Rocket NPCs

Team Rocket

Silver Rocket - the leader of Team Rocket at 35 years of age. Once a punk firebrand, he's since mellowed out after a lesson long learned from his rival and friend, Ethan Gold. He's decided to 'inherit the family business', channeling the team's efforts into more subtle, organized illegal activities, rather than blatant terrorist activities like when his father was in charge. He motivates his Rockets with proverbial honey on his spoon, acting relaxed and even sometimes kind to his underlings, but polarizes this with extremely harsh punishments for screw-ups. His primary motivations seem to be making money, and expanding into Kansai, an unpredictable region full of tough pokemon and even tougher trainers, might be just the thing the organization needs. His associated Pokemon is Weavile. His known classes are Breeder/Evolver/Chef/Rider

Jewel Rocket - Third Admin of Rocket. Silver's daughter by Lyra Kotone Rocket. Supposed got the position for her reputable skills and not from being the boss's daughter, but that view is under heavy discussion among the lower ranks. Before the Legendary Vessels, she was one of the few Rockets with any known ties to Legendaries, being a Signer. Known for her general bitchiness, distaste for her father's policies, and her absolute, insatiable lust for material goods. Despite this, she's been proven to be an effective admin, ruthless and efficient. Her associated Pokemon is Empoleon. Her known classes are Ranger/Signer.

Executive Newman - Executive-Leader of Kansai Psycho-Politics Division. Newman is a talented psychic who excels at understanding people, pokemon, and artifacts, skills that are incredibly invaluable. He is skilled in social situations, digging into people's thoughts and desire and then manipulating them to achieve desirable ends for the organization. He is also skilled at brainwashing captured pokemon and making them forget their past lives before being converted into assets for Rocket's use. Current possessor of the Gauntlet of Giratina. His associated Pokemon is Scoliopede. His known classes are Psychic/Influential/Clairsentient/Empath.

Executive Armand - Executive-Leader of Kansai HQ. Armand is the oldest member of Team Rocket still on staff, both in age and in length of service, having been first recruited by Giovanni in the early days of Kanto scheming. He's in charge of the pocketbooks whenever and wherever Silver deigns to go. Those who smart off to him are found to be lacking in funds the next month through. He's quick to take advantage of profitable situations, a talent that has gotten him out of some serious scrapes. But can he be trusted? His associated pokemon is Weezing. His known classes are Trader and Investor.

Lucky Van Heller - Officer in the Kansai Air Corps. Formerly the gym leader of Clearsky City where the Rocket HQ is now stationed, she gave control of the city to the Rockets in exchange for liberating her from ceaselessly being attacked by Articuno and Moltres for killing and absorbing their brother, Zapdos. To protect herself prior, she had unconsciously converted the city into a psychic deathtrap that formed her own little hedonistic nirvana - and rendering whoever stayed in it too long drained of their energies, before being transformed into another unwilling plaything. A complete hedonist, Lucky is addicted to several varieties of powerful narcotics, as well as being an obvious and unrelenting whore. She uses her contacts in the League and in her personal life to further Rocket's goals now, as long as they keep feeding her addictions. She is a powerful individual, possessing a well power that manipulates probability at no cost to herself, as well as extreme Air Adept abilities. Her associated pokemon is Rotom. Her known classes are Psychic/Air Adept/Electric Ace.

Professor Redwood - A red-haired individual from the small town of Canvas. The Rockets first met her after being caught following stealing data from her laboratory, where she demonstrated the abilities of a powerful cryptozoologist. She is known to be linked to Heatran, though a different one than the Rockets met in Cinnaburg. Silver has stated he doesn't quite trust her, and she has a habit of vanishing for short periods of time on her own whims to the dismay of the security team. However, her research into the Legendary Vessels is invaluable and has cemented her place in Rocket at the moment. Her associated pokemon is Ludicolo, and her known classes are Researcher/Cryptozoologist/Medic.

Amerio White - Officer assigned to Kansai HQ. Amerio is an… interesting individual to some, excessively flirtatious in nature, he's been known to go to great lengths for attention, both positive and negative. Mostly negative. Whether he's streaking in public or putting pudding and Muks in the swimming pool, many people question just how the fuck the guy keeps his job. Some would say Silver is a closet homosexual and keeps the little manwhore around as a toy. Others think maybe his breeding skills make up for his lack of anything resembling work etiquette. Whatever the case, this guy is a complete weirdo and should probably be avoided. His associated pokemon is Drifloon. His known classes are Breeder/Groomer, with a heavy lean towards taking Massage Therapist. His well power is a paralyzing tongue lash.

Wanda Plaid - Cadet-Leader assigned to Kansai HQ. A strongly built woman with short, military cut red hair. Infamous around Rocket circles as the 'Professional Grunt', a Cadet that has refused all promotions. She takes pride in having been in service as a cadet even longer than some of the Executives have been around. According to her, every system needs a little elbow grease, and she's more than willing to help provide it. Rumor has it she has an on/off relationship with the boss himself, but then again they say the same thing about Amerio. Whatever the case, she doesn't seem to be willing to provide answers about it. She tends to be more tenderhearted and less cutthroat than other Rockets, but she knows her duty and doesn't flinch from it. Her associated pokemon is Bibarel. Her known classes are Martial Artist/Ace Trainer. Her well power is incredible strength.

Whisper Ebus - Officer assigned to Kansai HQ. A young boy of twelve, the youngest member of the Rockets. Despite this, at times he acts far older than one would think, understanding his duty well. His quirks are that he dresses completely casual for a 12 year old boy (no one ever suspects he's a ninja) and that he tends to narrate the actions of those around him as well as himself, as if reading from the pages of a book. Not much is known about this kid, except that he's related to Echo. His associated pokemon is Smeargle. His known classes are Psychic/Ninja. His well power lets his pokemon use buffing skills on others.

Springer - An Officer assigned to Kansai Intel. One of the agents tasked in gathering data for the party's benefit. He was recently broken out of prison, by you. Other than that, you don't know much about him. His known classes are Ace Trainer/Steel Ace.

Becky Black - A Cadet assigned to Kansai HQ. Obsessed with fashion, fun, and good pokemon, she searches far and wide for each pokemon and the power they have inside. An overachieving adept, Becky catches as many pokemon as she can while still taking time to get to know and name each one individually. Her associated pokemon is Grotle. Her known classes are Ace Trainer/Collector/Tag Battler.

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