Rider City


30 years ago, Diamond Eye City found itself in great peril. Crime was on the rise, kaiju began to appear to attack the city, evil organizations bent on the domination or destruction of the world fought to overthrow society, and gas prices were $4.00 per gallon. However, at that time, a miraculous thing happened! Various heroes of justice appeared before the world to protect Diamond Eye City! Through their brave efforts, they kept the forces of evil at bay. However, it soon became obvious that there were problems with these heroes! They always arrived late to the scene, they were completely disorganized, and they made less money than the virtual boy! To solve this problem, an enterprising TV executive named Jimmy Mordeaux stepped up to the plate to fund their cause. It started with camera crews following them to the scenes and running interviews, but it quickly evolved into a massive enterprise called the Rider Group. Now, the Rider Group has hidden cameras set up all over diamond eye city to follow the actions of these riders, and broadcast their heroic actions on Rider Channel! Every season they rank the progress of these heroes based on their popularity as well as their contributions to society. The winner for that season gains coveted the Ally of Justice award, along with a hefty bonus to go along with it. You are all heroes, fighting against the evils that threaten the city. Some of you fight seeking to be crowned Ally of Justice, others may be fighting for their friends, or as a mission of revenge. You may even be an edgy 90's hero who plays by his own rules and refuses to sell himself out to the Rider Group. You might be teaming up with allies in order to gain an edge, or you may take the stand of every man for themselves and go for the gold. Whatever your reasons, now is the time to don your masks and take a stand against evil! Let's go! All riders!


Diamond Eye City is a thriving metropolis full of glamor and glitz. Skyscrapers, big malls, bustling streets and packed subways. They're always part of the next big thing, producing technologies far ahead of their time, and keeping up with the latest fashion trends. It would truly be an incredible and wondrous metropolis… if it weren't under attack by a new threat every single day! That's where you come in. There are three types of riders. First, Sanctioned riders. The majority of you will be this type. These riders are all employed by the Rider Company, and supported by sponsors. They have all signed contracts to be shown on TV and merchandised to hell. Unincorporated Riders are Riders who fight to protect the city without the backing of all those big corporations. Some of them have their own dark code of morals that the Rider Group wouldn't agree with. Others might dislike all the commercialization of a job which should be done for justice, not for profit. These riders will often have their own independent benefactors backing them from the shadows. Some might be shadier than others! The last group is known as Dark Riders. These riders choose to use their powers for evil instead of justice. They might have some sort of vendetta against the riders, or simply wish to use their power to harm humanity. Some of them might be members of evil organizations such as Ouroborous, or maybe just simple criminals that happened upon amazing powers.

Your contract should also be discussed. There are 4 levels of disclosure.

1. The Rider Channel is fully authorized to film you not only fighting, but out of costume as well. This is a common option as it is wonderful for gaining popularity. The masses will greatly enjoy watching the riveting drama of your everyday lives. Of course, this also makes you an easy target for those who would wish to destroy you, or even worse, yaoi fangirls.

2. The Rider Channel can film you fighting, but they may only observe your daily life. If they have a story from it they wish to use, they may ask you to allow an actor to portray you in those situations and re-enact those scenes from your life. Of course, people might think you're a tool.

3. The Rider Channel may only film your fights. They are not to air or view you out of costume. This may make you a man of mystery, or a complete nobody who the fans never notice.

4. The Rider Channel may only film your fights, and you are not obligated to reveal your true identity to the Rider Group. You always appear to them in costume, and guard your secret identity with your life. Those who are paranoid or have something to hide may end up choosing this option.


Enemies of Justice



Achievements are awarded to riders for accomplishing certain feats of wonder. There are 5 Categories of achievements, and each will raise your popularity with a certain type of fan!


Counterbeard - Kamen Rider Fury (Blaze Kick)
Garlyle - Catherine Coiro
Gents - Rider Cirrus Six (Ice Punch)
Kain - Kamen Rider Gallant (Hyper Voice)
KamenWriter - Kamen Rider Rosé (Sweet Scent)
Kit - Kamen Rider Rising (Stored Power)
KujiUn - Kamen Rider Aeron (Natural Gift)
Mons - Kamen Rider Blanco (Sketch)
Plutonis - Kamen Rider Aurum (Pay Day)
Ryuu - Kamen Rider Gaea (Tri-Attack)
YellowYoshi - Kamen Rider Callerata (Night Slash)
Zoofman - Mahou Shoujo Adelaide (Metronome)

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