Revas Almeza
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Name: Revas Almeza
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130 lbs.


Funds: 350P (On hand…)

1 Great Ball
2 Heal Ball
5 Pokeball
1 Pokeball (Damaged)
1 Quick Ball
1 Ronin Ball
2 Timer Ball
5 Ultra Ball



Species: Umbreon
Level: 36
EXP: 41410/42500

HP: 87 / 87

Type: Normal
200% Damage: Bug, Fighting
50% Damage: Dark, Ghost
0% Damage: Psychic

Gender: Male
Ability: Trace (Hourly Cast; Take the Ability of a target within 10m until recalled) Currently held: Solid Ice
Hold Item: None
Nature: Sassy (+SpDef, -Speed)
Weight Class: 3
Capabilities: Overland 8, Surface 6, Jump 4, Power 2, Intelligence 4, Tracker, Stealth

Stat Base Added Total
HP 10 7 17
PA 7 7 14
PD 11 10 21
SA 6 0 6
SD 15 11 26
GO 5 0 5
Name Frequency Type AC Range Stat Dmg Other
Lv Assurance Batle Dark 2 Melee Phys 2d8+6 If the target has sufferd damage already this turn, deal 4d12+16 instead
Lv Confuse Ray Center (OK) Ghost Ranged (10) Column (1m) ; Confuse ; Cannot miss
Lv Faint Attack EOT Dark Melee Phys 1d10+10 Cannot miss
Lv Helping Hand EOT Normal Melee Target adds 1d20 to next attack
Lv Moonlight Center (OK) Dark Self Recovers 50% HP. 66% in Sunny Day; 25% in other weather
Lv Pursuit EOT Dark 2 Melee Phys 1d12+6 Interrupt (Optional): When opponent escapes or switches out; move up to 25m and deal additional 3d10+12
Lv Tackle At-Will Normal 3 Melee Phys 2d8+6

Assurance, Screech, Moonlight
Next Move: Mean Look (37)

Campaign: Egondra's Fate

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