The Dream World, the subconscious realm beyond reality
It exists independent of time, place, or even dimension
All enter it without awareness through life's corporeality
Their blissful ignorance of this world granting ascension
But why are you aware?

Players (or at least, those interested)

Name Player Classes Origin Availability
??? ??? ??? ??? ???


This will be a multishot, a little mini campaign, with all the players playing characters from past games, whether from PTU or PTA. When it's running, whether other GMs might get involved to make it a little easier on me, and whether there will be multiple groups is up in the air. Considering how the dream world transcends concepts like time or space, these characters can be from conflicting time lines, so don't worry about that when picking a character.
The game will be run in PTU, as a playtest of the level squish (so it won't be happening until right before or after 1.06 is released) and all Trainers and Pokemon will be Lv. 20. I don't think there will be character advancement, as the game will be too short for it to matter THAT much. You guys will get sweet loot between sessions, though, so you won't be completely static.
Hope you enjoy this teaser, at least!

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