Galactic Adventures

"Welcome to the Eternia HQ building of Team Galactic, you lowly grunts! Many of you have joined because you believe in our mission: to make a better world for everyone. I am Charon, the head of the research and second-in-command. You have joined us at a great time! We are currently trying to mobilize more trainers and create our own model for our businesses, and maybe some of you will become the new faces of Galactic! However, there is a very rigorous training program here, and many of you will be weeded out for being subpar, while others among you will excel! But do not worry, some of you will probably stay the same and make up our grunt force, and that's a mighty fine job! Now if you'll move on, you can meet your current Commander, Mars, who will make sure everything is up to date… Get your name and uniform and set you up with our specially bred, G.C.P. (Galactic Companion Pokemon) and your Handbook, and you'll be on your way!"

You are a lowly Grunt in team Galactic, hopefully trying to make a name for yourself and rise up in ranks. May it be for the fame, the glory, or because you believe in the Galactic dream, you have chosen this life and you must risk your freedom and even your life to get what you want. Welcome to being labeled a criminal!


  • Level 1 Trainer (Some Homebrew Level squishing will happen with the trainers): Link here
  • Level 5 Pokemon, from this list with 3 moves for inheritance (20/30/40)
  • 5000 Mones for starting funds and what not, and a mandatory Galactic Uniform!
  • Most classes allowed, case-by-case basis on what is and isn't.
  • Homebrew snowflake things? Probably.


Name Here Character ???
TheBMW - -
Psyche - -
Falconis - -


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