Pta Homebrew


Base + Advanced

Alchemist - No Advanced classes
Criminal + Biker, Burglar, Executive, Lasher, Mad Scientist, Merchant
Glitch Trainer + Eldritch Scholar, Glitch Master, Glitched Hand, Magus, Modder, Tinkerer
Mystic Redux + Shaman
Soldier + Warmonger, (Sharpshooter), Juggernaut, (Field Surgeon), (Sabotuer), (Colonel)
Wild Child (pdf, v7) + Genetic, Hunter, Liberator, Mimic, Pack Leader, Tribal, Wanderer


Clubber - Martial Artist
Dream Augur - Psychic
Elementalist - Psychic
Fisherman - Capture Specialist
Heartbreaker - Co-ordinator
Herbalist - Mystic
Magical Girl - Psychic
Medium - Mystic
Musician - Coordinator
Primevalist - Psychic
Upgrader - Researcher
Watcher Redux - Researcher
Weapons Master - Martial Artist (for use with non-standard weapons systems)
Touched: STARPOWER ReMix - Mystic

Advanced Bundle

Pokemon Conquest - One class for each base. Japanese themed.


Homebrew Moves
Alchemy Mechanics
Medigun Rules
PokeRider Variant
Shadow Pokemon Rules
Pocket Riders, the Kamen Rider pokemon game


CAP Dex - from the Smogon CAP project.
Yoshi - One of Kain's abominations.

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