Rainy via Renata

p+ Weather Forecast: 100% Chance of Rain

11 year old Rainy Via Renata
HP: 208
LV 42 (Base+4: [2 caught] [2 gym])
Breeder/WHYentist (Actually a researcher though since that's probably not clear~)/Move Tutor/Dream Doctor
Move tutor: http://pastebin.com/tgt5djeW
Moves: http://pastebin.com/R6cdSHbK

Appearancewise, Rainy's pretttty teeny tiny, being a preteen and all. Her spirit imagination makes up for it, though. She's got freckles and wears her black hair in a ponyta tail; her eyes are bright blue but frequently glaze over. For fashion, she usually wears a circle skirt with cartoony audinos drawn all over it a and simple white sleeveless top. She rarely wears shoes anywhere near formal—usually moccasins or a pair of fuzzy slippers.
She's a dreamy child who usually doesn't seem all quite there. Her head's always running, always thinking, just usually not about what it's supposed to. She runs off on tangential lines of thought and fills her head with daydreams; consequently, she can come off as a little odd in conversation and easily jump topics in a manner that's hard to follow. Despite this, she's friendly, open, confident, and has a way of drawing pokemon to her. Probably inherited it from Papa.
Family Status: Daughter of a hippie and a scientist. Hippiedad pedocaught pokemon and just brought them home all the time, let them loose in the house and drew abstract art of them then let them loose when he felt their nomadic souls called for the wild. Her mother puts up with it, despite not wholeheartedly approving, on account of trusting her husband's good intentions.

Cha: 29 (+9) NE/NP bonus +6 IBIY bonus +9d6
Wis: 36 (+13) NE/NP bonus +6
Str: 4 (-6)
Con: 10 (+0)
Int: 16 (+3)
Dex: 4 (-6)

My Not So Imaginary Friends

Oudated Roster

  • Nini (Physical Sweeper. Pathetic defenses but massive speed and attack, high HP. Best brought in buffed to sweep before enemies can act.)
  • Chao-Chao (WIP Tank, very very good finisher but not particularly good against full-health mons. Only fighting move in team.)
  • Fifi (Slightly Bulky Special Attacker)
  • Juju (Tanky Physical Attacker, Wide Type Coverage, Set Up best for physical attackers but theoretically anybody.)
  • Reeree (Support, but has Thunder. Great setup for Fifi.)

+++Rotating Sixth Mon Options

  • Magmag (Special Attacker, very all or nothing defensively, decent moves)
  • Lala (Special Attacker, unimpressive HP, solid defenses, neeeeds moves tutored)
  • Whowho (Debuffing support mon)
  • Ricoco? I dunnono.

Un-statted/unfinished Pokemons
Mr. Kitty the Entei

Kitkat the undead caterpie
Munmun the castrated irritable Munna

Equipment Folder

Six unspent personal levels


  • Lv20 (15 plot, 5 personal) Dad’s Paintbrush ( Subtype - Pierce ) – Okay, so chances are Rainy’s dad probably didn’t ACTUALLY use this thing moreso than he just threw buckets at the canvases. But the memory of her father imbues this paintbrush with strength!
  • Lv10 (10 Plot) Paddleball of … Doom (Subtype - Blast)
  • LV20 (15/5) Tower of Silly Hats


  • L20 (15 plot, 5 personal) Mom’s Lab Coat - A manifestation of Rainy’s mom’s desire for her daughter’s well being and safety. A snug fit that wraps around her like her mother’s embrace.
  • L10 (10 plot) Alien Helmet
  • LV 20 (15/5) Train Girl Costume


  • Use Items:
  • Units: 160
  • Awakening x3
  • Pokeballx5
  • Sturdy Ball
  • Super Potion x 5
  • Odd Elixir
  • Elemental Stone
  • Celebration of Life Cake x1
  • 4 Revives
  • Rare Candy x1
  • Held Items:
  • Illuminate/ATK Order Gem
  • Attack Scarf + Swift Swim Accessory (Nini)
  • Prankster/Magic Guard Acc
  • Big Root/Solid Rock ACC x2
  • Solid Rock/MP3 Player
  • Levitate Accessory
  • Ground Charm
  • S Def scarf that Yumeko needs to claim god


Nino: ice, dragon
Nono, Bunbun: fighting
Coco: elec, grass
Chow-Chow: bug, ghost, dark, elec, grass
MagMag: ground x4, fighting, fire
WhoWho: rock, electric, ghost, ice, dark
Fifi: Psychic, Ground [Resist Bug, Grass, Poison]
Juju: see his tab
Spospo: flying, rock, electric
Lala: fighting, fire, rock, steel

XP Remainder: 2,100

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