Shipwrecked: Iberio

"Welcome, welcome all! This maiden voyage of the S.S. Stern is about to take way! Many of you have come, and well… this ship is ready for its trip to Kanto! It'll be the first major stop on this 'around the world' tour, and it may be the best. There is a festival awaiting us when we get there, and many of you can challenge its Pre-league! The waters are clear, the sun shines high and things are looking up! This your captain, Howard Stern, and I say let's get ready to disembark!"

This was the first message on the ship you heard… You seem to think everything is gonna be just alright, but something looms over your head… An ominous feeling of dread comes over you. Maybe this is too lofty of a project, but for now…. Everything seems fine… That was, until the storm rolled in.


You will play Shipwreck survivors in an uncharted land, the Region of Iberio… A place where modern technology as you know it has yet to reach! There will be:

  • Natives, both hostile and friendly
  • Unknown species of Pokemon you probably haven't seen
  • And other things that you may not be ready for.
  • Expect lots of full contact stuff since TRIBAL NATIVES and Occult shenanigans


Chargen info:

  • Trainer Level 3 (Most playbooks accepted, using 1.05 Preview stuff and eventually 1.05 in full.)
  • 2 Pokemon, level 15 and 10, both with inheritance moves at 15 and 30 (run them by me). Try to be around 36 BSR as a max.
  • 5K Dosh for things
  • Note down your Horoscope Sign on your page! (Aquarius, Taurus, etc.)


Player Name Character Sign
BMW Julia Aiken Sagittarius
Shay Marie Dupont Libra
Doxy Dylan Lari Aquarius
Lamas Sunny Day Leo
SG Siegfried Aries
StarmanTheta Jasper Araw Pisces


Sessions 1: Setting Sail and Titanic Crashings and a pile o' coconuts!: +3 Trainer EXP, +150 Poke Exp
Session 2: The Killing of the Cancer: +2 Levels, +360 Poke Exp
Session 3 Part 1 - The Seaborn Tribe: None
Session 3 Part 2 - The Ghastly Temple: Spooky Goast and Cute Lanterns (Part 1): +3 Trainer EXP, +75 Poke Exp | Chest Loot: 3x Heavy Balls, 3x Dusk Balls, and 400 Dosh Each.
Session 3 Part 3 - When they messed up Cyas cuz he's a douche and talked to owls: +1 TEXP, +20 Poke EXP
Session 4: The Ship and Potential New Base?: +2 Trainer Exp, +30 Poke Exp.
Session 5: The Slaying of the Great Ape: +1 TL, +72 Poke Exp
Session 6 Part One: THE STORMBREAK: +1 TL, +8 PEXP. Rototiller Disposition: Friendly —> Neutral


As of your first encounter, Stanley will now Scout out potential monsters to be rid of and open up potential areas, and shortcuts? Perhaps you should do a few!

Mission Location Danger Level Reward Information
Repel a Frenzied Garchomp S.S. Stern Wreckaged ★★★★ ??, Materials, Potential Home? The beast you encountered seems to have an ill effect on the Pokemon in the area, and otherwise is a huge threat to the island. Sending it away for now seems to be the best bet… Can you do it?
Slay a Giant Ape Eastern Jungle ★★★ Shortcut, Materials, Human Effigy A giant monkey has been taking up a small encampment and hogging a trade route… perhaps getting rid of it will help you pass the Rototillers out of their domain and in safety?
Research: King of the Jungle? Eastern Jungle ★★★★ ??, Potential Target I recently saw a large beast, an apex predator. It's mane of pure fire was mesmerizing, and I was filled with awe. I think we should investigate further!
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