Ricky Rico

Game: Rider City

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 1,7 meters.
Weight: 67 Kilos.

Profession: Executive/Rider Aurum
Birthday: October 18
Astrological Sign: Libra
BloodType: AB
Sexual Preference: Men.
Relationship Status: N/A
Signature Move: Pay Day.
Contact Info: moc.liamredir|murua#moc.liamredir|murua/9999-3982

About me:

Such a shabby website to post this stuff… Ha, although it appears i should write something about myself.

As you might know, I, Ricardo Rico, heir to the Rico Enterprises, the greatest retailer empire in all of Diamond City am what you can call… A Rider. Yes, while it appears silly, my mother believes that it's a good PR stunt to use "Superheroes" as a media for promoting our outlet, and i, as a good son, have no choice but to oblige. Being groomed from childhood to be the perfect heir to the company, there are not many people who can brag of having the same education i recieved, even if i tailed most of my classes to do some "extra-curricular activities", as by then i thought that it was more important to party and have some fun than to lose time with stupid stuff like studying monetary theory 101. After the Rider Channel started airing when i was younger, i thought it was really an amusing distraction, often doing childish impressions of them before being reprimanded by parents that thought i should not do such boorish things such as kicking the house's pet by yelling "Evil Meowth, die!".

A few years later, however i was thrilled at first when the Master Belt was given to me by the executive council, who said that "it would be a good test of my skills as a future CEO" and "we really need the attention and publicity that the Riders bring to their sponsors".

…Although i must honestly say that we really are in dire need of the publicity. The Rico Enterprises are actually on the verge of bankrupcy, as the Kaiju attacks and economic crisis managed to drive away stockholders and plunged our profits to lows we have never seen. I have even been sent to that terrible Tachibana school instead of the prestigious Posherman Academy i once took classes in, and the lower classes scare me such that i fear not survive on the end of the year.

But this will not intimidate me! As the Rider Aurum, i will show all who dare to try to step on my City the power of the higher class!


Rider Forms

Description: Aurum's gold suit recieves a green breastplate and helmet made of rock. The helmet has a long spine on the top with black markings on the red eye slits, while the breastplate has a large red rhombus on its middle, with two smaller black rhombuses on the sides.

Larvitar Level 25
Ability: Guts
Nature: Lazy

Hit Points: 6 (+4)
Attack: 6 (+5)
Defense: 5 (+5)
Special Attack: 5 (+5)
Special Defense: 5 (+5)
Speed: 2

1 Bite - Dark
5 Sandstorm - Rock
10 Screech - Normal
19 Rock Slide - Rock
23 Scary Face - Normal

Egg Moves: Dragon Dance, Iron Tail.

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