remainder of combat.
Lv Wrap Normal EOT 4 5m ATK 1d12 Wrap Traps the target and the user for 1d4+3 turns. At the beginning of the target's turn, if the target is Trapped, roll 1d20 and the target loses that much HP. Do not apply weakness or resistance to the HP lost. Do not apply stats to the HP lost. Wrap may not trap more then one target at a time unless the user is Huge or Gigantic.
Lv Stomp Normal EOT 2 5m ATK 1d10+10 Stomp Flinches the target on 15-20 during Accuracy Check. If the target is Small, Stomp deals an additional 1d10.
Lv Disable Normal EOT 2 10m Name a Move. For the remainder of the encounter, the target may not use that Move; the Move is considered Disabled. A target may not have more then 1 Move Disabled, if a new move is Disabled, the last Disabled Move is no longer Disabled.
Lv Slam Normal EOT 6 5m ATK 2d12+16
Lv Rollout Rock EOT 4 5m ATK 1d8 The user must use Rollout until it misses, or fails to be able to shift enough to hit a target for their next 4 turns. On the second turn, Rollout uses 1d8+4 for its Damage Dice Roll. On the third turn, Rollout uses 2d8+8. On the fourth turn, Rollout uses 3d10+10. On the fifth and final turn, Rollout uses 5d10+15.
Egg Zen Headbutt Psychic EOT 4 5m ATK 2d12+16 Zen Headbutt Flinches the target on 15-20 during Accuracy Check.
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