Ricki Wallace

Ricki "Brick" Wallace

Name: Ricki "Brick" Wallace
Ace Trainer / Martial Artist / Speed Ace

Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs

Profession: Farmhand
Birthday: Autumn 47
Favorite Food: Anything that does cool things when you poke it.
Preferred Gifts: Anything shiny, fluffy, fuzzy, soft, smooth, squishy, slimy, gooey … Yeah, I think you get the idea. He'll find a reason to like it if you give it to him.
Favorite Spot: Tyrian Lake, or any body of water. Why? Because there's some weird kid hiding in the water, and Ricki swears one day he's gonna get him out of there so he can make friends with him.

Living Quarters: He sleeps in the barn out in the back of the farm he lives on with all the other Pokemon (if any) that are raised there.
Family Members: Those things exist in Oran Valley? ( He left his home in what will eventually become the Johto region, which was somewhere between what'd become Olivine City and the Moo Moo Ranch. )

Pokemon Stats:



Name Button
Species Dugtrio
Level 29 Met at Lv1)
Experience 23800
Gender Male
Nature Jolly
Ability Arena Trap


Stat Base Added Total
HP 4 2 6 47 / 47
ATK 8 4 12 Effective Attack 21
DEF 5 5 10 Defense Evasion +2
SPATK 3 0 3 Effective Sp. Atk 12
SPDEF 7 4 11 Sp. Def Evasion +2
SPD 14+4 13+4 35 +4 (Base) Specialist Training, +4 (Added) Bonus Stats - Status Evasion +3


Move Type Damage Frequency Accuracy Range
Scratch Normal 2d6 At-Will 2 Melee
Sucker Punch Dark 2d12+21 Battle 2 Melee - Interrupt
Astonish Ghost 1d6+2 EOT 2 Melee
Sand-Attack Ground None EOT 2 Status
Earth Power Ground 3d10+15 Battle 2 3m radius Blast
Magnitude Ground Variable At-Will 2 2m Burst - 1d4 / 1d8 / 2d8 / 2d10 / 3d10 / 4d10
Bulldoze Ground 3d10 EOT 2 3m Burst - Lowers targets' speeds 1 CS each
Move ??? 5d10 Battle 6 Ranged
Rock Slide Rock 2d12+21 Battle 4 Ranged

Button is a Dugtrio. However, unlike other Dugtrio he's just a little bit more aware of how squishy and frail he is. Not only that, but he got stuck with this idiot Ricki over here, who has had a habit of more or less getting himself dragged into life-threatening danger. As such, Button's exceptionally hardened, unlike other more carefree, singsong Diglett, and happens to be quite alert. After all, he's gotta think for two now. He can't exactly afford to be careless.

Character Perspectives

Spring 30 - He has thingy that looks like a rake but with less pointy things on it. It glows a lot, and it's really hot and shiny! I touched it once, but he hit me away and my hand was red and hot for a really long time after. I wanna touch it again, but he makes it move away every time I try to.

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