Ragnarok Planetfall

Ragnarok Planetfall

An Adventure Module taking place in the Terrafell Universe.


This adventure module is meant for GMs who wish to run a short, fun adventure for a play group of between 3 and 4 players. The recommended party size for this adventure is 3, and this game is meant to be completed in 1 or 2 sessions.

GMs using this module should make sure they are familiar with the events of the modules. All of the needed information is here, but you should put it in your own words, and put your own spin on the action. That will give the adventure a flavor only you can bring to it.

Enemy pokemon and trainer stats will be presented in a concise chart. Moves and abilities will be provided in name only, so this will require you to have the core pdf open, so you can know the effects of moves and abilities used by enemy NPCs. Stats will be presented in the order of HP/ATK/DEF/SATK/SDEF/SPEED. All other information on individual pokemon is found in the pokedex. Scrap/Exp totals are provided as well, just in case this module spins off into a larger campaign, or if you have folded the events of this module into your own campaign. If this is being played as a one-shot, Scrap/Exp is unnecessary.

To play, simply describe the events of the adventure below, giving PCs time to react to the events, and run the combat encounters listed. It should make for a short campaign that will get you used to running a game of PTU, and introduce you to the setting of Terrafell.

PART 1: Getting Started

Player Information
If the players are using pre-made characters, have them choose three pokemon out of the premade character's box.
If the player is instead creating their own character, use the following rules:

  • Player Level 10
  • 3 Pokemon at Level 35 from the Earth, Chythhrak, or PFL lists. Legendary pokemon cannot be chosen. Ragnarok-list Pokemon cannot be chosen.
    • Choose two egg moves for each pokemon, unless you choose a class that allows further egg moves, such as Mentor.
    • Assign TP as you will, but limit each pokemon to one TM or Tutor.
  • Starship Level 35
    • Choose One egg move for your starship
    • Assign System Upgrades as you will, but limit your starship to one TM or Tutor.
  • A melee weapon
  • A ranged weapon
  • For Each Pokemon, either one held item, or three of the same berry.
  • For your Starship, one Modular Upgrade.
  • 2 High Potions
  • 2 Bandages
  • 2 Full Heals

United Planetary Defense Department

Explain to your players that they are all officers in an intergalactic police organization known as the UPDD. They are a government-neutral body beholden to no planet or people. Your jurisdiction is open space, unclaimed planets and satellites, and protected territories, like the planet Ragnarok. For the past few weeks, their group has been hot on the trail of an infamous smuggler known only by his handle Kilroy.


To some, Kilroy is a romantic hero, living the free life of a space adventurer. He's seen as a modern day Robin Hood, constantly on the run from the cops, and making big fools of them. To others, Kilroy is a drug peddler, bringing illicit substances across the known universe. What the players know about him is that he has roots in The Abyss — a space station in the Redbeard system where the worst scum in the galaxy congregate — they know that his ship is a dangerous Mismagius-class Starship, and they know that he has at some point delivered a powerful and addictive hallucinogen known as "Dream Mist" to nearly every inhabited planet in the galaxy.
Lucky for your PCs, they have discovered the location of his next shipment; The Terraformed moon of Ragnarok, Sleipnir, and you know that the police and military on Sleipnir look the other way to Dream Mist smuggling. He is coming to Sleipnir, and to do that, he must pass through open, restricted space, which falls under UPDD jurisdiction.

The Plan

The Player's Chief of Police, Cysk M'Kkhat, has ordered them to lay in wait in Ragnarok airspace and, as Kilroy enters their attack range, to ambush him. That way, they will catch him with a fresh shipment of Dream Mist. As the game begins, the players will be riding in their starships, preparing to ambush the smuggler before he makes planetfall on Sleipnir.

Part 2: Running the Game


After setting the stage, and after the players have had a chance to have fun with radio chatter among themselves, Kilroy's ship should appear on the radars of the most perceptive players (DC9 to spot Kilroy) signalling that it's time to begin. If the check is failed by every player, Kilroy will get the drop on them and get a surprise round.

Who is Kilroy? His full name is "Touched the Surface of Every World" and Kilroy is a nickname given to him by those who see him as a hero, because he has been nearly everywhere in the known galaxy on smuggling runs. He is a Deoxyn, hailing from a poor family living as low-paid wage-slaves on Far Away Resort in the Stars. He made money there as a drug dealer, and then worked his way up to smuggling operations, and set down roots in the Abyss. Dislikes authority and especially dislikes the kind of exploitative capitalism on FARitS. He is a Ghost Ace/Ghost Elementalist/Rider, and usually uses stealth to get by.
Mismagius Starship Type: Ghost Stats: 13/10/15/18/20/20 Ability: Levitate/Magician Moves: Fore: Hex/Thunder Wave Aft: Confuse Ray/Hidden Power Port: Pain Split/Shadow Ball Starboard: Psywave/Attract Note: Agility Starship Piloting is active, and Kilroy is a Rider. +8 Initiative and +2 to all movement capabilities. Scrap: 70

Kilroy's motivation is to reach planet Sleipnir, where the corrupt local police can protect him as soon as he enters the atmosphere. Make it clear that the players must prevent him from making planetfall on Sleipnir at all costs. The players should be able to either shoot him down, scare him enough that he starts running, or otherwise deter him from entering the moon's atmosphere.

