Races And Creation

Existence as They Know IT


Ah, the Gods. The Gods are .. well .. people aren’t really sure. What, you want me to be sure? I think not. Being sure about this sort of thing takes away from the whole point of gods, you know! If you make gods these definite and solid presences, it just ruins everything.

No one is sure if gods, say, created everything. Some old texts seem to indicate Ysigag might have. All of them certainly aren’t ‘good’, some are quite ‘evil’. Some seem to be quite powerful, some quite obscure. They tend to be annoyingly bad at answering questions; mostly they just DO stuff, like bless swords or give long monologues to their priests through dreams or tea leaves or cow innards. They seem to be something like massively powerful manifestations of ideas or concepts that inhabit the formless astral realms. They seem able to act in the mortal world in only limited ways, through their particular spheres of influence and their priests. It’s not known if they’re actually incapable or if this is by arrangement, but some old texts seem to suggest the latter.

Demons and Angels

Demons and Angels: It’s important to realize these are mostly just words for entities that come from the same stock as the gods but aren’t all the way there. Both have been romanticized, and their true forms and motives often differ widely from what people expect. Generally, ‘Angels’ seems to refer to the Lawful and Good beings, while ‘Demons’ to the Chaotic and Evil ones … but then what do you call the Lawful Evil guys? Tch. Many of the more powerful and well known ones are treated like minor deities.

Sentient Species


Elves, Orcs, Gnomes, and Halflings as DnD and Tolkien knows them, are not present here. Humans have always had the strongest presence in DnD, but even more so in this setting. However, many other sentient races have naturally developed alongside humans.

The 'Natural' Races:

Hominids: Giants*, Ogres, Humans, Dwarves
- Human Variants: Angel/Demontouched, Feytouched, Changelings,
Reptilids: Dragons*, Troglodytes, Lizardfolk, Kobolds
Goblinoids: Bugbears, Hobgoblins, Goblins
Fish-like: Sahuagin, Kuo-Toa
WTF?: Ygethul*

*Not playable races.


Dwarves a bit different than what we’re used to. Mainly, they’re just more varied; they’ve greatly taken over some of the roles the Gnomes and Halflings used to take. They can be miners, traders, smiths, magicians, or overall friendly folk. They’re not always quite as stocky as what we’re used to, either. Some of them don’t even have beards! (gasp). Of course, don’t mess with them, one of them is still bound to have an axe or pick handy.

The 'Unnatural Races'

Many species and aberrations have been created through the manipulation and misuse of magic. However, three particular kinds stand out; the shifters, the centaur, and the winged, as being obviously of magical origin, but they have become quite widespread, whatever their origin.
- Shifters: Shifters are nomadic humanoids capable of taking specific animal-like forms. There are several tribes and each has their own forms.
- Winged: They’re like people, only with talons instead of feet and wings instead of hands. Also really light bones.
- Centaurs: They’re effin’ centaurs. Yeah.

The Fey

The fey here are something more akin to the fey of Changeling; enchanting, beautiful, and dangerous beings of glamor. Their existence is something whispered to children as to why they shouldn’t wander in the woods after dark, to be cautious of the soft laughter in the forest. ‘Elves’ as they are called are the folk of the forest, of the deep places yet undisturbed. They’re treated more like angels or demons than anything else. The Fey include fairies, elves, gnomes, trolls, and all manner of other odd and unusual beings

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