Rider Cirrus Six
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Rider Info

Age: 18
Gender: Presumed Male
Height: 5'8
Weight: 135 lbs

Profession: Poke Rider Cirrus Six
Birthdate: Nov 6
Astrological Sign: Skorupi
Signature Move: Hexagon Punch!
Contact Details: None Listed

Rider Forms

Kaiju: Sextus (Hitmonchan M)
Hp: 50 / 50
Form Level: 25
Type: Ice/Fighting
Personality: Impish
Augmentation: Iron Fist

Description: The main form of Rider Cirrus, it is denoted by it's use of mainly close range attacks, specifically punching moves, to beat enemies into submission with a flurry of Blows.

Form Statistics:

Stat Base Added Final
HP 5 5 10
ATK 11 4 15
DEF 10 3 13
SPATK 2 0 2
SDEF 11 3 14
SPD 8 4 12

Known Attacks:

Learned Move Type
Lvl Tackle Normal
Lvl Fake Out Normal
Lvl Helping Hand Normal
Lvl Bullet Punch Steel
Lvl Mach Punch Fighting
TM Rock Tomb Rock
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