Naturally, with his entry to Sleipnir barred, and his ship possibly damaged in the fight, Kilroy will either flee to or crash land on the Planet Ragnarok. Now, Ragnarok, as you have told the players, is a restricted planet. Making unauthorized planetfall on Ragnarok is extremely illegal, so the players, having witnessed it firsthand, are absolutely allowed to follow.

As the players enter the atmosphere of Ragnarok, take a moment to describe the planet. The area where you're landing is a lush, tropical jungle. High oxygen concentration has made all of the plants and animals of Ragnarok huge. As they enter the atmosphere, they might pass by a curious Latios or Latias skimming high altitudes, before dive-bombing the surface of the planet and carrying off prey to suffocate high up in the upper atmosphere. The spaceships are too large to draw the ire of the Lati@s, who may see them as other dragon types. They aren't particularly territorial, and so they will not attack the party unless threatened, and will prefer to escape than fight.

On the Surface

The PCs should be able to follow the ship easily into the middle of a jungle, but by the time they find the crash site, Kilroy will be gone. He will have left the Dream Mist behind, giving your PCs the evidence they need to convict him.

What does Dream Mist do? Besides being highly illegal, Dream Mist is a powerful hallucinogen. It causes vivid waking dreams, auditory hallucinations, and extreme euphoria. It is also extremely addictive. If your players are stupid enough to take some, any PC who takes it will trip out for the next three hours. While tripping, they may not perform Perception or Survival checks, and must receive private messages from you as to what he is seeing, and must act with that information in mind. Generally, Dream Mist hallucinations are happy, nice hallucinations, meaning that any encounters with the fierce creatures of Ragnarok may become more difficult with one of the party tripping out and unable to see the danger. After three hours, the user will crash, falling into a depression. They will have a -4 penalty to all Spirit checks for two hours after coming down. If you wish, you may declare that the PC is now addicted to Dream Mist, meaning that if he goes 24 hours without a hit, he will become enraged, confused, infatuated, or flinched at random until a week-long detox, and even after that may relapse. Make it clear to the players that they know what Dream Mist can do to a person, so they don't attempt to take a huff.

However, the surface of Ragnarok is dangerous. If the players wish to traverse the jungle safely, have them roll for Stealth, DC 13. If any one of them fails, they will be attacked by a hoard of pokemon.

Tyrantrum Hoard. The PCs are attacked by 4 Tyrantrums hunting for meat. Two will attack from the north, and the other two will attempt to flank the players from the east and south.
Tyrantrum Type: Dragon/Rock Stats: Ability: Strong Jaw Moves: Crunch, Bite, Stomp, Dragon Tail, Roar, Charm Notes: Use this template four times, but make two of them male, and two of them female. Exp: 35

After either sneaking by, escaping, or defeating the Tyrantrums, they should continue to search for Kilroy. Kilroy has retreated north to a cave far on the other side of the jungle. In his flight, Kilroy was attacked by a Tyranitar, and the party can use Survival or Perception to find blood and broken branches indicating this battle. The trail should point north. If the players can't find the trail, then allow them to formulate a plan for searching the jungle. If any of them chooses to head north by chance, go forward. If not, they will not find the injured Kilroy, and may need to camp for the night.

The next day, make the check to find Kilroy's trail easier — DC8 instead of 13 — and give them a few chances to get it. Eventually, they should find their way North.

The Cave

At the entrance to the cave, pick one of the PCs at random and roll an AC6 attack at them. If hit, that player begins hallucinating wildly (However, this is not as strong as the hallucinations from huffing Dream Mist, and can be cured via the same way you cure sleep, as if they were sleepwalking). It becomes clear that the entrance to the cave is being protected by Kilroy's pokemon. At the lead is a Musharna, who is the one who attacked the party with a cloud of the weak, un-distilled Dream Mist that Musharnas naturally produce. To get in, the party must defeat Kilroy's pokemon.

