Titles: Ancient Construct, Pokemon Trainer

Ancient Construct - Gives Sturdy as the pokemon ability, 16 slots for Plates to fit into, and secret plot shit. Physical stats are equal to 20, with +2 to each physical stat for every two plates beyond 6. Mental stats are double the amount of plates inserted. The first time a particular type of plate is inserted, Reggie gains 2 Hey Guys Watch This points which can only be used in the Joltank, Clearsky HQ, or an otherwise such absolutely safe location. The slots that the plates are inserted to are important as they determine his personality, classes, and more.

Base: Level 26 Ancient Construct/Pokemon Trainer

Str: 26
Dex: 26
Con: 26
Wis: 26
Int: 26
Cha: 26

Hey Guys: 26

Personality Slots (Five located on back of head):

Toxic Plate - Cruel
Stone Plate - Protective
Fist Plate - Aggressive
Mind Plate - Intellectual
Icicle Plate - Blunt
Zap Plate - Wild *
Sound Plate - Lively *
Unown Plate - Infinite Hivemind
Normal Plate - =|
Dark - Coldly calculative
Dragon - Arrogant
Gastro - Burble

Base Class (Chest, over heart):

Toxic Plate - Mystic
Stone Plate - Martial Artist (Hardy)
Fist Plate - Martial Artist (Powerful)
Mind Plate - Psychic
Icicle Plate - Ranger *
Zap Plate - Mystic
Sound Plate - Rock Star
Unown Plate - Unown Rider
Normal Plate - Ace Trainer
Dark - Criminal

Advanced Classes: (3, across chest)

  • Toxic Plate - With Fist or Stone: Ninja. With Mind - Influential. With Zap - Channeler. With Icicle - Detective. With Sound - Necrodancer. With Unown - Poisonous Abomination With Normal - Poison Ace.
  • Stone Plate - With Toxic - Godspeaker of the Regis. With Fist - Black Belt. With Mind - Earth Shaker. With Icicle - Survivalist. With Zap - Guardian, With Sound - Hard Rocker, With Unown - Bismuth Blasphemy. With Normal - Enduring Soul.

Fist Plate - With Toxic - Guardian. With Stone - Aura User. With Mind - Martial Artist. With Icicle - Spec Ops. With Zap - Godspeaker of Musketeers. With Sound - Brutal Legend. With Unown - Aggressive Atrocity. - With Normal - Attack Ace.

  • Mind Plate - With Toxic - Channeler. With Stone - Massage Therapist. With Fist - Fire Breather. With Icicle - Signer of Regis. With Zap - Rune Master. With Sound - Indie Superstar. With Unown - Chaos Horror. With Normal - League Battler.

Icicle Plate - With Toxic - Bodysnatcher. With Stone - Juggler. With Fist - Massage Therapist. With Mind - Influential. With Zap - Rune Master. With Sound - Ice Ice Baby, With Unown - Frozen Frightener. With Normal - Coach
Zap Plate - With Toxic - Buffet. With Stone: Weapons Master, With Fist - Dirty Fighter, With Mind - Hex Maniac, With Icicle - Coach, With Sound - Electric Guitarist, With Unown - 10,000 Volt Terror. With Normal - Tag Battler
Sound Plate - With Any: Rock Star
Unown Plate - With Any: Unown Rider
Normal Plate - With Toxic - Breeder. With Stone - Ace Trainer. With Fist - Mystic. With Mind - Empath. With Icicle - Rider. With Zap - Aura User. With Sound - Bassist. With Unown - Balanced Beast

Additional Features: (6, across lower abdomen)

Toxic Plate - Able to inflict poison with a touch, AC 2 melee.
Stone Plate - Damage reduction 10.
Fist Plate - Adds Strength and Dex to attack damage. *
Mind Plate - Telepathy and telekinesis.
Icicle Plate - Cryokinesis.
Zap Plate - Electrokinesis
Sound Plate - Perfect singing voice, able to mimic voices.
Unown Plate - Able to communicate with Unown in their native language.
Normal Plate - Rolls STAB as a pokemon twice his level. *
Dark - Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Reggie knows.

(Toxic, Fist, Stone, Mind, Icicle, Electric, Sound, Unown)

Inventory: 3 Ultra Balls, 3 Pokeballs

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