PTU Phoenix

The world is changing. As the wheels of progress turn, Japan leads the charge. More land is being developed to support expanding cities. The few regions left that haven't joined the government are slowly caving in. Technology continues to push the envelope as new scientific fields are explored more fully than ever. Pokemon battling continues to be the largest sport in the world, and with the support of companies like Silph and Devon there's no shortage of ways to get an edge. It's a time of growth and rebirth.

If the world is changing, then perhaps Orre shows it best. It's the last frontier in Japan, an arid stretch of land between Johto and Hoenn dominated by a large desert and known for its lawlessness. Civilization is scarce, with most cities being confined behind their walls. Ten years ago, the criminal organization known as Cipher revealed itself here. While eventually defeated by a young man named Wes, they re-appeared five years later and made another attempt at controlling the region. Though their leader was arrested and their plans were thwarted again, it sent a clear message to Orre's leaders. They needed to bring their lawless region under control lest they face another uprising.

Modern-day Orre is much different from then. Funding from private interests and the rest of Japan has created an expansion boom. Cities are shedding their walls and growing outward, changing the land around them as they go. The Orre Grand Rail (OGR) runs from one end of the region to the other and has made transportation a breeze. Tourists are being lured in by the prospect of casinos, shopping malls, and other attractions. But not everything is peachy here. Orre's expansion went hand-in-hand with a push to drive criminals out of the cities for good. It succeeded, but these new exiles have been forced into the desert. Craving the old lawlessness of the frontier and wanting revenge, most have organized under a new banner: Corona. This new crime syndicate is disorganized, but its strong leadership has given it some success over the last few years of its existence. Discontent is growing. Something's going to blow, but nobody is sure when.

Despite the push for change and the rejection it faces, the wind-swept sands of Orre hold no quarter. Though people have lived here for decades, the desert hides many secrets waiting to be discovered. An influx of tourism has also brought a wave of Pokemon to inhabit the land, when a decade ago none lived here at all. Located in the forest to the west, the HQ Laboratory aims to catalog the region's new ecosystem and divulge its secrets. For this they'll need teams of field researchers to head out into the wilderness and go where nobody else is willing to.

That's where you come in.

You have been scouted by the HQ Laboratory as a prospective field researcher. Whatever your reasons may be, you've taken them up on the offer. Your new job is to handle whatever assignments your supervisors throw at you. Track an elusive pack of wandering Pokemon? Explore ancient ruins in the desert to retrieve whatever artifacts might still be there? Dive into a sunken ship to collect data on its unique ecosystem? They're all on the table. It's not the safest line of work, but the paycheck is good, food and board is paid for, and you're only working when you have an assignment.


Channels: #PhoenixPTU and #PhoenixOOC on Rizon

Phoenix is a game focusing on exploration and mystery. It will (mostly) stay true to the Pokemon world shown in the games. Even so, expect a weird mash-up of westerns, Indiana Jones, and sci-fi. Be prepared for trainer combat.


Timeskip 1

House Rules:

  • HP is treated like other stats when applying natures (+2/-2 instead of +1/-1).
  • A Pokemon can have EXP beyond the level cap, they just won't level up until it's raised.
  • Current Pokemon Level Cap: 20
  • You can get Training Points (TP). TP is essentially Trainer EXP, but it can only be spent on Retraining.

Character Creation:

  • Level 1 Trainers
  • All classes allowed, but talk to me if you're taking anything supernatural or from a supplement.
  • Homebrew is allowed too, but I need to look at it first.
  • 5000 starting funds; Simple Weapons cost 2000, no Fine Weapons/Armor/Technical Machines to start.

At the request of the lab, you came with no Pokemon. Instead you'll receive a Level 5 Eevee upon arrival. Unlike the normal breed, it has 6 in each base stat. Later on you'll be able to evolve it into any type you want. Check the Eevee page to see their stats and plan ahead.


Player Name Character Name
DimJim Kuzma Kirov
Dude Joey Johanneson
Eris Iris
Falconis Jal Shadid
Gents Yalynn Venzke

Assignment Board

HQ Laboratory

Assignment Contractor Location Danger Description
Operation Eclipse N/A Unknown ? If you are somehow awake to see this, we are en-route to your location right now. All other assignments are cancelled. Comply or risk termination of your contract. Transmission data received.
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