Kilroy's Team
Musharna Type: Psychic/Ghost Stats: 21/13/17/20/19/3 Ability: Forwarn/Dreamspinner Moves: Yawn, Shadow Ball, Psybeam, Hypnosis, Future Sight, Calm Mind Notes: Uses support and debuff tactics. Ghost-shifted. The Musharna's smoke should look spooky and ghostly, and instead of floral pattern, the pokemon should have a skull pattern. Instead of pink, the Musharna is a deep purple as a hint to its Psychic/Ghost typing. Exp: 40
Cofagrigus Type: Ghost Stats: 17/5/27/21/22/3 Ability: Mummy/Shackle Moves: Will-o-wisp, Thunderwave, Curse, Hex, Power Split, Guard Split Notes: Uses support and debuff tactics. Cofagrigus is a coward. If it is the last pokemon standing, it will try to retreat into the cave, and if not stopped, will join Kilroy's team in the final battle. Exp: 35
Gengar Type: Ghost/Poison Stats: 18/5/6/24/20/22 Ability: Levitate/Intimidate Moves: Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Energy ball, Nightshade, Mean Look, Confuse Ray Notes: High special attacker Exp: 35
Dusknoir Type: Ghost Stats: 9/20/30/5/30/5 Ability: Shackle/Frighten Moves: Shadow Sneak, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Focus Punch, Pursuit Notes: High physical attacker Exp: 35

After defeating the team, the way into the cave is clear. The PCs cannot sneak into the cave without an extremely high stealth check (DC22) or help from a Stealth capability, because Kilroy is keeping a sharp eye on the entrance to the cave. Kilroy, visibly hurt, but looking extremely pleased with himself, sits high up in the cave. It turns out that Kilroy is a Deoxyn, with light yellow skin and sky blue accent tones. He is dressed in a flight jacket and holds no weapon, and is visibly injured underneath his flight jacket.

Kilroy is cocky and sure of himself. If allowed to talk, he will taunt the PCs for taking so long to track him down. He cannot be sneak attacked unless the PCs somehow managed to beat the stealth check. When attacked, he will send out two pokemon. If Cofagrigus escaped, he will also send out the Cofagrigus.

Final Battle with Kilroy
Kilroy's team
Tyranitar Type: Dark/Ghost Stats: 20/23/21/20/20/16 Abilities: Guts/Battle Armor Moves: Crunch, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Surf, Ice Beam, Flamethrower Notes: Ghost-shifted. Balanced stats. Take the player off guard with wide type effectiveness! Agility Training is active, and Kilroy will be riding on top of it. +8 initiative and +2 movement. Exp: 50
Spiritomb Type: Dark/Ghost Stats: 6/20/22/20/22/4 Abilities: Pressure/Cluster Mind Moves: Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch, Confuse Ray, Ominous Wind, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Feint Attack, Destiny Bond Notes: Agility Training is active, +4 initiative and +1 movement. Exp: 35
Notes about type effectiveness: This fight should not be too much of a problem if your players play it smart. They will most likely outnumber the two pokemon well, even with backup from Kilroy's shenanigans. However, be careful that you make it VERY clear that Tyranitar is Ghost/Dark, so the players don't waste attacks on NVEs and get frustrated.
Trainer stats
Kilroy Max HP: 175, Initiative: 20 Abilities: Moves: Static effects: Rider, Ride as One (Rider)
Standard Actions: Haunting Curse (Ghost type ace) Agility Training, Agility Starship Piloting Swift Actions: N/A Shift Actions: N/A Free Actions: Ghost Step, Vampirism, Boo! (Ghost Type Ace), Lean In (Rider)
Exp: +1 trainer level


When defeated, if Kilroy is still alive, he should be arrested for the crimes of Smuggling, Trespassing, and Poaching a protected species. The PCs should make a decision about what to do about the Ghost-shifted Tyranitar. It may wreak havok on the planet's ecosystem if allowed to wander free, then again, keeping a creature of Ragnarok is illegal, even for members of the UPDD. Give the PCs their choices and the reasoning behind them, and allow them to come to a decision.

After that, with Kilroy in tow, allow the PCs to go back to their ships easily and leave the planet, having succeeded in their mission.

Killroy got away? If Kilroy defeats the PCs, then that's unfortunate. He could kill the immobilized PCs if they managed to make him angry, but most likely he'll leave them alive, because he enjoys the game too much. What he WILL do is transfer the Dream Mist to the cargo holds of one of the player's ships, (Probably the nicest one) and steal it to make his getaway. In this case, feel free to continue the adventure with a high-flying encounter against the PC's own ship! Don't stop until Kilroy is defeated!
The adventure continues? This adventure could make for a lovely start to a longer campaign taking place in the Terrafell universe. Your PCs are familiar with one another now, and depending on how the campaign played out, they may be in trouble with the authorities of the UPDD for either taking a Tyranitar off of Ragnarok, or letting a ghost-shifted one run free. You might have them deal with the political fallout of that decision. Additionally, you might continue the smuggling storyline by including clues about Killroy's smuggling ring back on Abyss, leading the players to storm the space station. Now that your players are invested in the world of Terrafell, you might introduce any number of plot threads hidden within the history and details of Terrafell. Be creative, and play!
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