Red Eye Revolution

The perils of Monarchy

The great region of Kushva was on the brink. The monarchy all but ignored the plight of the commoner, extravagant parties, lavish lifestyles and ever increasing debt caused unrest with the population. The workers of the fields and factories, the fuel for the royal pocketbook had amassed a small but ever growing faction. Isolated in their private bubble of opulance the royal family, had no idea what was to come

Months prior they appointed a new chancelor, with this new man working behind the scenes came new rumors. The making of pacts with beings from beyond, blood sacrifices and the transformation of himself and the royal family into abominations never ment for this world. The chancelor began new programs to change the nation. Work programs, debt forgivness, new landownership laws. He had made several small steps to bring the region to the road of recovery. But it was too late.

- Exerpt from Kushva, Region Retrospective

Let your eyes see the true path for a better Kushva!

The revolution is fighting already in the shadows comrade. It chooses it's battles wisely. We come from all walks around the nation. The craftsmen of the sands, the workers in their factories, the farmer in his fields or watermeadows. Each has shoulder his fair share of burdens under the oppressive regime of the Royals. The opulence that bred stagnation, greed and excess that breaks the common mans back. Not to mention of the foul and black rituals they perform behind closed doors. The rumors of deviance of those occult actions taken by the royal blood line is enough to curdle a pious mans blood! Will we allow this oppression to stand? Will we sit as our nation is forced into the jaws of hell on the bloodied backs of the workers?

Join up in arms with your fellows! Follow the gaze of the Red Eyes!

- Excerpt from Redeye Revolutionary Manifesto, Gazing Toward Revolution

"There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel."

What ever the reasons may be you have been you have been swept into the Redeyes, and they plan to use you to further the goals of the Party. You and your fellow members of the Redeye Revolutionary Party of Kushva have been chosen by hand by Comrade Fir. The Party has planned for a master stroke against the royals and their heretical blood line. If you succeed the fall of the Royals will give birth and rise to the Redeyes. But the Party will require much from you comrade, will you be able to burden the sacrifices for the greater good?

The X-Shot

Redeye Revolution is a(n) One Shot/X-Shot campaign. The Players (You) will take on the roles of members of the Redeye Party preparing for their masterstroke against the Monarchy of the Kushva Region.

  • The Kushva Region is loosly based on pre-bolshevik Russia.
  • I expect this to run anywhere between 2-5 sessions long broken into roughly two (MAYBE, three) 'missions' total.
  • The way you approach the missions will infact change future encounters so keep this in mind
  • The first mission will be based in subterfuge and stealth.

Player Character Creation Info

Player Count: 4
Trainer Level: 25 (Allowing for all costs or item requirements. GoT is allowed.)
Pokemon: 4 pokemon total. Levels 35 , 35 , 40, 45
No Legendaries, one Pseudo per team if desired.
You may distribute four Egg Moves between the four pokemon, with no pokemon having more than two.
Starting Funds: 25k

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